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  1. Thanks, you two. Singularity, I definitely agree with you. These sound like nothing more than schoolyard falsehoods even more convoluted than your average "push the truck" rumor. But what nags at me is that these DQM2 rumors still persist. Thanks to the internet age and the vast, instantaneous communication available to gamers, rumors no longer have a place. If someone bothers to test a rumor, it's documented and put away. Anyone who later references the rumor is told that it's a proven farce. But thanks to a relatively small community coupled with the absurdity and difficulty of testing these particular rumors (not to mention the passage of time which lends an automatic legendary status), we have a persistent myth. These rumors are outliers, and I would like to unmask them for what they are. Or perhaps surprise myself. As for the logistics of actually doing this, I already have access to four DQM2 carts, and I'm planning on picking up one more. What's left is whether my patience and free time will hold out.
  2. Heh, my assumption was really just a cop out to keep me from having to explain the actual gameplay of Theatrhythm. I know a lot of people haven't played them. As for specific questions on characters, I'm not sure about those two. But I'll let you know as soon as I find out.
  3. Hello, everyone. My copy of TDQ arrived in the mail today, and I've put about two hours into it so far, so I thought I'd add my initial impressions here, and more as I progress through the game. I'm going to assume everyone is familiar with the previous two Theatrhythm games in order to focus solely on the differences in this Dragon Quest edition. In case you were wondering, button controls are still in, if you're like me and are paranoid about touch screen damage. The game starts you off with a single song for each of the ten main DQ games, each being the main battle theme. To unlock more, you have to exit free play mode and go into the mode on the left, which is essentially a mission mode. This presents you with a grid comprised of squares representing songs. Each column contains a single main series DQ game. Going from the bottom to the top, you essentially progress through the game in music form. For example, the first song in the DQ1 column is the first battle theme, and the final song at the top of the column is the final boss theme. You begin this mode with access only to the first two bottom rows. That is, the first battle theme and field theme for each of the ten DQs. Beating a song unlocks those adjacent to it. Additional to this mode are missions for each song. They range from "Travel x distance" in a field song to "beat x/x monsters and then the boss monster," which essentially boil down to "play well." It is possible to clear a song (by reaching the end) and unlock adjacent songs without clearing the mission, which is your ultimate goal. Any scores you get on these songs in this mode are saved to the song data in free play mode as well. Each battle theme level in this mode also comes with a list of monsters you can fight, represented by silhouettes at first and filled in once you've beaten a level after encountering the monster. Finding all the monsters in a song gives you a warm feeling inside. Lastly, battle themes in this mode have, as I mentioned earlier, bosses. After clearing x/x monsters as shown on the top left of the top screen, the boss monster shows up. For DQ1's main battle theme, a Green Dragon is the boss. For the final DQ1 boss theme, it's Dragon Lord's true form. If you clear the boss before the song is over (and thus complete the mission) you go into "Metal Chance" time, where regular monsters are replaced with metal slimes (with some regular monsters mixed in). They don't give you crazy exp, and I'm honestly not too sure yet what they do. But it's cool, and I'm sure there's some purpose I haven't realized yet. As in the other Theatrhythm games, each time you beat a song you get Rhythmpo(ints). Meeting certain point milestones gets you 3 orbs. Obtain 6 orbs and you get to add a new character to your roster out of a randomly selected pool of available characters, which should sound familiar to fans of TFF(CC). My current party is Loto, Lola/Gwaelin, V Hero, and Terry. Characters have classes, and you can change them with a rare item you'll sometimes get as a level completion reward. I haven't bothered with any of the character customization stuff yet, including equipment/items and skills, but I'll post back once I have. The last mode of note is the board game mode, which I've only briefly sampled. They're called suguroku boards (English-speaking DQIII fans will know them as pachisi boards), and that's basically what they are, with a song to play after each turn. Apparently this is another way to get orbs. As for collectible bric-a-brac, you still have the collectible cards, all current and future DLC is free, and there's a password option where you can type them in to get cards and what have you (I think it's pretty much just cards). You can find passwords on the game's official site. As a DQ and Theatrhythm/rhythm game fan, this is great. I've asked for this game to happen since the first Theatrhythm game came out, and I'm very happy to have it. It's got the Theatrhythm charm with a nice DQ paint job, and the subtle changes the first-person battle songs bring make the Theatrhythm experience a little fresher. That said, coming from Curtain Call the game feels a bit light on content. The mission mode contains 52 songs, and IIRC there are 62 songs available in game (the other ten come from EMSs, the cutscene songs, essentially), not counting any DLC. I have no clue how much DLC there will be, but bear in mind that it will be free. Well, that's the extent of my impressions/information after only a brief play session. I'd be happy to field any more specific questions, and I hope to get a lot of time to play this coming weekend. Hope this was helpful! I should also add that buying the game nets you at least one 3DS theme. You can find a code on a slip of paper inside the case. If you bought the game digitally, the code should show up on your receipt, from what I've heard online. There's supposed to be a second code on a little card that comes outside the game's case, but alas, my amiami copy shipped without one. However, for late adopters who buy the game after this promotion ends, the two themes are availabe on the theme shop.
  4. Thank you for the kind words, everyone. I'll keep you posted on any results on this front, and I'd always appreciate any info you happen to find/remember about the rumors.
  5. Hello, everyone. To make a long story short, I'm going to be recovering from some pretty intense surgery for the bulk of the summer, and I'm planning on playing a ton of video games, of course. I've decided I'd like to give this old rumor a fair shake and hopefully lay it to rest, one way or another. For the uninitiated, there are three monsters in DQM2 which are unavailable to own by normal means. They are Dimensaur/Jigenryu, Kagebou/Kakurenbou, and R/Lamia. They were available through a Nintendo Power contest in the US. However, there are myriad rumors floating around on the internet detailing an alternate method of obtaining them, which entails feeding a Dream Egg x number of every available item. Obviously, it's highly likely to be a farce. But I still see it brought up from time to time, and it's bothered me for over a decade now that no one seems to have put serious effort into debunking it, so here I am. What I would like from you all is information on every known variation of the rumor. Some sources say 2 of every item, some say 3, and some say 99, which is obviously not doable for me, since I'm going to be playing legitimately. Links to domains hosting these methods would also be appreciated. Additionally, I'm not sure if the rumors count only the items that affect the result (e.g. Platinum Cape which results in a ??? family monster), or every single item available to feed to it. Does it vary wildly from source to source? Ideally, I would record the reveal once I gather every item. Unfortunately, I do not think the amount of in game storage allows anywhere near 3 of every feedable item, so I'd likely have to do the video in parts. Thanks for any help with this.
  6. At some point in everyone's life they discover solipsism and assume they've made a great discovery. This is the same rite of passage for DQ fans, it would seem.
  7. Just checked my WiFi gifts, and not only are there now more gift monsters, but it seems the limit of 3 options per day out of a slightly larger pool has been lifted. I've seen 6 available choices today, including God and Warubou(!). I'm really happy to have my 4 Bou team finally assembled, but I am a bit let down with how anticlimactic getting him was, haha. I've spent a few hours grinding WiFi battles and bought a ton of rainbow eggs, just to get him like this. But now that I know the rainbow dream egg trick works, I'm going to try and get Chocolate Box Golem, V-ron and the Monster Parade caravan monster. Besides these, I've gotten every event monster now, including all the different slimes. Also, just for information's sake, it seems you can't exactly save scum the streetpass menu. When I tried, it reset the roulette to before I spun it, but all my streetpass opponents that I just fought over WiFi were lost (however, my saved streetpass opponents were safe), so it seems it's not as easy as one would hope. Oh well.
  8. Thanks for the information, Singularity. I'll be sure to post anything I find out, and I'll look forward to hearing anything you do as well.
  9. I'm definitely hyped for this game. Just put in my pre order a couple days ago. Looks like all the DLC has been confirmed to be free.
  10. Singularity, that's great news! Congratulations. I asked about this being possible on the GameFAQs board way back, but no one knew at the time. My new life goal is to replicate your experience. I hope you won't mind a couple questions about it. You used the dream egg option with a rainbow egg in the streetpass menu, correct? Not the monster master in the breeding room. Then, if I recall correctly (it's been some time), each time you battle a streetpass person, one of their monsters is randomly added to one of the ten dream egg slots, correct? So basically, in order to get a Warubou, you have to fight a streetpass battle with Warubou, have the dream egg pick the Warubou for the slot, and then land on the Warubou during the roulette, correct? Do you know if this is save scummable, or does the game save after the roulette? I'm just thinking about if I encounter someone with a Warubou in streetpass if I can keep resetting until the dream egg selects Warubou. Do wifi battles with a friend get added to your streetpass opponents? It seems like ideally you could find a friend with a Warubou, have him set his streetpass party to being one monster, the Warubou, and then fight him on wifi. Then you'd have a much better chance of having the dream egg choose Warubou.
  11. Thanks for the info, Singularity. Looks like my Watabou, Petitbou, and Kakurenbou/Kagebou party will forever lack Warubou.
  12. Hey, quick question. I finished this game quite a while ago, and I haven't checked the daily download Wi-Fi gift in some time. I wanted to make sure the pool of available keys/monsters hasn't changed in the last few months. There are a few monsters that are basically impossible for me to get at this point due to living in the US (namely Warubou, who was part of a timed, location-based event), and I've been clinging to the hope that SE will be nice and release them over Wi-Fi at some point. Thanks for any help.
  13. Objection! SMT came out originally (in Japan, i mean) on October 30, 1992 . DQV was released on September 27, 1992. DQV was the first to have recruitable monsters (if we don't count Healie from IV) While technically correct, Dojorkan was most likely referring not to Shin Megami Tensei but Digital Devil Monogatari: Megami Tensei for the Famicom, the predecessor (along with DDM:MT2) of the SMT series on the Super Famicom. So MegaTen still did it first.
  14. Odds are slim of it getting localized. It's a great game though. Superior to the first, and I'd probably say it's on par with the second.
  15. I dunno about you all, but my NES has always been hooked up, and my Game Boy/Advances are within easy reach.
  16. It would depend on where you live. I think you could probably check their rates in the FAQ they have, or somewhere in there policy section. You could also put some stuff in your cart and go through a few steps of the check out, since it should definitely tell you the shipping cost before finalizing your order.
  17. Yeah, if the price is right, I say go for it. I love figures, and the quality is pretty good. The little plastic hangers actually come out (as in, are sticking out) of the figure and not the plastic wrapping, but those can be cut easily enough. Feel free to ask any more specific questions, I'm happy to answer them.
  18. This is definitely tempting me further towards picking up the Vita version.
  19. Make sure you get your information correct, DevilSpree. There are prepaid cards, and even better, you can use American credit cards on the Japanese eShop (source: I've done it), unlike Japanese PSN. And yeah, you have to have a Japanese 3DS. Everyone knows this. IMO it's definitely worth it if you can afford it.
  20. Hm. Sort of an odd question for a whole topic. Anyway, I can't remember how much my copy was, but it was new and near release, so probably around MSRP.
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