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  1. It's more the online raids I see I can join that annoy me. I see one pop up and I want to join... but it's full. Or it's locked. Or I get in and have to wait 3 minutes for the other dude to start. I always do my own solo. Good point about doing the quick evolution, everyone's already close to 50 I find. As for the pace... I haven't played anything since Let's Go this summer or Sun & Moon, what? 4 years ago. Definitely comparing apples to oranges here, nothing concrete to base it upon.
  2. Started down route 9 this morning and then got my bike upgraded to go on water. Spent almost 3 hours driving around water areas catching Pokémon & doing max raid battles. I'm being pulled in 2 directions with this game: 1. I feel like between my son's game and mine, I want to complete the Pokedex. 2. The Pokedex is 400 and I have like 100 and getting 10 takes most of my game time daily. Also, the DLC expands that, so what's the point of 400? Also, I'm starting to see personal annoyances with the game. A. Everything is too slow. Picking attacks & just the flow of battle. This is espe
  3. [emoji44] Glad you're enjoying it. [emoji848] Makes me wonder how FFXII might treat me all these years later. NO! Bad thoughts. Bad thoughts.
  4. The first South Park game is on sale for $11 or $12. So tempted.
  5. You've got Sword, right? My son has Shield and it was an ice gym for him. I'm close behind you, got my 6th badge this morning.
  6. [emoji23] See, I have no informational memories of the games, more just impressions and memories of what I did or experienced, so I'm good with you going on and on about the details! You've got a great brain & memory for it. I have zero background info I need to look up for it.
  7. Nah. 2 Pokémon. One on the left. One on the right. Press buttons. Fight. You covered the basics!
  8. Yangus is just deflecting from the fact that *somehow* Pokken Tournament became the longest discussion. Because it's the one we all played... right?
  9. Check those time stamps to see which one we discussed the most [emoji8]
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