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  1. Good luck with V-long. I spent so much time trying to get him from wifi eggs back when the game came out, but I never got him.
  2. Edit: Figured out the answer to my old question. So now I'll just say: Thanks a lot for working this all out, everyone. I didn't think I'd end up getting to play 3 Pro in English!
  3. I'm definitely not a fan. I'm confident saying I genuinely dislike VII. It has aged much worse than IV-VI, and as someone who pretty much played the series in order up through VI, VII was a major disappointment for me. The characters lacking the depth of VI's robust and compelling cast, the further distancing from the series' high fantasy roots, and the horrible polygonal models after the great spritework of the prior titles turned me right off. Definitely a big disappointment for me. I'm disappointed that you consider anyone who dislikes FFVII a bigot; I certainly am not one. Respecting dissection is important.
  4. Of course. Torneko is one of my favorite DQ characters, and I'm a fan of all of the Torneko games as well as Mystery Dungeon games in general.
  5. X never had an English release, no. Terry no Wonderland is the name for both the Japanese version of Dragon Quest Monsters 1 on the GB/C as well as its remake on the 3DS. Iru to Ruka no Fushigi na Fushigi na Kagi is the name of the 3DS remake of Dragon Quest Monsters 2, also originally on the GB/C.
  6. I'll keep an eye out for these monsters. Thanks for the list. I really hope the Bou monsters are in, since they're my favorites. Watabou should at least be in -- he's essentially the mascot of DQM for crying out loud.
  7. I was able to get my dream team in Iru to Ruka: Watabou, Warubou, Kakurenbou/Kagebou, and Puchibou/Petitbou. Hopefully those are all in Joker 3.
  8. Really glad to see some great first impressions. I always hold off on demos for games I know I'm buying so my hype doesn't reach critical mass. Can't wait for my copy to arrive next week! Really excited about being able to make our own palette swaps of monsters, I had no idea that that's a new feature. Do we have any word on how many monsters are in this one? I'm a bit nervous it'll be less than Iru to Ruka.
  9. This has surely already been covered somewhere, but how do I update SL after the most recent maintenance? I haven't played in a few days and now I apparently need to download an update from the Play Store, which obviously doesn't work outside of SEA.
  10. Ideally, I'd recommend buying the mobile version and playing the PS2 or DS version. They have their share of differences, but it really comes down to console/PC versus portable, and that's entirely your preference.
  11. Does he have a chance to join on any of the three difficulty levels or just the highest?
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