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  1. Plattym3

    Switch RPGs...?

    Still waiting on Mary Skelter 2 & Omega Labyrinth. Geeze, didn't I order them like a decade ago?
  2. I remember in my 20s, often one of the things I'd give up for Lent was eating until it was uncomfortable. People used to giggle a bit when I told them that, but oh man I'd do that so often!
  3. Courage and wit have served you well. Patience too as I'm assuming you did the original NES version! Nice!
  4. Constructive criticism: should've put the words up top so we could clearly see the ? on the box. Him being a ??? monster and all.
  5. I'm going to call B.S. on that. You're totally pulling our leg, right?
  6. That's disappointing. I'd heard it discussed and figured I'd give it a try one day, but that's not a ringing endorsement when I have close to 100 other games I already own to play.
  7. That's seems like a reason TO worry, not "don't worry" [emoji12]
  8. I've had so so much money and almost nothing to spend it on. Very little equipment, period. Do I need to be saving?
  9. Wahoo! Have the happiest of birthdays fellow Januarian!
  10. Took so long to get the chick. I was also level grinding like crazy because it'd take 2-3 battles total to go up a level and I was so strong. I'm mid 20s (Chica not so much as she got killed pretty soon in the middle of a dungeon) and have 2 sounds as well. Need to finish off a little Twoson stuff and move on tonight.
  11. As for the Anime, my biggest issue is the sub and the dub are 2 different translations. Haha. Oh, and the king did some questionable stuff in the past and it seemed just swept under plot rug. But... minor stuff.
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