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  1. I did! I bought a couple of them for a couple bucks each. Got a couple hours out of each, but my youngest has not really been super interested in games and my oldest is getting more into single player games... and then we got Hyrule Warriors Age of Calamity, but since then we've more parallel played then play at the same time. Currently he's playing Dragon Quest Monsters 2 and I am too. So him and I chat DQM2 breeding combinations and all these new-to-him monsters. He's also playing Pokémon Snap back and forth with my wife and they have discussions at dinner and such about that game and what
  2. I'd never! I mean this is "Switch RPGs...?" gotta stay on topic! FFXII is on Switch. [emoji8]
  3. I mean, I can offer some suggestions...
  4. Good to hear. My wife and kid are still super excited by it. Maybe I'll give it a go when they stop hogging it.
  5. Yeah. You know, I get bad Intel. I keep hearing (incorrectly) that Romancing SaGa 2 and SaGa Frontier aren't "too SaGa". And I play them and they're SaGa personified. [emoji1787]
  6. They make me think about a "in chunks" phrase too. [emoji8]
  7. Man, I just couldn't stay awake last night. Even woke up in the middle of the night to play (something I do if I go to sleep before 9pm like I did last night), but my brain was too fuzzy. Got in a little time when I finally woke up at 5am before my alarm, but... Started Yo-kai Watch Blasters, I'm team Cat. Already loving being back in the Yo-Kai world. Don't care a damn lick about all the assets they reused, I love walking around familiar towns again. 100% a rip on Ghostbusters, and loving it for that. When the hearse pulls out of the ole' fire department HQ, there's a huge TATARI
  8. One day we'll add the GBA Torneko Mystery Dungeon 3 translation [email protected] to the list! But yeah, PS2 might be a no-go.
  9. Welcome to the Den, our own little home on the Internet!
  10. My goodness. I put 65 hours into DQM2, but that took a full month. Congrats!
  11. Those are some really cool DQ consoles!
  12. Whoa, lots of life. Sounds busy, but exciting. I have lots of questions! 1. Not a question, but I spent a summer on P4G, loved it. Top 5 game for me! 2. Yo-Kai Watch 4! [emoji7][emoji2956][emoji3059] How is it? Import friendly for me not knowing a lick of Japanese? I just finally got the Blasters game for 3DS, so need to play that. Loved that part of Yo-Kai Watch 3! 3. Most importantly: how the heck is Billion Road!? Never heard of it, but it's on sale right now. My son just spent the past 2 hours watching me soar from last to first place in the 2nd PSP level (screw you Yangus, [email protected]
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