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  1. Cynthia is bae. Confirmed!
  2. I don't think I knew there were only 215 monsters in the first game. Cool utility!
  3. I'm sure everyone's seen the rumor from a few places that remakes of Diamond & Pearl are coming this year. Barely remember anything about those games except for that's the first Pokémon game I got on release day. Heck, it's the first I got in the initial release year. [emoji12] I was years behind on Pokémon until then.
  4. Welcome to the Den, our happy home on the Internet!
  5. Welcome to the Den, our happy place on the Internet!
  6. Half the "teams" working on Iru & Luca are the guy who did Joker 3 and Terry's Wonderland 3D, so that'd make sense if they go back to do Professional.
  7. Same. When I looked ~2 years ago to make my Perler Bead party, that's all I found too.
  8. Took a week off of gaming, but put a bunch of time into Ao no Kiseki last night/this morning. After how amazing Zero was, might as well just do the duology! Excellent bridge game battle-system-wise to the Cold Steel series. I'm only 6 hours & 1 "day" into the game. I will say I do usually enjoy starting games over again and the low-level parts, but man, I miss all the buffs I had and the mobility in combat my characters had at the end of Zero, and they're so stiff right now. Haha, gotta get some grind in!
  9. I feel if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret.
  10. My son has passed 90 hours on Pokémon Shield. [emoji15] I don't think I've ever done more than 50 on any single title.
  11. I started doing that a few episodes in, just last episode@YangustheLegendaryBandit thought to post it here. I insert all the music anyways, so figured I might as well start putting where I insert it into the show notes (and thus a copy here).
  12. I feel if I got any of them, my backlog would truly be endless.
  13. I tried to give Boot Hill Heroes a chance. It tried to piss me off. Gave it 2 days, maybe 3 or 4 hours, but it was far too annoying. And then I am in a cave with a gigantic encounter rate spike. And I dislike the battle system. Nope! Back to what I love, and man it hasn't disappointed. Started up Ao no Kiseki and found I had the horrible Google Translate version of the game. Looked around, got a better translation. Oh my, be still my beating heart! Game drops you into a mission close to Zero's final dungeon, but instead of my normal crew of 4, I've got the 3 best guest characters from Zero.
  14. I played the first Megaman Battle Network just this September & talked about it on Slime Time Sidequest. It was surprisingly quite good. I enjoyed it and rarely enjoy action or tactical combat, but that was pretty cool (and super fast)
  15. Kurt Schilling & Rhode Island did good?
  16. You doing all slimes again?
  17. Yeah. I'll keep playing because it's a 12 hour game with apparently no sidequests or need really to grind, and I keep winning battles and progressing so I'll finish it in a week I bet, but I'm not buying part 2.
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