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  1. Hey everyone. Just wanted to get an idea of what everyone is looking forward to in the next set of Super Smash Bros titles? With E3 a little over three months away, Nintendo is one step closer to lifting the lid off of the title most of us are dying to learn more about. Also, there is a poll being passed online where you can vote for the characters you want to see in the next game. Currently it's at 1000 voters. http://www.yourfreepoll.com/sxjceltrsp.html
  2. To be honest I have been a huge Dragon Quest fan and for most of my time being one I never even heard of this place until recently. So it is not THAT far fetched to believe he might not be.
  3. If they came out around the same time, I could see this as feasible... even though Terry himself doesn't really fight as himself in that series. His moveset could incorporate the elements of Terry as a master swordsman and as a monster summoner. It would make for an interesting dynamic.
  4. If we were to have one character apart from Rocket or a Hero I would think Terry would be appropriate considering Dragon Quest Monsters is a big spin off, and his original title is being redone for the 3DS.
  5. Actually Slime/Rocket would have a very interesting moveset. I mean the very fact that he has to morph his body to attack would bring such an interesting dynamic to the gameplay. But anyways... Snake came from a series that was almost exclusively on Sony systems. I don't think Dragon Quest 8 characters would really be such a big deal.
  6. The only Dragon Quest characters I know being requested in Japan are Loto and Slime. More poignantly Slime. I still see Slime as playing like Arakune from BlazBlue or Shuma Gorath from Marvel Vs. Capcom.
  7. Yeah it was myself and a couple of other people from Gamefaqs. It turned out relatively well.
  8. To be honest I was not the only one who worked on the idea. It was myself and several other people, so I cannot take credit for everything. Since I was the one who came up with "Frizz" and "Back Up!" I can explain those further. Frizz is sort of similar to Dins Fire, with difference being it does not grow and is much more maneuverable. "Frizz" fit better as a standard special. Now for "Back Up!" it would function like King DDD's Waddle Dee mechanic as in they appear for a small duration. Long enough to perform the function they serve. I would imagine Rocket would be immobile for a second as he whistles for someone to the field.
  9. Rocket: Weight - 2 Size - 2 Speed - 6 Air Speed - 3 Fall Speed - 5 (Standard) A - simple lunge forward. AA - second lunge. AAA - Rocket does a small flip, small knockback. Running A - While running, begins to roll like a wheel (somewhat like Jigglypuff's rollout) Up A - Jumps as if pointy part of slime is a weapon and pokes target. Down A - Elongates his body and sweeps the ground with his body ala Mario Sports Mix. http://youtu.be/xGlE_-FiVdA?t=1m56s Side A - Puffs up and lunges forward to bash the opponent. (Smash) Side A - Elasto Blast: stretches in the direction pointed, can be adjusted during the charge; once the button is let go, Slime shoots in the direction. Up A - Slime Medley: Two slimes are summoned to help form a slime stack, all slimes do damage in stack. Piston like effect slamming upwards with great force. Down A - Bubble: Becomes a puddle and sweeps the ground. Radial effect. (Aerials) Neutral - Body expands as he spins around in place in the air, has multi-hit properties. Forward Air - Coils his body and flicks himself forward slightly. Down Air - Turns metallic like a Metal Slime and suddenly drops down, he is able to move horizontally only slightly. Back Air - Whips his body around to smack the opponent. Up Air - Causes an explosion above him using a Rockbomb Shard. (Grabs) Grab - Wraps himself around the enemy. A - Constricts them. Forward Throw - Unravels the character like a top, spinning them forward. Down Throw - Throws the character into the ground and crushes him/her under his body. Back Throw - Wraps around their waist and slings them behind into the air. Up Throw - Gets under them and stretches his body similar to Elasto Blast, instead he slingshots them above. (Specials) Neutral B - Frizz: He'll start charging the attack sort of like Fox's Up B. During this phase you can then use the control stick to aim the attack, sending an explosive fireball attack in any direction. Unlike Zelda you cannot change direction while using the attack. Sets players on fire for a few seconds and can also set areas of the stage on fire for a few seconds, dealing damage to anyone who wanders into the flames. UpB - Chimaera Wing: Based upon the famous item in the Dragon Quest series. Slime will teleport skyward in a streak of yellow light. Straight up vertically. He won't be able to move horizontally until after he appears again. The move is like Zelda's teleport except faster and Slime never disappears, just streaks up into the air. After the move he will be unable to attack. The offensive side of this special is anyone caught under the path of Slime will receive damage and knockback. Side B - Slime Knight*: A knight doll appears on Slime's back and slashes like crazy, sort of like Metaknight. You can hold down B and he'll continue to slash but you can't move while he's slashing. It is a multi hitting attack, much like Metaknight again, and can cause a player some damage if not careful. Slime can also drop the kinght doll on the ground and on its own it will begin attacking while Slime is free to move. The catch is the doll will dissipate 4 seconds after being on its own. DownB- Back Up!: Summons a random member of the Slime family (She-Slime, Heal Slime, Bubble Slime, King Slime, etc...) for different effects: She Slime: Lunges itself at opponent, weak damage Bubble Slime: Will run away on the battle field, in the process running under characters and causing them to trip. Slime Knight: A Slime Knight will hop onto the stage and deliver one large slash in front of him, 7% King Slime: He will puff up to a very large size and crush any character in his path, 10% Slime Stack: Several slimes will appear and hop on top of one another and will fall forward attacking all within their line, 4% per slime. Heal Slime: Rare, when one appears he will heal Slime about 10%. (Final Smash) Final Smash - Schleimann Tank: The camera will zoom to the left of the stage in the background. Suddenly the gigantic Schleimann Tank will roll onto the stage. Once it ceases moving other slimes will be calling for Slime. When a cannon will suddenly appear on stage, leading Slime to hop and dance around before jumping into the cannon. He will then be fired into the Schleimann Tank. Once inside the cannons will begin being loaded and they will fire projectiles onto the stage. Rocks, boxes, Rock Bombs, explosive eggs, and missles will be fired onto the stage at a time. Once the Final Smash is over the final cannon will be loaded with Slime and he will be fired at the stage, causing a large, final splat/impact. He will flatten onto the ground, but spring back up and continue from where he left off. Idle - Slowly moves up and down in place, ocassionally wiggling. Running - He hops forward as in Rocket Slime and throughout Dragon Quest. Shielding - Puffs his body out. Colors: Standard - Blue hue Color one - Red hue Color two - Green hue Color three - Grey hue, Metal Slime Color four - White and Orange w/ splotches, Spotted Slime Color five - Black hue, Dark Slime Kirby Hat - Slime Hat: Kirby will have the top part/head and eyes of a slime, he will be able to use Frizz. He'll pull his hand to his body and start charging a fireball and release. http://2.bp.blogspot...o/s1600/kh3.png Taunt 1 - Begins scooting on the ground in a circle, then shivers. Taunt 2 - Jumps in the air and gives one of his armless waves. Taunt 3 - Hops around in the air, making a "wheeeeeee" noise. Intro: Rocket comes flying out of the air after a cannon noise is heard. Home stage - Zenithia (Dragon Quest IV-VI) http://www.smashboards.com/showpost.php?p=12936266&postcount=18 Character Icon - Tilted Slime Fanfare - http://youtu.be/zfudEy8pHN8 *A Slime Knight is basically a knight resting on top of the Slime. In the Dragon Quest Heroes games, any living creature could utilize a Slime Knight, and if put on a certain kind of item, it would act on its own against anyone. if put on a certain kind of item, it would act on its own against anyone. I've also considered making his Up Special "Balloon" like how in Rocket Slime he balloons himself causing him to float. Also I might change the stage to "Astortia" since that is the latest Dragon Quest locale.
  10. Actually Dragon Quest has been a primarily Nintendo centralized series. Only two games were for non-Nintendo platforms. That is like two games out of roughly twenty. Article A: A wiki site on Loro edited by fans Article B: Square Enix's Official Site and Shop links 1 and 2 http://ssl.square-en...32114gssu4ycjmL http://ssl.square-en...32114gssu4ycjmL Also why was the localization called Loto when japan ran the manga http://www.dqshrine.com/ma/eor/ On topic, I like the idea of Alena, she's definately a good fighter, and a bit more apealing then yangas or carver who could try the same. It would be idea for anything DQ to make it into the game, we all know that Melee was Fire Emblem's reveal, so I could only imagine what a DQ character would do for over seas dragon quest. Though it's up to what Sora and his crew decides. You guys should come up with some move sets for these characters Well I have a moveset for Rocket, who I am referring to when I say Slime by the way, since he is a specific Slime instead of having a "generic" Slime. Even have a Kirby Hat.
  11. It is rather interesting to me to not see as much Slime support? Hmm... Personally I wouldn't mind Loto or another protagonist. It just does not seem as likely to me.
  12. WAIT, DQX is set in Queens!? Some have translated it "Astortia" as well. Not sure what the exact translation is. Here is my stage idea I came up with over on Smashboards that involved Zenithia. http://www.smashboards.com/showpost.php?p=12936266&postcount=18
  13. How would everyone feel if Dragon Quest content made it into the next game? Such as Slime as a fighter, the new Dragon Quest X world "Astoria" as a stage, alongside music and trophies. It is not that unlikely considering Nintendo's investment and exclusivity with this series. SquareEnix desperately wants to promote this series in the West and Super Smash Bros could help that. In addition Dragon Quest crossing over into the next Smash Bros would be HUGE in Japan, and I do mean huge! Also doesn't hurt that Sakurai is a Dragon Quest fanboy. There are things in place that could make this possibility likelier. But I am not going to be so deluded to state that this will actually take place. Anyone who may doubt his fighting potential need only look towards Mario Sports Mix and Slime Mori Mori to see he is definitely more capable than credit might be given. What he lacks in limbs he makes up for in the ability to whip and shift his body around; not even covering his magical abilities. So that covers that. Although I can go into more detail as I have written a hypothetical moveset in conjunction with others. Anyways I would love to hear this communities thoughts and opinions about what we would like to see if Dragon Quest joins the... Wii U/3DS...
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