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  1. Man I don't know how you guys do the scraping stuff. I tried with a spoon and it didn't turn out as well as I had hoped. I'ma buy some tools for next year's idea. But here's my Wonder Eg-Pumpkin! Glad to many people entered this year! Happy Halloween everyone!
  2. I'm posting this as I start cleaning my pumpkin (Been super busy with setting up and hosting a Halloween party of my own) so will it be okay if I make it an hour or 2 past the deadline? I don't think I will top my pumpkin from last year and everyone else has made some really cool things but I still want to make sure my Pumpkin enters! So I'll be back in a little bit!
  3. Yeah It's been a bummer. It's a shame Square-Enix locked all the DLC behind pre-orders and didn't just make them purchasable later.
  4. You have one!? Gah, I've been trying to finf one for my bro forever... I only managed to find a MKS Haha I wish. I was just teasing cuz the Killing machine is like an Amiibo sortof. That Custom is amazing though! It would be great if we got some real ones. Maybe for DQ XI... <3
  5. Did anyone else not get it that Pre-Ordered the game there? I never got the e-mail and boy have they been making me jump through hoops to no avail. You would think that getting a code wouldn't be a hassle but I would be mistaken. Even Square-Enix told me I have to get it from Amazon.
  6. The slime face = my disappointment at getting the Amiibo to work. I just can't figure this thing out!
  7. I'm running a contest on youtube which is still taking submissions for a few days so I wanted to share it with you guys here before it did. A Square-Enix rep will be checking over all the comments so I hope you guys can enter :3
  8. I suppose the full completed world map will work the best
  9. As I said on Twitter, sorry for the crappy quality, and I'm missing a lot of items since I'm still moving in. But I wanted to participate.
  10. Does this count Plattym3? https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAACAAADVHkVr2kbPA It was made in Mincraf-CubeCreator 3D on the Nintendo 3DS. I shared that Tree Slime through My LordRoto NNID so it's as legit as it gets. If not, Would my old re-creation of the DQ 1 overworld in minecraft do as well? I made a topic about it some time ago found here... http://www.woodus.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=23692 Had to go back some time to find this lol. I don't have the server anymore so it would be hard to get my picture on it, even though it's all my works XD
  11. Sweetness I look forward to collaborating with you guys.
  12. That would be sweet haha. I've wondered if anyone here has ever tried to get in touch with those actors. We could commission him to do some lines for some videos if any of them where down for it. That would really give it a cool authentic vibe.
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