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  1. I didn't really recall Torneko had a GBA version. [emoji848]
  2. I'd had that 3DS bookmarked for a price drop for a year. Looked at it today (as I've received many notifications over the months) and it's selling for almost half what it was a year ago, actually even less. From what I've seen of the Definitive Edition, I've passed on the 3DS copy. Then again, it's not like I'd get around to it. Then again, I'd probably play the copy I already own if I did.
  3. Done. And literally not a moment too soon. Right in the middle of the post-victory celebration my Vita's battery emptied. Haha. Charging it now to finish the ending credits and such. Funny it died right then too. Also, kinda humorous the way I had to finish, being a virtual world and such in-game and viruses and whatnot. Started the game up tonight and the first place I go... glitch. Black screen of death. Google the issue and it's an emulator issue. Had to plug the Vita into the PC, fine the save file, transfer it to the PC, use Virtual Boy to play on the PC a bit, get past the glitch. Transfer files back to the Vita... needless to say the technical issues tonight were of equal difficulty as the gameplay!
  4. That's by design. Squeenix pays for them to do that. Saw so many complaints about this when DQB2 came out. Squeenix only promoted the Sony port. Nintendo only promoted the Switch one. It's by design, not Squeenix ignoring the Nintendo stuff. Oh, indeed. I can't recall a system I bought without being prompted by an upcoming DQ title.
  5. Honestly, I couldn't care less about less about this newfangled HD graphics thing. Give me pixelated RPGs any day. Give me portability any day. My greatest 2 periods of RPG growth in my personal play history were (S)NES and 3(DS), so I'm fine with Nintendo Switch getting everything. This push for better and better graphics is absolutely rediculous. It makes games cost far more and development time take forever. It's a big reason why I don't care about AAA games. Give me all the Indie and classic stuff!
  6. Do general Squeenix people even count though? I'm not sure, but do Squeenix people even work on the nuts and bolts of DQ? Does FF7r2 even affect our series at all? Would hope DQ12, Erik Monsters, DQB3, and DQH3 are all in the works. That'd help me through this time.
  7. Yeah. Happy for PS4 & PC people. Xbox people are devil-spawn so forget them. But, what the hell is going on with the series. I mean, Japan isn't even getting anything new. Did they get anything new in 2019 other than XI S? Builders 2 came out 18/19ish there. What the heck is going on over there? This black hole of unique content began long before someone ate a bat in China.
  8. Oh yeah, free mode is definitely because of X. Just stinks that it's useless. Nice though they give the option.
  9. See, I'm the opposite. I'd prefer not to buy this at all. I don't support them releasing the same game 3 years running and keep saying they're bringing new DQ to the west. No, they're being lazy and releasing the game 3 times. Calling a spade a spade with this one.
  10. I forget there's free movement. I never did that. Once I knew it was pointless, I turned it off from the start.
  11. Was it@Erdrick The Hero or@Liamland that wanted the rated R section years ago?
  12. I was told that at some point, yes. Not sure if you can't do any advanced jobs or just can't do ones that came with Version 3 and up, or whatever. Someone more knowledgeable will likely respond too, but it think you're onto the reason.
  13. So the penultimate dungeon made me want to rage. It's a maze like the others, but half the paths are invisible and then you need to put batteries (which can run out of charge) into specific (but unknown) slots to activate areas to move on. All while you have random encounters. I loaded up a website to use maps and it still took over an hour and I still died in a battle, losing a floor of progress. Heck, the battles are getting harder, but I've done OK strategy-wise. Really enjoy the system, but don't think I'll go past this first game as I don't enjoy the level design at all. Besides I got Grandia Parallel Trippers to restart and a new game for review to begin. And with the school year starting for me Wednesday and my wife's new job... no more 3-4 hours/night of gaming for me.
  14. Anyone else distracted by this topic title? All I can see is DQXI Sexperience. [emoji8]
  15. In the span of the past 24 hours, an opportunity arose at my school and it's looking likely my wife will be offered a job there tomorrow. Great news normally, but it's like 5 days before we go to work. [emoji2962][emoji51] We've got 5 days to switch Plattym5's registration to my school, find babysitting for Plattym4 (because his public school starts 3 weeks after mine), have my wife get all her paperwork done, buy uniforms for the young one, finish potty training Plattym5, and now everyone needs to get used to waking up at 6am, not the 9-10am that's become norm for the past 140 days. I have no idea how this is going to all happen, but somehow it is. We know a million other people do it, but man we weren't planning this at all.
  16. Yes. Very nice.
  17. Sent away for life!? [emoji51] Yeah, you gotta watch how far you do down the JRPG waifu hole. I draw the line at "partial nudity" myself. [emoji12]
  18. I quite like the battle system. It's I guess real time tactical with pauses to select some attacks. But you're on a 3x3 grid & the enemy has their 3x3 so it's pretty simple. Once I spent 10 minutes really selecting the attacks I liked best and setting up my pool of them, it's worked out better. But man I save every 3 minutes haha. I should finish it by next week unless I keep getting lost in the mazes.
  19. Ok, that does seem familiar. Like when it's night, it's night forever!
  20. How are they different? I seem to remember them moving quite quickly in DQXI 2D, but it's been 9+ months.
  21. I keep saying I'm not interested in Harvest Moon games anymore because I love the battling in Rune Factory, Stardew Valley, and Graveyard Keeper on top of those other elements. But let's be honest: STV & GK's "battles" are like LoZ1 for the NES and make up like 2% of gameplay. I need to just face the music and play the originals.
  22. Definitely. Lots of levels of crops and RPG mechanics. We cover all those life sim games on RPGamer. And I mean the simulation of a life is the epitome of taking a "role" I'd say.
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