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  1. 10 more day, Eh? Luckily my parents surprised us this summer with wifi in their summer home, something I've not had in 11 years of traveling up here. I'll be able to give it a try!
  2. Yep. Now he's got to correctly pronounce Woodus or he's banned for good.
  3. That'd be great. I need good 2D sprites of DQ7 & 8 to make into my perler bead collections!
  4. Brought only my Vita and Switch on vacation and the Switch mainly for the kids. Forcing myself to beat DQ Builders this summer. And I swear we've been here on vacation 60ish hours now and damn if I haven't played 10+ hours already. Just about to finish up Chapter 2 which will bring me close to where I ended my original try years ago on PS4. I've done SO much more exploring this time around, handheld is just how I roll! Found lots of other stuff in Chapter 1 like a slime resident named Splatrick I enjoyed talking to. Also, I don't think I ever realized how many side quests there are in this game. I'm going so much slower doing everything every resident asks of me. I swear I've got so many more blueprints than I ever did before. Really loving this game and sad I didn't give it a decent chance all those years ago or in the years I've had it on Vita. Might be too burnt out on the concept to play Builders 2 on launch, but I've now convinced myself I'm more of a fan of the genre.
  5. Don't mind us, just trying to steal DQ Heroes' thunder.
  6. Scrolling up, it still gets me the April 1st 2018 joke. Sometimes I read posts like WTF
  7. Probably the DQ game I beat the most. I can't tell you how many times I beat the NES version and at least 3 times on the remake. A perfect DQ game!
  8. Yep. It's what the Japanese have had for almost 2 years now with the 3DS version. They're porting all that 2D and past game visiting stuff over for the Switch version. Not really brought up as it's been said before that it's coming and it's already been out like that in Japan for years. Pretty awesome we're getting it!
  9. Really? Everyone on the internet always seems 100% sure. Especially about opinions, those are always truth. I left for a certain DV character. He's calmed down in past years, but I only visit occasionally. Much does there. I'm a member but keep it off my feed.
  10. That's awesome. Been a fan of his for... 25ish years or so. Almost as long as DQ! On vacation up in North Carolina now. Mountain views, waterfalls, big empty house until others start arriving. Gonna be a revolving door starting tomorrow night with my youngest cousin and friend first, sister-in-law next, parents should arrive somewhere in there, and then my sister and family July 1. It's nice having 4 days in the vacation house with just our family though.
  11. So one of my favorite things to do every World Cup is cook dishes from the teams USA takes on. This may be the 5th or 6th summer I've done this in the past decade (thanks for #$*!ing it up last summer men's team, who failed to even qualify). I've somehow miraculously avoided hearing Tuesday's score and have it on tape to watch now. Since they're playing Thailand, I figured I'd go fancy and make some Thai red curry shrimp and serve it over an interesting side: black squid ink dyed pasta. Guess what that pasta tasted like? Pasta. Rather disappointing, but I'd received it as a gift and the shrimp were good, so game on!
  12. Ehhh... I was looking to keep this a little more in-house. Not really looking for more than 4-8 or so regulars, with the occasional guest if we need one. Denzians mostly, as I want this to be a Dragon's Den DQ Veteran podcast. I know there are tons of others out there all over, but I want to get podcasts sketched out on the forums and get an idea of where we're going with each episode well in advance, not just be pulling people in from wherever.
  13. I really like the idea of having people on for games they started with, yes. I don't just want this to be a "Hey it's a podcast about Dragon Quest 7" as much as about how awesome 7 is and how it affected people and how much it's loved by part of the fan base. There's enough informational stuff out there, I want people's stories and feeling as much as anything!
  14. I had to click and look, as I thought you were just speaking mumbo jumbo.
  15. Ideally, yes. Don't mind if Woodus allows it, having it here to download as an mp3 or whatever, but so many other random podcast apps use iTunes indexing that I'd want that too.
  16. I have a suggestion. One that's been percolating in my brain for a good 6 months now. As many of you know, I've been a staff member over at RPGamer for almost a year now. It's fun, it's sometimes a lot of work, it's like any volunteer thing: pluses and minuses. One big plus has been doing podcasts over there for the past year. I have no one that I regularly speak to IRL that plays RPGs. Before I started listening to a lot of podcasts the past 2 years, there's a boatload of game names and character names I've never heard spoken aloud before that now I'm finding rolling off my tongue (Shin Megami Tensei, Atelier _______, etc.). Whatever, I'm getting off topic. The point is, I'm loving podcasting. Here's the thing: is there a DQ podcast out there that's done by long-time DQ fans? I know I've chatted with @Woodus and @Liamland and we listen to Puff Puff Hour & a couple others. But the ones in the past couple years have been from people new to the series. They're great, but they're playing stuff for the first time and typically playing the newest versions and they've left me wanting more reminiscing about the original games and the changes made for remakes and remasters and sequels and the like. I'd love to hear a podcast by people who've been playing and replaying and chatting about DQ games for decades and knows all the stuff that many of us here at the Den know. The inside jokes, the annoyances, the fixes, the growth of the series. Blah blah blah, all this talk, no suggestion yet: I'd love to host a DQ podcast, by long-time fans. I'd like to get a fixed format together to slowly work our way through the entire DQ series over the course of a few years. Maybe we'd record an episode every month or two, maybe longer/shorter depending on people's schedules. I've got the basic outline of a show, one I'd love to stick to so we don't forget things episode to episode, but of course be somewhat flexible. What I've found most interesting about the podcasts I've listened to are the people doing the podcast and their reactions to the games they play. I don't want a 20 minute plot summary of a game. I want to hear what my favorite podcasters thought about plot points and what was interesting challenging/what was not. I want to hear some of insane number-crunching trivia that @ignasia would be able to rattle off, I want to know some of the stories and artwork stuff @Dwaine knows a ton of (or the obscure artist @Sackchief dug up). I want to hear about the time @Woodus got flown out to play a DQ game early (Joker, right?) I want to know what @Pendy has experienced with all his trips to Japan and @Liamland too plus all his DQIX multiplayer stories! I want long-time fans to tell stuff, not just the new guys reading a Wiki and just having experienced it for the first time. I've got a ton of little thoughts & issues I'll just bullet point below & sit back and just hear from you all over the next couple of days. I'm in no rush to do this. I'm about to go on vacation for a month, so it's not anything I'd set up ASAP, I'd like to really flesh out an episode Ideas: Have a set order to each episode: Staff intros, character intros from selected game (just a couple mins), brief summary (5-10 mins tops), go around the staff and each tell some of things that really impressed them or they loved about the game or annoyed them - all staff jump in and interrupt the hell out of each other to keep the conversation flowing for a good hour at least for an episode, have a round table at the end where we all get 5-10 minutes to tell what we're playing currently so listeners kind of get to know us better. Sure, these episodes might last 2-3 hours each, but that's fine. Use Skype or Discord to record Hosted on Den A dedicated subforum for this, a specific topic for each show up weeks before we record one where the people that are going to be on start taking notes and any other forum member is free to chime in to remind us of stuff Not necessarily go in game order! Why not start with DQ1, but then this December let's talk DQXI because some of us will have finished our 2nd time through on DQXIS version. Not just cover main games, let's do DQM and Joker and DQ Swords Not just do main games first: DQ1, DQ Swords, DQ5, Joker 2, DQXI, ... Pick something like First Monday of the month at 9pm EST or 9pm Central time so everyone can plan and likely be free of noise and other responsibilities Limitations: Would need someone to record the podcast & do light audio work/mixing. I think I'd be able to get some of the mixing stuff down eventually, just some musical transitions mainly, nothing heavy. But with a longer podcast, it'd be good to stop and save recordings every so often and they'd need to be mixed together. How do you get a podcast on iTunes...? Are there enough people interested in talking? So, it's now 3am here and this idea has kept me up a great part of the night. I'd love to hear from you all good or bad about this and if it's even feasible!
  17. Tu Who? Poor guy had an NPC sprite? Oh man. It's been 15+ years since I played that game, I have zero recollection of that version
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