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  1. Been back at work doing camp for a couple weeks. Looks like a small Covid quarantine is going to screw me out of a couple hundred dollars next week as a pair of students won't be able to come to my camp due to contact at another one. Oh well. 11 days until we go back to school for real.
  2. Haven't you been emulating these older DQM games? DS emulation is quite easy (get an app) and perfect for a phone held vertically. And, touch screen!
  3. Definitely post here when you finish and have the whole torrent ready to go. Just dig around and found this all. This is information many here at the Den would enjoy, but I don't ever see talked about or posted here.
  4. I saw the final ones going up. If course they'd be an issue. It wouldn't be the Vita without something going slightly off. [emoji24][emoji849][emoji23]
  5. [emoji848] Wouldn't it be a fascinating show: Breaking bad, atypical, working moms. Likely streaming on Playboy TV.
  6. But at least I'd be able to read my names on the gravestones.
  7. I have been playing my emulated Dragon Quest Monsters 3DS games guilt-free because of the money I completely wasted on SaGa Frontier. [emoji1787][emoji24]
  8. I thought Slimeknight was going to complain about himself or that a foreign entity had obtained his login information and was going to dox him.
  9. I mean, the green slime part should probably be alive [emoji8] In Dragon Quest Heroes (2?) the knight is sleeping on the ground using the slime as a pillow and hops up when you draw near. Yeah, in Rocket Slime, it's 100% a puppet. Basically an equipable weapon/item. I think the big takeaway from all this is Dragon Quest doesn't have hard and fast rules about this stuff. They do what fits the game best or what's funny. As @hiru pointed out, this is in DQX. Does it mean all spotted slimes are just that way because of a baseball team? Nah.
  10. [mention=44255]YangustheLegendaryBandit[/mention] here you go Favorite DQ game: XI Least favorite DQ game: VI Favorite DQ spin-off game: Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Least favorite DQ spin-off game: Dragon Quest Builders 1 Favorite 1-off RPG: Fantasy Life Favorite other RPG series: Grandia & Rune Factory Least favorite 1-off RPG: Ever Oasis Least favorite RPG series: Final Fantasy Favorite DQ character(s): Amos, Yangus, Gabo Least favorite DQ character: Maribel Favorite DQ monster(s): Platnium Jewel King, Sham Hatwitch, Box Slime Least favorite DQ monster(s): ones that inflict status effects Favorite other RPG character(s): Kevin & Lloyd from Trails of series Favorite other RPG monsters(s): Alakazam Favorite color: purple Favorite pet(s): cats Favorite musical genre/artist(s): Pop Rock, Country, Christian Favorite song(s): lots of Alex Goot covers & collaborations Favorite food(s): pasta, Asian Favorite TV show(s): the DC Arrowverse, Jane the Virgin, all Star Trek, tons of old WB/CW shows Favorite movie(s): What Dreams May Come Favorite sports team(s): Tampa Bay Lightning/Buccaneers/Rays & FSU football Pet peeve(s): "could care less" Damnit, it's "couldn't"; social media stardom
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