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  1. Ok, got 3 infinite items exploring the 2 optional islands. Build a couple things in my Empire of Evisceration, so on to the next main island!
  2. Buildapedia? Never looked at that. Oh, I have been saving. Guess I didn't even think of that. Got it!
  3. Go back, take all your materials. Mine mostly came back in the bag, but I went back and got the hundreds of food items out of the kitchen. I'm pretty close to that, I did it just next to the first fall (the first 10%) of the river you make. Thought being near water would be good! I ran into the same exact issue with the stupid worm food. Thanks for that explanation, after I screwed up twice, I just freaking leveled the area & used it that way exclusively.
  4. I'm right about where you are, need to explore 2nd side island. Where are you establishing your rooms on the Kingdom of Evisceration?
  5. I get it@Sumez. I finished the first island finally last night and then went back there to raid all their stuff and bring it to my main island. I'm sure I'm building a little encampment far away from where I think the game likely will point to me building, but I enjoyed the freedom to do so on that island. New gripe. Seriously there's a scavenger hunt with 3mm x 3mm pictures on the somewhat optional side islands. I found all but 3 of the items by walking around, but it seems like so much fluff for a huge area and the reward (for me) isn't worth it. Free certain supplies that I won't use. It'll be really useful for people wanting to build palatial estates though.
  6. There's a whole system for picking up and putting down water. I found it quite easy! I found the town to maybe be a bit larger. The elevation changes and stuff I couldn't move plus needing so many tiles for farms killed space on island #1. Home base island doesn't seem to have many restrictions at all.
  7. The entire first island/chapter is all about making one freaking gigantic farm. You'll have TONS of food pretty fast. Challenges? Well there are small places (7 I think on first island) to do tiny building/destroying challenges that net you a mini medal each. Places seem huge, town area on first island felt cramped.
  8. Thought I followed this back in '08, but not 100% sure how far it goes https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/gba/916688-dragon-quest-monsters-caravan-heart/faqs/22719
  9. Likely not. 4 or 5 years later and we don't even have a sprite sheet for main characters.
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