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  1. Basically@DrippySlimeStar &@YangustheLegendaryBandit got the same treatment as the last time we covered a mobile title, when we pulled@Bururian off Twitter an hour before. And yeah, no one was more surprised DQWars is still around than me! Who knew? Haha, good cast members, that's who!
  2. Depends on what you're looking for... https://rpgamer.com/2020/10/the-dragon-quest-series-where-to-start/
  3. https://discord.gg/CXYdEF Here's an invite to our Discord server. Quicker conversions if you like!
  4. Ok, that's freaking hilarious someone went with that same joke!
  5. Ah yes, good old Magna! Fun fact, that's only his name when he's underground. Later on he epurts out into the overworld and his name turns into Lavna!
  6. I guess I'd say online. As someone who doesn't really travel anyway and with a family and kids, I can 100% say I won't be attending anything anywhere, health crisis or not.
  7. Random NPC that somehow gets far too much face time in these books.
  8. Of all things, I played an hour of Ni no Kuni 2 tonight. I hauled my PS4 out of the bedroom into the living room. A couple hours of updates and then game updates later, I was able to sink an hour into it. Holy #$*!, I never knew the battle system was Bamco. Completely familiar after 200 hours with DQHTWTWATBB & 2. Saying the battle system of the first game was pure [emoji90] is an understatement, so this could be fun. Nothing has really been sticking lately anyway, so might as well go full on ARPG.
  9. Welcome to the Dragon's Den, our own little slice of the Internet! It's the happiest place on Earth, for those that love DQ. Enjoyed reading your stuff! Gotten back into Pokémon myself with little ones now. Hope you stick around and share in all our adventures!
  10. I wonder if Nintendo is going to start some sort of service similar to Microsoft Game Pass. Maybe Nintendo Online Plus or Premium. Charge more per month and then you get access to those games that "aren't available for purchase" any longer. [emoji848] So the date is March 31st? Sets up a good April Fools joke. Delete them all that day, bring them all back April 2nd. Haha, we all fell for it! I need a new stamp. Instead of It's Not Coming, I need "It's not Leaving". Or maybe just a Batman & Robin slap meme. [emoji848]
  11. Oh, I misunderstood where this was being released, thought it just on the "free" NES stuff with Nintendo Online. They must have some new platform for releasing titles coming next year. They're not going to stop selling a damn thing. I'd literally bet my entire retirement account on it. Nothing will be limited. Formats and such might be, but Nintendo will gladly take money next April, perhaps just in another way.
  12. They're not going to go away. They're going to become paid content. Free for 4 months, pay after.
  13. We found out the other night, it's readily available still on the 3DS store. Not online, but on the 3DS itself, you can find it. Hey hey, we did! And then went right into Tact.
  14. I mean I have to put it nicely "please quiet down" about 50 times a day to my students, it's refreshing to say it like it is. [emoji23][emoji23]
  15. A day late and a dollar short... well $5 short if you use your 3DS to go on and but DQ Wars. Best if you just save that $5 and give this a listen!
  16. The cast of RPGamer's weekly news podcast spent some time talking about the article today: https://rpgamer.com/2020/10/rpg-cast-episode-560-kmart-breath-of-the-wild/ Skip ahead to 56:20 to hear about the article. They called me the Dragon Quest Master. HAHA, far from it. I've just used all the information that @Woodus has had y'alls help in compiling for decades! Thanks a bunch to all Denizens past and present for helping get information together & talking DQ with me for the past 16+ years!
  17. Found this funny Yangus bear image today floating around Twitter. Cracked me up.
  18. Always enjoy hearing about this. Were talking about this project last night on the Slime Time after party.
  19. I've always been interested in the Atelier series of games and this June/July I saw some people on RPGamer were doing this for that series and I was really excited. Since I'd played all of 2 games, but the most recent at the time, they invited me to copy edit their monstrosity. Once I finished that I was told "guess what we're doing next." So, I got drawn into that. Seriously all the links and those images took hours of time, and I got lots of little help here and there, but I'm glad this is out there and should be an easy Google search away from now on! I'm hoping we think to keep it curre
  20. Reddit provides: https://www.reddit.com/r/Roms/comments/aukb7f/where_can_i_find_dsiware_games/
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