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  1. I'm just curious about something. Since Version 1 brought back monsters that didn't have a chance like Sea Dog and Killer Bee, and Version 2 is bringing back monsters like Cloud Surfer and Hood, how many confirmed classics(Counting recent Version 1 monsters that were introduced like Tonburero.) are in this game?

  2. Hey dudes,


    I posted on Dragon's Den a few years back, around the time DQV for DS came out. No idea why I quit coming, I've still been playing the games this whole time.


    Anyway, I live in Japan (and understand Japanese) so I've been enjoying DQM3DS since it came out. Current lineup is Balzac and Thunderbird for my main beatdown squad, and I'm currently training Gold Golem and Genodark (Genosidoh), in addition to support monsters like Unicorn for healing. I really need to go ahead and get the Lamia and Dimension Dragon downloads while they're still available.


    The original DWM was the first RPG I ever played (back when I was in middle school) and as much as I love it, after playing Terry 3DS a lot of problems with the original become apparent: the useless wildness stat and personality traits, the suffocatingly small inventory and monster farm, slow travel, and so on. The new version really is superior to the original in just about every way, except maybe for ease of breeding monsters like Goldslime. I hated the first Joker, thought Joker 2 Pro was just so-so, but absolutely love Terry 3DS. They finally got the perfect blend of old and new game mechanics, especially scouting by incorporating meat into the mix (today I managed to scout a Wing Tiger, Lord Without A Name, and Genodark, for example. Sorry, I have no idea what a lot of these monster names are in the localizations and vice versa. What on earth is Night Clubber, Giga Demon?)


    The post-game content is pretty cool too, you go to the kingdom of Frost Tree and engage in a "Legendary Tournament." I won't spoil too much, but everyone is so much better fleshed out in this game. The regular ending has been changed (for the better) from the original. The King of Great Tree, Great Log, Mileyu, and especially the hilarious king of Dead Tree are much more interesting and actually participate and contribute their monsters to the post-game, which is a lot of fun. Anyway, I hope this gets localized so everyone else can join in on the fun as well. I'm especially interested in seeing if they come out with a remake of DQM2 in the future, as I'd sure love to see monsters like Gorago, Asura Zoma, Lord Draco, and other original monsters that never seemed to make it out of that game.

    I think I knows what this means: Missing Lynx. I thought that Wing Tiger and Missing Lynx were two different monsters, since I didn't know Wing Tiger was renamed Missing Lynx when I saw it in the DQ 7 monster section in the credits for Joker 2 vanilla. You are a very dedicated Dragon Quest fan and you know your monsters pretty well. Also, I saw it in a DQ X screenshot with the Boss Troll.

  3. I saw in a Youtube video a guy going through the dungeon that had the Digster as a boss and when that player reached the grassy area and went down to another level in the dungeon and a monster from Dragon Quest 5 was seen which was the Beastmaster from Ladja and Nimzo's army. I was surprised and even got a picture of it from the downloadable Bradygames DQ 5 DS Guide. You guys might want to check out the youtube video.

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