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  1. Exactly. That and the battle system moved from strictly turn-based this time. Sad. I thought the last one, Atelier Lulua was a quite excellent system.
  2. Damn near hit the 21 hour mark. Been playing so so much. Need to take a break and get back to some Dancing, but I've been playing in places I need to be quiet a lot lately. Enjoying this, but I'm getting more and more annoyed by the fusion system and a real lack of good ways to carry over the best spells and skills. Not that I'm having a hard time, but I like being maxed! I think I'm about halfway done with Slamalamadingdong Delphi level.
  3. Atelier Ryza is going through the thicc roof too.
  4. Or like a winter coat.
  5. Haven't seen you around in a while. Sent you a PM. Would love to chat at some point!
  6. For the most part I used my physical DWM2 Tara & Cobi strategy guide to do most of my breeding planning in DWM. I'd find things that had changed between versions often enough, but it was helpful a bit. I think that guide and a couple other PDF ones are hosted here.
  7. I believe you've got some false info there (someone correct me if I'm wrong, always a strong possibility). Rerecruiting is not an issue. Have a slime? 2nd slimes going to be more difficult, yes. Already bred slime #1? Well, slime #2 is going to be a breeze. The penalty is if you already have one, not for a second one after first is gone. Don't worry, just breed!!! This was a game made for little kids, you're going to roll it easily without too much difficulty! Find a couple favorites that look nice and just work towards them!
  8. Hoping for a $40 sale on the Switch version myself. Looking to give my nephew a copy for Christmas. We're a cheap family & don't usually spend that much, but my sister shot down my first 5 suggestions for his birthday gift and then never got back to me about what to get him for his birthday, so boom. Makes it better since his sister's birthday is within a couple days of Christmas so she always gets her 2 gifts from us or a big one at once. This year, he will too!
  9. I wondered why I hadn't seen Den emails recently. I just clicked that and it moved to my Inbox. We'll see if it fixes it.
  10. I was about to raise my hand, but then I realized I don't. The last 4 generations have been about rolling credits, pure & simple. Nothing more. Meh story and never seriously attempted to catch many/most/all.
  11. Yeah, I knew one was there. That's the first one, correct? Hopefully a nice Christmas release.
  12. I once got all 150 in FireRed. Back in the GBC/GBA days when I got all monsters in DWM2 also. I think it was ~312. That was... 2006ish (check my signature). I've literally never felt such a desire again.
  13. Wait. Abra, Kadabra, & Alakazam aren't in the game? Ugh.
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