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  1. Being able to concentrate on anything for 12 hours straight would be great. I'm too much... squirrel!
  2. Meh, I left Twitter behind myself after all but quitting Facebook as well. Thanks for the offer; if we ever have anything for you, we'll be in touch!
  3. Speaking of Elvis, I'm exploring his home town and dealing with the [emoji90] that's hitting the fan there. You know, just for once, I'd love to walk into a RPG town and have NPCs how great it is and life is just fine, thank you very much.
  4. What kind of game is it? I'm definitely hoping for a Pokémon clone, but with candy. Like the Reeses Pieces evolve into those little peanut butter cups and then the bigger ones!
  5. Haha, I remember that chapter from the manga. Pretty funny.
  6. I gotta start Yakuza: Like a Cutscene a wee bit earlier in the night.
  7. My son knocked over the PS4 today pretty good. Was worried about it, so turned it on for the first time since mid-November. It was fine. It did an update, installed Yakuza, did the Yakuza update... so back to Bravely Default 2!
  8. Oh speaking of side quests, I've ranked up in the B&D card game. Now I can battle even more people. Walking around for an hour or so doing that now. Gotta collect them all!
  9. Loving my new berserker job! Moved into Chapter 2 proper. I guess the design team had fun basically designing all these cities to be suffering from one calamity or another. And actually using that word. It's going to be a tie how many times "calamity" is mentioned in BD2 compared to Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. So many little sidequests. I haven't looked at the numbers yet to see if I've missed any, but I keep going back and forth between towns to check. Much like Ni no Kuni 2, once you make it to a new town, Sidequests pop up in older towns.
  10. Mastered another class! Vanguard with Ms. Adelle. I guess it's time to make her something else. I had to message@YangustheLegendaryBandit tonight because someone died! I'm super excited about this as one of my few complaints about Bravely games are you defeat these bad guys in battle and THEY ALWAYS GET AWAY, and then more often then not you have to fight them again later. Not one of these people, boom, dead! [emoji3590][emoji3590][emoji3590] Finishing up Chapter 1 at about 13 hours. Got geeze, 8+ asterisks already. So. Many. Jobs.
  11. Mastered Freelancer with Platty. Now he can earn that sweet 1.7x JP! Time to be a Monk.
  12. Thanks all! I answered these questions on Q&A Quest Episode 200 last night, bringing up some points you all made. Again, appreciate the group think!
  13. We changed the rules, so he's likely already blown past me! [emoji23] We're now racing to see who can finish BOTH Bravely Default 2 and Yakuza: Like a Dragon first. Gotta roll those double credits.
  14. [emoji1751] Much like SaGa, I have no idea what I'm doing. [emoji23]
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