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  1. @Liamland and I talked to @Pendy about 8 days ago, but I just got around to editing and posting. Didn't want to run Pendy right up @Dwaine's rear end! Spoiler-free about the movie. Spoiled the hell out of the game, duh! It's pushing out to all the regular places now, but for a quick link: https://anchor.fm/podcast-d4a5800/episodes/Episode-005---Pendy--DQ5---Your-Story-e7mlub
  2. Favorites: Torneko Taloon - loving chubby hubby Yangus - lovable chubby bandit Cristo - the best DQIV character! Paladin before Paladins were a thing Sylvando - he's splendid, darling! Amos - dude is a Beast, the Hero of DQVI Stella - best part of DQIX. When I made the perler bead Veronica for DQXI, I made her dressed in her Stella gear Least favorite: Gemma - I feel this is the least developed character that's meaningful in any game. Pointless person. Maribel - pure #$*!. There's a whole topic on how bad she is Every DQVI character but Amos - they suck Flora - shoehorned into DQV before people complained her sister was in the remake
  3. I know! Seeing the Hero's horrible hair blow in the breeze in that cutscene... Damn, that was nearly a Game Over moment for me.
  4. From what I gathered, Joker 3 basically takes place on an interstellar arc/group of flying islands taking humanity to a new home.
  5. 1 post please. Makes it so much easier for Woodus to get the quotes later and me to count.
  6. Emojis are used to show emotion. Yangus's emoji made me take his entire post as intended: as a joke. I feel like I say this a bazillion times a day as a teacher: relax.
  7. Stay on target. By tomorrow I'll have bum rushed the last 12 or so hours of Grandia since Thursday night. Working on finishing up games I'm close to. Then again, I did 20ish hours of XI S, so I didn't exactly wait.
  8. That's why you should hang out on the Den. I complain about DQ6 all the time.
  9. I thought the Drasilian Armor was different. Lighter in color. I wore that armor for a good 25 hours in the original. Probably will here to as it's so much nicer than the default Hanson Hero sprite.
  10. Tapatalk makes it super easy. Literally click attach and it does. Woodus does that. It's why I usually post so many pics. 1 button easy.
  11. Personally I need more color. I'll be doing these. That bunny girl and the vibrant pinks really make these look cool. The males and females look more definitively different. While classic, each of these are three colors, tops.
  12. At least this now finishes 6. Onward to DQ3 next. After some 11!
  13. Isn't this ironic? Me not playing 11 for 6...
  14. There goes my plan to get one tomorrow.
  15. Welcome to the club. I got my cheap mini-Lego knock offs.
  16. Since you've done all of them, question for you. I don't care, but maybe spoiler tag it for others. Do you see characters from 7, 8, and 9 in their worlds? Wondering if I'm going to get a sprite Gabo or Yangus or Stella.
  17. Crud. I haven't tried anything with my other account yet. [emoji52]
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