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  1. Close: I'll use it once and my kids will play with it and lose it.
  2. If it's truly "surprising" all your guesses are wrong. Let's hope! Interested to see all the graphics and how many monsters on Switch we'll never see here. I may never play as anyone else if this happens.
  3. Just a quick NSFW heads up on the source material pages [emoji12]. Those Japanese Hentai ads don't always go over well at work.
  4. That doesn't sound relaxing for the girls.
  5. @eal seems like a good thing you picked up a Switch. You might get the next chapter in the series you missed out on when it got cancelled last year: https://gematsu.com/2019/05/omega-labyrinth-life-for-switch-launches-alongside-censored-labyrinth-life-for-ps4-on-august-1-in-japan
  6. Just crossed the 30-hour mark while beating the final boss of my final chapter 2 character, Alf or whatever he is the alchemist (he's my least favorite so far, but it's like picking bad ice cream flavors, at some level all are good). I did a bit of grinding to make chapter 2s go easily, so let's see how the difficulty ramps up for Chapter 3s tonight! BTW, without searching all the way through this, did anyone here finish the game?
  7. Nice. Good reference! Wish they had pictures of the monsters, but lots of good info there.
  8. I want to say NO, just New Game+ There were people you couldn't recruit the first time around that can only be in a new game.
  9. Nice. I still have hope in the fan translation being done on the next couple years. Hope so, I loved these games 15 years ago!
  10. Technically I graduated in January from my college in London. But the diploma took forever to arrive. So I did a whole phitoshoot today of the mail arriving/my graduation. Did the program online so I took some shots "around campus" in my favorite study spots.
  11. Oh man, no me gusta peaches either. It's why I live in Florida and hate Georgia. Dirty state.
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