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  1. Ogden! Love those games!
  2. The mobile versions of 1-3 are amazing! What's wrong with them? Games typically don't get released again as they were 30 years ago. That's why you buy something to play NES games on if you want. Upgrades & modern conveniences and/or art are typical for newer ports.
  3. Via email from a Nairobian princess in exile?
  4. New one today. Can you tell who's Mr. Twack?
  5. There are 3 older episodes of Slime Time around here on the Den too. Two predate DQX and one is a year later. We're hopefully reviving the name brand for good!
  6. 3. Put a couple more hours into this. Still sucks. 4. I best DQB2! And of course one main annoyance came to bite me in the ass. The fact that there's ONE SAVE SLOT! so damn annoying. So, I told my oldest son I'd let him watch me beat the game, but one night all of a sudden I was going through the final battles and boom, I won! I immediately quit the game when the credits rolled by powering down the Switch. The next day I go to load it up, and the autosave slot is completely empty (odd) and I've found the game has autosaved into my one game slot. #$*! it, I now can't replay the end part. Had to quickly get on YouTube and we watched some German dude play the final 30-40 minutes and my 3 year old narrated the whole time as he'd watched me win (kinda surprised he remembered blow by blow some stuff!)
  7. Welcome to our own little slice of the Internet!
  8. The only spoiler I can think is we said who the DQ3 hero is.
  9. https://www.maketecheasier.com/ultimate-guide-to-dolphin-emulator/ Seems like there are alternatives, but likely not the best.
  10. Anyone ever play around with the Dolphin emulator for Wii? Wondering if I need a Wiimote or is there ways to map the buttons & such. Rune Factory is apparently working very well on it, just wondering if it'd be easy to set up & play. https://wiki.dolphin-emu.org/index.php?title=Rune_Factory:_Tides_of_Destiny
  11. Great. I applied there last night too. Glad one way or the other it went through!
  12. Nope, never seen a DQ meme before. Never. https://www.woodus.com/forums/topic/33237-contest-141-say-it-like-you-meme-it/
  13. The iTunes/Apple Podcast application finally went through! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/dragon-quest-slime-time/id1476103087
  14. IIRC, that was the last thing we were talking about before we started recording. Liam mentioned he was going to ask that & I started good-naturedly grumbling about the music and he was all "we need to be recording this as part of the podcast!"
  15. Yep, we need to get him off the iPad and on his mic! I actually listened to the whole thing straight through today for the first time and noticed he trailed off more near the end. It's a pain in the butt getting that mic a correct distance and then holding it there. I swear I'm all over the place when I do RPGamer ones they tell me. The headset I have now works pretty good as long as I remember to move it when I cough/drink and then move it back right into place. Oh, and THANK YOU!
  16. Incorrect. Didn't the PC/PS4 release win tons of awards and sell near to 1,000,000 copies? Smash helps. A lot. But that quoted statement is just not true.
  17. On your phone, click our hosting RSS feed & see if it'll open in either of those apps. I was surprised to find when I did that yesterday, it automatically pulled the podcast into the app I use. https://anchor.fm/s/d4a5800/podcast/rss
  18. Seems weird when it's not a whole lot greater than the console + PC market.
  19. They literally go story beat by story beat for an hour. Before any mid-game spoiler is stated, you gotta put some responsibility into realizing what you're hearing. Know your surroundings. Read the room. Was anyone surprised when the first boobie popped out in Showgirls?
  20. I read this first post and laughed so hard while slimeltaneously thinking, "C'mon, let common sense prevail." My guess is the OP has never listened to Puff Puff Hour before...? They're quite up front that they're going to summarize the entire game. Like it's literally "what they do". Lots of podcasts that look back at games do. RPGamer's RPG Backtrack tells you each episode they're going to tell everything. RPG Fan's Retro Encounter breaks most games into 2 episodes and goes beat by beat through the plot. They just had their 200th episode that basically spoils all of RPG-Dom. They even have awards for biggest plot twist & characters that betray you and list all the ones in all the games that do. If you're looking at a 1-2+ hour podcast about a single game, it's going to be filled with spoilers. Honestly I think this topic is quite inflammatory and is the podcast equivalent of screaming to the skies: "don't listen to the news: they tell you what goes on it the world!" Hint: don't listen to most of DQ FM or Slime Time either. They spoil stuff as well. [emoji849][emoji849][emoji849][emoji849]
  21. Ending suck x100 now with that last spoiler. I hadn't heard that part yet. The day after I started the online petition for it, I read the spoilers and it immediately made me want to pull the plug. Without saying it here for all to see, yeah, that really sucks. It cheapens the whole Dragon Questness of the movie. If that's the entire message and plot, basically you just screwed with the most cinematical, cohesive, lovely story just to prove a point & send a message. If that's the point, do it via some other proprietary series. Bleh, sucks they licensed out the name for that.
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