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  1. Plattym3

    Switch RPGs...?

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is really starting to piss me off. My kids and I finished off the 2nd to last boss pretty easily a week ago and lost many times to the final boss. Today I blew every single EXP item I had to raise our party up from level 40ish each to everyone level 45. We fought the 2nd to last boss 8 times and came close only once. Again, easiest level. My God, what the hell does this game expect. Going up 5 levels didn't do a damn thing to our damage output or defense. GRRRRR.
  2. Oh man, I loved loved loved that game. I so wanted it to be Dark Cloud 3. It wasn't. But I loved it
  3. Checked out your sold items. Nice!
  4. That's easily going for $70 on eBay this summer. I have my copy or I'd be PMing you right now.
  5. Ah, good call. I do have that sitting in my Wii right now.
  6. https://floridapolitics.com/archives/348328-ron-desantis-calls-on-fema-to-help-relieve-floridas-nurse-shortage How's Florida? Not good. Was chillaxing at the neighbors' pool yesterday & heard a couple bad stories. My friends husband is a nurse in the ER at the local hospital. They're laying off nurses due to shortage of money (apparently because they're getting so few "emergencies" walking in because people are scared to go), and conditions are getting bad. He almost quit the other day as he was working on a patient that was coding for almost an hour to stabilize him and when he walked out of the room he got chewed out for leaving someone with heart attack symptoms alone in the next room for an hour (note: he wasn't even informed that patient was wheeled in). He almost quit on the spot as it's been like that for a bit. To top it all off his mother was in a hospital in Miami with cardiac problems the past few days. She estimated seeing a nurse once per about every 6-8 hours, and got double-dosed with one drug and not given another she needed becuase things weren't being put in her chart. Heck, the only reason my friend found out is he could log in to her records online and since he knows what he's seeing, he called the hospital 300 miles away to let them know.
  7. I didn't do that. Or the chit chat thing where they talk every single turn. I'll need to do that; thanks for the reminder. Totally forgot about those speed-up options. Of course now finding them in the Japanese menus will be interesting.
  8. No. The game is sooooo slow. I figured if I was going to play another DQ side game in Japanese, I'd do something faster so played 15-20 hours of DQ Rivals on Switch. I enjoyed that a whole lot more. Honestly, I should get back to this as now I have a good turn-based game going on Switch so I can make my move on Vita and play Switch while waiting.
  9. I might have posted that exact sentiment on Reddit yesterday.
  10. I'd be fine with them going cheaper and using DQX assets and going only that far graphically. DQXI-level would be great, but with DQ, I'm always willing to settle.
  11. Dear God, yes. I ran around in pumpkin heads for 20 or so hours back in the day because they had the best defense forever. Yo-Kai and Ni no Kuni have both always had a DQ vibe to them thanks to Level-5 doing 8 & 9, yeah.
  12. Amazing! Got it and seeding for a good bit. Thank you so much for doing this! DQ Fandom owes you.
  13. I finished up Graveyard Keeper around 4pm yesterday and despite having a lot of free time, there was a empty grave-size hole in my gaming heart. After screwing around with a few other games, finally loading up Grandia 2 and taking over midway felt right. About to get the final party member, I think I'm about halfway through.
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