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  1. Damn. I had some issues a few months ago, but taking the memory stick out helped. It's modded so it runs off a microSD card anyway. Won my first game on the 3rd try. The best part? I beat a DQVI loser AND Maribel!! Oh, look at her cry.
  2. Welcome to the Den! I love the DQM games! I've played the first one both on my original GBC, emulated on my phone, and the translated patch of Terry's Wonderland on 3DS! It was an amazing adventure each time. Working through the DQM+ manga novels now. They're set right after that game and pretty good. The 2nd DQM is my favorite though. I played for endless hours back in the day. It's to this day the only game I ever 100%'d. I got all 312 monsters by breeding and trading between the 2 games on 2 systems. I'm getting close to just breaking down and playing the 3DS remake in Japanese because I just miss these games and the key world mechanic! Joker 1 was great. Played it a bunch in Japanese upon release and then in English of course when it came. Joker 2 got me back on the Den years ago when I'd wandered away for a bit. Good game in its own right, but I don't feel I did much in it after the credits rolled. To this day I can't figure out what happened to my strategy guide for it. How does one misplace a bright yellow book? Joker 3 was another good game in its own right. Beat it 2 years ago, emulated on the PC. I jumped right into it after beating Terry's Wonderland 3D so maybe too much monstering too close together. I did enjoy it a great deal, but feel I didn't get into stuff like changing sizes or colors or some of the really unique stuff it was supposed to offer. Didn't touch the post game at all, but I had a blast with it. Was really cool to get to thank the translator when we had him on our Den podcast here in December. https://anchor.fm/dqslimetime/episodes/Episode-010---Z6n4-and-3DS-DQM-Translations-e9lm6n
  3. Plattym3

    Switch RPGs...?

    Has anyone given Dandy Dungeon a go? The DQ-logoed game? If been hearing a Podcaster I listen to talk about it for weeks, finally took the plunge.
  4. Downloaded a new Vita game today: FF vs. DQ Itadaki Street! We'll see how this goes.
  5. Came across someone mentioning the Vita version of this game today and just realized HOLY CRAP, I CAN PLAY THAT! So, currently the Vita version (Japanese) is downloading to my hacked Vita. Another lifetime ago I played and rolled credits on the DS version of Mario vs. DQ, so if I could do that back then without Google translate, I'm sure I can muddle my way through this one. As it is, my son and I were just playing Fortune Street on the Wii today. He loves playing it on the simple version and play like Monopoly. I kinda forgot just how LOOOONG these games last. Today I was falling asleep around 4pm playing with this. Honestly I had my son wake me up when it was my turn, so got a good half-dozen little snoozes while he & the computer was going! But I won, so there's that!
  6. To me, all the beginnings of games are pretty damn good. I like it quite a bit when you know every battle could slowly kill you and you need to go out, fight, and earn every penny to upgrade some equipment for 1 or 2 people. Of course end games are awesome too for completely different OP reasons, but those first hours in every DQ game are kinda special to me. This one was no different. It completely sets up the entire rest of the game. You NEED to experience this or the emotional impact of a lot of the rest of the game doesn't hit.
  7. That's so hard to do too. My first review for RPGamer was for the ugliest damn indie game. Personally I'd have called it [emoji90] and moved on, but the gameplay was perfectly average and the art style was more a style I hated, so had to give it a slightly better than meh average, because objectively it was that. Subjectively, [emoji1785][emoji2961]
  8. When I met my wife 9 years ago, her father had just been offered a years severance as his corporate job was downsized. He was a bit depressed and had some other symptoms that were discovered to come from a gigantic brain tumor. It was actually sitting in the hospital for days on end in the fall of 2011 that brought me back to the Den (after 2.5 years away) as the waiting was so long and Joker 2 had just been announced. I asked him for permission to ask his daughter to marry me while he was a frail shell of himself and he said that was a highlight and one of the last things he remembered before treatment began and he lost 2 months of memory. By mid-February 2012, all was well. His treatment worked very well and soon he'd be out looking for a new job and all has been well for 8 years. Last week my mother-in-law told my wife her dad was having double vision. My wife immediately panicked, thinking the cancer was back, and sadly it seems she was right. Yesterday he had an MRI and was checked in to the hospital due to he's falling down and a bit disoriented. Sure enough, there's a 1/2" something dead center in his brain. It's going to be a rough summer. Rougher with all the restrictions in place, he can only have 1 visitor per day in the hospital and the waiting rooms aren't open. I think some family will be coming to town next week and staying a while. Gonna make an effort to be the cook and babysitter a bunch, but realistically with only 1 person allowed to go to the hospital daily, it's just going to just feel like a slightly larger quarantine at home.
  9. Got some bad news last night. Needed mindless gaming. 3.5 hours of Persona 5 Dancing later...
  10. Call those theaters! I just Google'd "local community theater near me" and the theaters it showed me were ones that I know our school has performed at in the past and a buddy. Sure, likely the theater itself won't necessarily have a group, but they'd be great to ask what groups perform there and get some names and numbers. This might help too: https://www.meetup.com/topics/community-theatre/
  11. Futaba must be a DQ fan at heart. Here she is in Persona 5 Dancing. She said she has no rhythm and then this line.
  12. Was so bored with what I've been playing of Radiant Historia, I just went to bed at 9pm last night. Of course that means 2am I was up and ready to play! Went back to Puzzle Quest, reorientated myself where I was in the game and got a few hours in. Glad that took, needed something to play!
  13. Moero Crystal H. Interesting. They need to do like they did with Mary Skelter 2 & put both games there for 1 price!
  14. I just figured@YangustheLegendaryBandit was invoking the "picture says 1000 words" saying to stay in neighborhood of Iggy!
  15. I enjoyed 1-6 and 10. But [emoji2958] 3 was cool when it came out on DS. I loved getting the Onion Night back in the early days of game connectivity.
  16. Wahoo! All 7 sold! Moero Chronicles just sold after I dropped it a few bucks. That's a healthy total right there.
  17. Tier 1 - DQ Villans, all of them Tier 2 - RPG Villans, all but... [emoji90] Tier - Final Fantasy Villans That's about the gist of it. I decided long ago that if Final Fantasy can have its rabid fanboys that [emoji90] on everything else, so can DQ.
  18. Well, damn. I swear I started watching because it was advertised as final season. Nope, likely not until October or late fall on Netflix. Well, in a couple of nights I'll just have to see what falls off the back of the Internet.
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