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  1. Why not just, uh, get a Game Boy and the carts? They're not scarce by any means.
  2. That looks awesome, j1e3s5. I thought it looked like a monster from Caravan Heart, and indeed it is.
  3. I can transliterate the names for you, and then the localized name, or what makes sense if it doesn't have one, if you'd like. Some of these monsters are unique DQM monsters, either from this or previous games, so I'll assume you haven't played any of the previous DQMs (because you'd definitely recognize Boxslime). I've played nearly every DQ spin-off or otherwise, but I'm really bad at remembering which monsters were introduced where, so I'll do my best. 8 Riifa - Leafer (DQX I believe) 22 Suraimu Tsurii - Slime Tree/Tree Slime (Monsters originally, or DQV. Honestly can't remember) 24 Pikkii - Picky (Monsters original, IIRC) 26 Neji Makidori - Trumpet Bird, I believe was the translated name. (Monsters or DQ IV) 28 Ebiru Shiido - Evil Seed (not originally Monsters. Perhaps IV?) 43 Hone Suraimu = Wingslime (Monsters) 45 Hana Kawasemi - Florajay (Really can't remember. IV perhaps?) 48 Berogon - honestly can't remember the English name, or from where it came from. It was in the original DQM though. 50 Kamacchi - see 48. (DQ IX?) 53 Dororu - Droll (II, I think?) 56 Rizaado Furai - Lizardfly (No clue, sorry) 58 Jinmengaeru - Can't remember the localized name. Jinmen means human/person face. (From DQ IX, IIRC) 60 Shiimeeda - Can't remember English name. (IX?) 76 Misuto Uingu - Mistywing (DQM, IIRC) 77 Ikkaku Ryu - Can't remember the English name (Not sure on origin, but it was in DQM, IIRC) 82 Yatagarasu - I shouldn't need to explain what that name means. Can't remember what it was localized to though. (Was in DQM, but I think it might be from DQ III?) 90 Boon Purizunaa - Bone Prisoner, or Bone Slave in US, IIRC. (Not sure on origin, but was inl DQM) 92 Dasshuran - Dash run? Not sure if it has a localized name. (Not sure on origin) 125 Nubon - Not sure if it has a localized name (Unsure on origin) 126 Hanamadou - The name means flower sorcery, basically. It has a localized name, but I can't remember what it is. (From DQ III originally? It was definitely in DQM) 130 Pogufisshu - see 125 136 Fearii Ratto - Fairyrat (DQ III perhaps? Definitely was in DQM) 141 Sunoomu - No localized name (From Caravan Heart) 157 Semimogura - Can't remember localize name, though it definitely has one (Almost positive it's from DQ III originally, though it's a DQM staple as well) 158 Iwatobi akuma - Evilbird, IIRC. (Not sure on origin. III perhaps? Also a DQM staple) 163 Tatsunoko Naito - Can't remember localized name (DQ IX originally?) 173 Medoosa Booru - Medusa Head (Originally DQ III? DQM staple) 174 Sukaru Bureido (Skull Blade) - Not sure if it has a localization. I might just have forgotten about it though (No clue on origin. Perhaps original) 181 Bokkususuraimu - Boxsime (DQM original)
  4. Well, my copy is supposed to arrive tomorrow, and I can't begin to describe my excitement. I've always considered DQM1 my favorite game of all time, and DQM2 the best game of all time. TnW3D did not disappoint, and I'm definitely looking forward to digging into this one. Those three slimes are wonderful - particularly the flan/purin slime (and the return of the red slime at last?!) - but I'm sad to see they're available only in Japan. I'm going this summer though, so hopefully they will still be available... One quick question: are those guides coming out soon supposed to include every monster in the game's code, or is this going to be like Pokemon?
  5. For those who got physical copies, where'd you buy from? I was hoping to buy from Amazon since I have a gift card, but for some reason they still don't have a listing for this (nor for Puyo Puyo Tetris, another game I want), which is disappointing.
  6. I could probably provide you some assistance assuming my memory is good, LightningZombie. I'm not yet done with the post game (college... =_=), but I've completed the main game.
  7. TBH I've just always loved his design. A dragon ripping through to your dimension to fight for you is pretty awesome in my book. I do remember hearing about his level 9 restriction a long while ago, and that is pretty strange. Okay, something kinda weird is happening now. I just beat kami-sama and kept him, and then was going to do my ranking battle for the day. Is there no battles on Sunday or something? I kept getting a message with some kanji I don't recognize with Japan in there at the beginning.
  8. That's good news then. I've wanted Dimensaur since I got that old Nintendo Power issue in the mail with the contest. I fought Lamia and she had her own splash screen as well, though most do not.
  9. Yeah, the プレゼント option is how you get to obtain the special Wi-Fi download monsters, though you have to beat them to obtain them. You can try as many times as you like (though the monsters you fight will (seemingly) be random), but once you beat one, you're locked out for the day. I'm just starting the post game now, and I've only been able to beat two of them so far; they're pretty tough. Wait, I just noticed you said Dimensaur. Wasn't he McDonald's only? Does that mean you got that SSID trick to work? I remember hearing about it with AC:NL like you said, but I never really tried to make it work.
  10. That's kinda weird. I don't think I've found any books lying around. Maybe they were rare monster drops? I kinda forgot different monsters came out at different times, so I think I'm missing a lot of night monsters in gates.
  11. Woah, really? Same side and everything? It's so weird, since there's no split with US systems. That's a huge relief though. Thanks! I just watched a couple unboxing videos, and I haven't really noticed it. Check out this video if you want, around 4:05-4:08: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLvkarWNlhw The left side near the hinge looks flush with the top and bottom like the other side. Could it be something they just added? Looks like I spoke too soon again. Looks like this video has it (~5:00): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ouJG40QA-rk
  12. Basically, near the left hinge it looks like the plastic was partially miscut or something, so there's 1.9 cm where the top and bottom pieces are separated. Here's a picture: http://i.imgur.com/8D8Qrwz.jpg I heard that Nintendo doesn't do repairs on foreign systems which is lame. So I'm trying to see if it's actually anything worth worrying about and trying to return on Amazon or not. It doesn't seem to be affecting things or growing.
  13. Glad you're enjoying it, KiTA. I think it's a great remake, and I'm glad the meat is there (you will definitely be making good use of it) to give it a bit more DQM flair, even if you still have to scout. The Dragon gate boss really carried me for quite a while, and I still have a Red Dragon bred from it in my secondary team, and I'm currently facing the S rank tournament. My current team is Killer Armor (キラーアーマー) Thunder Bird (サンダーãƒãƒ¼ãƒ‰ï¼‰ Wanibaan(ワニãƒãƒ¼ãƒ³ï¼‰ Breeding is just as fun as it's always been, and it can definitely be a distraction from the main game. KiTA, how is your Ice White 3DS? Mine...has a bit of a weird thing going on, and I'm not sure if it's something to be concerned about or if it's worth returning over, as I'm not sure if Nintendo's repair offer works on systems outside of your region.
  14. Well, my Japanese isn't great, so whenever I play Japanese RPGs I'm quite sluggish and have to constantly look things up, but it can be good practice. And I'm fairly impatient myself, so maybe I will just order it now...
  15. Really conflicted on whether to import or wait for a localization that might not happen. Already bought TW3D and I'm going to get Slime Morimori 3, but this one seems the most likely to get localized.
  16. Let me/us know if you find a good wiki, KiTA. Currently getting my rear kicked by the B Class tournament. Does anyone know if you can import monsters from a US copy of Joker 2 vanilla? Edit: Spoke too soon; I destroyed B Class as I wrote this message.
  17. Assuming Square Enix doesn't do something like IP block or require a Japanese security number, I don't see why we can't just play this, seeing as it's a browser game.
  18. You will have access to all the game's wifi features just fine. You'll just miss out on location-based downloadable stuff (like going to a Japanese McDonald's), IIRC.
  19. ^ I just got my Japanese 3DS and game today and as of my messing around a bit I haven't seen a furigana option :/ Lame Does this game have a WiFi trading option? I got this game used and the guy seems to have some good monsters, like Diamond Slime and Dark Dream, and it seems a waste to just erase them when I make my new file... Also, are the wifi download monsters still up to be downloaded from any wifi connection?
  20. ^I believe just DQVII at this point. Hopefully the rest will be added soon... Funny I see this topic today, as I just bought a Japanese 3DS and a (used) copy of DQMTW3D on Amazon today. Really stoked!
  21. ^ As long as you own something Dragon Quest related, I'd say you have at least a small collection. This topic is quite inspiring, I must say. I consider myself a huge DQ fan, but my collection doesn't hold a candle to most here. ENIX, I'm especially jelly of your little Watabou in the middle of your shelf. Anyway, here's my collection (All DS, Wii, and PS games are complete in their original cases. I only specified CIB if it came in a box. Otherwise, it's cart-only) Main series: Dragon Warrior (NES) Dragon Warrior I + II (GBC) Dragon Warrior III (GBC) Dragon Quest IV (DS) Dragon Quest V (DS) Dragon Quest VI (SFC; CIB) Dragon Quest VI (DS) Dragon Warrior VII (PS1) Dragon Quest VIII (PS2) Dragon Quest IX (DS) Monsters: Dragon Warrior Monsters (GBC) Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Cobi's Journey (GBC) Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure (GBC) Dragon Quest Monsters: Caravan Heart (GBA; CIB) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker (DS) Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2 (DS) Other spin-offs: Torneko no Daibouken: Fushigi no Dungeon (SFC) Torneko: The Last Hope (PS1) Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest: Shougeki No Shippo Dan (GBA; CIB) Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime (DS) Dragon Quest Swords: The Masked Queen and the Tower of Mirrors (Wii) Itadaki Street DS (DS) Swag (pathetically small): Plush slime from pre-ordering DQVI DS Two small crystal keychains that came in a treasure chest (forgot the name of the series) Blue slime t-shirt from Dragon Quest IX Gamestop Event (had to win it at my Gamestop, actually) Stickers and poster from that same event Dragon Quest Monsters 2 Synthesizer Suite And that's it. I definitely want to get some more swag.
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