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  1. Hi there! There's a Japan-only physical version of Okami HD for Nintendo Switch containing English, French and German language. I'm interested in buying it from amazon.co.jp, but I'm a little confused which version I should pick: https://www.amazon.co.jp/カプコン-大神-絶景版-Switch/dp/B07D4J8P25/ There's 通常版 (regular version) for ¥ 4,160 which is even promoted as "Amazon's Choice" if you search "Okami Switch". But there's also 通常版Amazon限定付 ("limited Amazon version"??) for a mere ¥ 3,229. Is there any reason I shouldn't buy the cheaper version - or even more important - is there any difference between both versions? Both seem to be in stock. Thanks for any help!
  2. I logged in to DQX for the first time in ages (mainly because I received an e-mail that told me they might take my house if I don't return in time). In the magic labyrinth someone dropped something into the fountain and Terry, a Hacksaurus and a Goodybag appeared before the boss fight. I had no idea what to do, so I just answered "Yes" to Terry's question but I don't think anything happened. Can someone explain to me what Terry is there for?
  3. Installing the game right now! Thanks a lot to everyone involved! The GBC version is one of my favorite games ever so I'm excited for the remake. @Jay: If your 3DS firmware is 10.7 or below your 3DS is hackable. I don't know, maybe it's also playable via the Citra emulator, never tried it...
  4. You might be right there. I haven't played the PSX version (except for the first few hours), so I don't know if stuff like the automated use of Angel's tears and wholly holy water was there before or if it was changed to make the remake easier. Heh, yeah, you are right about the volcano and other narrow dungeons. But still there are many place where you can just rush through and avoid all monsters. However, I'm just nitpicking here, the game is still awesome and I'm really enjoying it! Feels like a better version of DQIX to me.
  5. I'm not really complaining about easier battles or reduced encounter rates. I just miss the investigative component of earlier DQ games. (But I'm still early in the game, so this might change )
  6. I agree. Sometimes it annoys me that the game outright tells me what to do next... I found those hidden stairs in Regenstein all by myself at night (but wasn't allowed to enter them). I would have tried to use those Angel's tears and the wholly holy water exactly where they were needed. And I would have given the right piece of equipment to the right saint - but no, it almost seems like the game plays itself and I'm just there to say "yes... use 'em already". Was it that easy in the PSX version? I just hope it gets a little harder later in the game. Right after playing DQVI this is all way too easy.
  7. I wonder if they wanted it to sound German (like Kiefer). Auster is the German word for "oyster" while Kiefer is the German word for "pine tree" (and for "jaw"... yeah, I don't know why we have one word for 2 completely different things). In the German version Auster is called "Renke" and Kiefer is called "Gismar"... I have no idea why, both names don't make sense to me...
  8. If your 3DS firmware is 10.7 or below, you should seriously consider a custom firmware. You don't need to buy a flashcard and have many advantages like Virtual Console injection and homebrew. This guide is pretty much the ultimate one: https://github.com/Plailect/Guide/wiki
  9. An "orchestra undub" of DQVII is available (CFW is needed). Wow, didnt expect it to be such a huge difference!

  10. Just had my first monster encounter after more than 3 hours of playtime ^^... Wasted a lot of time chatting in Estard, though.

  11. I'm nearing the end of Dragon Quest VI and started to think about the characters and their true selves... So at the beginning of the game the real versions of the hero, Milly and Carver confront Mudou - only to get defeated and turned to stone. Then their dream world versions tumble into the real world and start to save the day and find their true bodies. Carver: His story is the easiest to grasp. He finds his true body at Mudou's castle, becomes his old self and remembers his past. There's just one thing bothering me... My memory is a little blurry, but didn't Carver find his true body before the hero realized that he's the prince of Somnia? Why didn't Carver say anything about that and his previous adventures with Hero and Milly? Hero: For some reason his body became alive (seriously, why did this happen?) and started a new life without his dream self (and his memories). When they finally found each other, he kind of became a new being because they were seperated for too long. Madame Luca Luminista restores some of his memories but he still isn't quite the same after all that happened to him. Ashlynn: When Sorceria was destroyed, Ashlynn and all other residents were killed. But due to their strong magic abilities they were able to save their dream world selves. Thanks to Hero, Carver and Milly she became visible in the real world but she will never be able to find her true body or regain all of her memories. Milly: She's the one I don't really understand. Madame Luca Luminista found her dream version invisibly wandering in the real world and then helped her to get visible. When Hero and Carver met her, she still was her dream self and didn't remember her former partners. But when both hero versions fused Madame Luca Luminista said that (contrary to the hero) Carver and Milly would remember everything because they found their bodies early. When did Milly find it? Did this happen off-screen? So to answer the title question: I'd say "yes" to Carver and Milly, "partially" to Hero and "no" to poor Ashlynn. It's all a little confusing, though... What are your thoughts? Am I missing something?
  12. I just entered Gallows Moor in DQVI and am about to finish the Zenithia trilogy for the first time ever. I just wonder if I'll make it in time before DQVII is in the mail. Damn, I had 5 years to play this game! :D

    1. ignasia


      Depending on how many classes you've mastered, and how confident you feel going into the final boss...about 1~4 hours of playtime left. Maybe 6 if you end up feeling or actually needing to grind.

    2. ignasia


      Post-game...hmm, maybe another 2~6

    3. bjaxx87


      Oh well, guess I'll cross-play DQVI and VII for a while. ;) My current team: Hero lv. 38 (Martial Artist/Warrior/Gladiator/Hero/Mage/Armamentalist), Carver lv. 38 (Martial Artist/Warrior/Gladiator/Priest/Paladin), Terry lv. 32 (Martial Artist/Warrior/Gladiator), Ashlynn lv. 36 (Mage/Priest/Sage/Warrior/Armamentalist)

  13. Here's a trailer with some German gameplay of DQ7: Seems Kiefer is named Gismar here. (and the hero's name is Renke...)
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