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  1. Can't forget this user! Who else reminds me of '90s movies and Angelina Jolie's boobs? Hope you had a happy one!
  2. Beat Undertale, it wasn't for me, thus I'll pass on Deltarune. Child of Light!!!! Yeah, that was excellent. Right around that 10 hour mark, you're correct. Oh, anything by Zeboyd is pretty much there too: Chuthlu Saves Christmas and Cosmic Star Heroine for example.
  3. sounds great. The thing is, I actually like the cutscenes, they're good, not what I'd have expected never playing a Yakuza game before, but damn, 11pm + cutscene =
  4. Well, seeing as though I'm a strong 10% through, I'd best figure out how to do these spells and abilities you speak of!
  5. This is... amazing! I played for a dozen or so hours last summer. With this... I'd have played a whole lot more!!! Does the Adventure Mode have an end? A final boss?
  6. He's talking the Dai one. Which is basically a reskinned DQotS action RPG. It shouldn't affect Tact at all, but it was likely the nail in the Star coffin. The black hole that swallowed the global stars.
  7. Maybe @YangustheLegendaryBandit knows. What's the point of changing jobs? I did so on my main hero and now he's a Warrior at level 20 while everyone else is at level 30. I haven't noticed really any difference, but honestly with the notes flying by, I don't notice damage numbers anyway. The other night I grinded from under 2000 points to over 5000 total now. Yangus, what's "beating" the game? 50K is that what you said?
  8. You get a chance to boot up DQ:TR yet? I was in a brain overload state of mind Friday and just played on that for hours Friday evening. I went from having done 7 songs to now 15 I believe. And I figured out that I'd nerfed the difficulty at some point by clicking the icon in the top right corner. It hadn't been giving me any directional notes for a while. Once I turned that back on, I went and redid a bunch of levels at both the lowest and middle difficulty. Then I went back and grinded to get all the specific clear results for each of those 15 songs, which is hard because often eno
  9. What are some decent bite-sized RPGs y'all enjoy? Those one you can pick up and beat in a weekend or just a week. Ten hours or less RPGFan got me interested in giving Crimson Shroud on the 3DS a try as the panel said it's mainly 6ish hours to finish. In the past I've enjoyed Rollers of the Realm on Vita and Kingdom Item Shop on 3DS. I believe my clear time on Hyperdimension Neptunia U: Action Unleashed & Persona 3: Dancing in Moonlight (both on Vita) were also right at or just minutes over 10 hours. Of course there's the original Dragon Quest.
  10. Hosts @Liamland & @Plattym3 welcome back guests @YangustheLegendaryBandit & @Pendy to talk about their favorite musical compositions across the entire Dragon Quest series. Sit back (like Platty mainly did) and listen to them talk the good and unusual and hear a few of the tracks they discuss!
  11. Hosts @YangustheLegendaryBandit & @Plattym3 welcome back regulars @Bururian, @Pendy, and @DrippySlimeStar to talk about some of our favorite RPGs from the SNES era (excluding some we’ve covered before - Final Fantasy - and some we’re saving for their own dedicated episodes - Earthbound). We talk everything listed below. Join us in flashing back to the 1990s! 4:15 - Chrono Trigger 22:45 - Dragon Quest 3 Remake 30:15 - Actraiser 43:30 - The 7th Saga 55:15 - Lufia 1:05:20 - Secret of Mana 1:15:30 - Romancing SaGa 2 1:35:20 - Super Mario RPG 1:58:
  12. Well, damn. Guess I know what I'm playing next! That was an easy Google find too. What the biggest difference between the PSP and the celebration 25th anniversary Vita version? More boards? Characters?
  13. It's even more crazy when they take up *all 4 slots! [emoji15] The special online battle competition has had a restriction to only 3-slot monsters for the past couple weeks and it seems like it's still in play this week. [emoji24] I've been competing and losing in 1 round for the past 10 days. Wish they'd get back to specific rank or family restrictions. Btw, stayed up too late. Beat the Sky key. Did some stuff around Great Log. Blew through the S-rank arena. Forgot the mother actually gives sidequests too and been trying to catch up on that. Got my Nimzo! And my Hornbeet! Let's push to end-g
  14. Your small nitpick is one that kinda goes with the entire game. I was fine with it becuase I'm definitely more of a surface player [emoji23], but all of Bravely Default 2 is... kinda generic, typical, basic JRPG. I thought it was very well done, but it's very well done... basics. There's little depth and surprise and plot-twist to this. It's JRPG-by-numbers. And that's something I'm 100% OK with. Speaking of 100% OK. I think I need to be OK losing this competition and setting Yakuza aside until summer. One of my writing colleagues is a teacher near Tampa. He was on a podcast for the first ti
  15. Up to 43 hours now. Had a huge play session today. I'm close to getting Nimzo and a Hornbeet. The problem with Hornbeet is now he's rank S and a 2-slot monster. [emoji24] He was always a final party member along with KMS back in the good old GBC days. Not sure how big Nimzo is yet. I have the ingredients for him, but leveling them up right now to make him a bit more powerful. Still haven't beat the Sky key because I've been fooling around, but perhaps I can finally do that as I've reached the final castle now.
  16. Well, Dai is coming soon. It's very similar except for the battle system to Stars. All the dress up equipment you could want all over again. The battle system is ARPG and really quite fun!
  17. Wow. Your internal fortitude is higher than mine. The gameplay wasn't compelling enough to fight through a billion menus for me. I'd actually really enjoy reading your screenshot retelling. That sounds cool!
  18. I just got that game the other day. That bad? Whew, what an ambitious goal. I don't very often visit the Tube of You, but maybe my goal in a few years should be to watch all 10 hours of your upcoming review!
  19. This is what I call a 3[emoji90] post. It's going to take that long to read it all!
  20. It's dark. So dark. It's the Dark Souls of Bravely Default.
  21. So at the 33rd hour last night I got an accolade for breeding my 100th time. Yeah, all progress in Sky has come to. Halt as I keep doing that. Got a Great Dragon though!
  22. Just finished up Chapter 4 in Yakuza. Looks like I might get a new party member. The title of the Playstation trophy was horrifyingly punny. Soap on a Rope? Hahaha
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