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  1. Then as soon as you can get on WiFi and enter the weekly WiFi tournaments! There are 200-300 people weekly playing, so even if you lose all your battles, you'll finish in the top 300 weekly. What this does is get you various bronze, silver, gold and platinum coins. Those coins can be used to buy copies of your monsters. That's how I got an extra Starkees for 1 gold coin. This becomes invaluable when you're going for higher level things later on and you've got a Metal King Slime but 3 things you want to make with it. No problem, just use WiFi coins to make more. My big final destination was to make a Platnium King Jewel and I spent a lot of coins on duplicates of monsters I'd need for it.
  2. It's no use doing vanilla first, honestly it's just the same game. I actually just reached the final final Professional story boss last week after playing much of June & July. The differences I could detect: 1. You get a better starter. I had little Starkers too. Never fused him into anything else until I realized I could get more, but only if you're playing on a real 3DS, not Citra. What are you playing on? 2. Inconsequential monster location changes (and not many). I got a Gold Golem as a prize for the hidden road on the 3rd or 4th island instead of the 2nd. 3. More monsters overall (I'd not have noticed except for looking at a list), it's nearly 800 instead of 600, but a ton are super boss SS-rank fusions, so I'll never see them anyway. 4. The ride fuse. 5. A 2nd, lengthy post game. They just put in a 20+ extra content area after the normal post game.
  3. Did you ever play Joker 3 regular? I did about 3 years ago and had a great time with it! It was right after I'd finished Terry's Wonderland and its postgame, so I burnt out near the end, but rolled credits. J3P is 100% aimed at players like me: it's for those who've played it and just want to get to new content. From the ability to skip islands/go straight to the next story boss to starting with an A-rank monster, to the Unify feature, it's all meant to speed up the game. If you've not played the previous vanilla version, I can completely understand how you'd see this a net negative though. I really tried to avoid it for much of my play. The way I did that was actually spending MORE time breeding to get even better monsters and just fusing them with monsters that I've used a ton throughout the series anyway and didn't mind seeing disappear during battle. As you get into the post game, and then all the post post game Professional content, you're going to really need the unity stuff more and more I found. There were plenty of bosses and DLC stuff that I couldn't come close to denting until I did tensioned up to 100 and did the Unity attack that does thousands of damage (although it drops your tension to -100). In summary: I loved the Unity stuff so I could speed through the game and actually survive post-game & Professional stuff, but if you've never played Joker 3 before I get that it's a semi cheat-code to fast forward things.
  4. Remember when you helped Santa out in Dragon Quest 9 to get that Estark map? Of course you do! That and many more levels & Winter/Christmas games get discussed! Hosts @YangustheLegendaryBandit & Plattym3 welcome back regulars @eal, @Pendy, and @Mattcraft to talk about some of our favorite games set during Christmastime or with heavy wintery/snowy themes. It’s time to celebrate Christmas in July! 4:30 - Secret of Mana 6:10 - Terranigma 8:00 - I Am Setsuna 15:40 - Rudolph 27:00 - Chuthlu Saves Christmas 40:50 - Banjo Kazooie Freezeezy Peak 46:00 - Hitman 2: Holiday Hoarders 52:40 - Code: Realize ~Wintertide Miracles~ 1:09:30 - Dragon Quest II - Rhone 1:14:45 - Dragon Quest V - Fairie Lea 1:18:40 - Dragon Quest IX - Sidequest: Marey Questmas 1:21:25 - Dragon Quest mobile titles 1:24:20 - Project Winter
  5. OK, after mumbling my way through Genesis talk, I got to pick a topic that really interested me! The best part was being able to talk my anti-Mario bias. Hosts @YangustheLegendaryBandit & Plattym3 welcome back regulars @DrippySlimeStar, @Pendy, and @Mattcraft to talk about some of our favorite sports games from NES days right up to June’s Mario Golf: Super Rush. 16:15 - Tecmo Super Bowl 24:20 - NBA Street V3 28:20 - NBA Jam 29:40 - Mutant League Football 31:50 - Mario Superstar Baseball 40:50 - River King fishing games 44:00 - Inazuma Eleven 56:50 - Mario Tennis 64 1:07:45 - Mario Hoops 3-on-3 1:13:00 - MVP Baseball 2005 1:19:00 - Arch Rivals 1:20:35 - Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular 1:25:50 - Mario Golf: Super Rush 1:43:40 - Super Dodgeball
  6. Wow, working through a backlog of posting. I blame @YangustheLegendaryBandit for wanting to talk about a system I never played Hosts @YangustheLegendaryBandit & Plattym3 welcome back regulars @Bururian, @Pendy, and @Mattcraft to talk about some of our favorite games from the SNES era… but not on the SNES. We’re talking this episode about the Sega Genesis and mostly games we played NOT on the original console itself. We talk about everything listed below. Join us in flashing back to the 1990s! 12:00 - Altered Beast & Golden Axe 22:30 - Streets of Rage 2 32:45 - Fatal Labyrinth 41:15 - Star Trek: The Next Generation 49:45 - Phantasy Star IV 59:30 - Beyond Oasis 1:09:00 - Shining Force II 1:19:40 - Sonic the Hedgehog 2 1:35:00 - Comix Zone 1:46:00 - Phantasy Star
  7. If Horii is to be believed, you'll be a regular for 10-20 more years!
  8. I read this so many times wondering what kind of monster @Yross was and why have I never spotted one.
  9. Daaaaaaaaamn! Nice work!
  10. Been back at work doing camp for a couple weeks. Looks like a small Covid quarantine is going to screw me out of a couple hundred dollars next week as a pair of students won't be able to come to my camp due to contact at another one. Oh well. 11 days until we go back to school for real.
  11. Haven't you been emulating these older DQM games? DS emulation is quite easy (get an app) and perfect for a phone held vertically. And, touch screen!
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