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    May want to check the monsters list on-site. I think we have all of those except for maybe Bilhaw.

    And for inquires' sake, Great Merman, Overkilling Machine, Shield Ogre, Thuggler, Deathpal, and, forgive if I say this, but Gaia Dragon.


    I thought we had Overkilling Machine.


    The others aren't available yet (technically Thuggular is, if you got him in the original pre-registration tombola, but none of us did)


    However, if you want to fund my tombola, I'd gladly accept google play funds with which to roll tombola over and over to try to get the new monsters. ;);) ;);)


    Overkilling Machine is, he's just not on the monster list onsite. And thank u for the clarification, I thought it was Thuggler. 

  2. I gotta say, this is the just the latest in a long list of disappointments. The only reason I'm even still playing is cause the Japanese version looks so cool and varied. I think that whoever's in charge of releasing new content for this game is really dropping the ball. We've been geting the same stuff over and over lately, and the game is really starting to stagnate. Not to mention all of the game-breaking glitches and complete lack of reasonable matchmaking.


    Sorry for the rant, but this game seems like it's wasting it's potential by moving forward so slowly. It's really making me grumpy > :(

    I understand  :( I wish they would show more monsters like Horseman, Slemperor and others like Shield Ogre and Steel Demon.

  3. ........................................Fine. You're an orphan living with your brother/sister. Your parents died 10 years ago. One day, you're sent to a cave to get a magic flower. A demon destroys the flowers, but misses one. You head home, but it's on fire. Apparently, you were born in a tribe that once had the ability to travel through time whenever you wanted. That power vanished over time, but the Hell Lord isn't taking any chances. And what do you know, YOU HAVE THAT SAME TIME-TRAVELLING ABILITY. The Hell Lord kills you, but you manage to send your brother/sister back to the past. Just to be extra sure, and possibly to set his master's plan in motion, he seals away the central continent. Remember the magic flower you were supposed to get? Well, your soul is able to leave your carcass and enter another one, thanks to it. Cue Online Mode.


    So, you've successfully possessed a corpse. After wandering aimlessly, helping people out for a bit, you meet a sage who can help you. BUT, you need 6 Key Emblems first. Apparently, they're like the Gym Badges seen in Pokémon; the more you have, the stronger you are. Six Emblems later, the sage keeps his word about helping. He shoots a beam of light at the Hell Lord's castle.......and it fails. Looks like there's only one thing that can enter his barrier, and that's the Ark of the Heavens. Except, it hasn't been seen in over 500 years. Wait, don't you have the ability to time travel? You do! Five hundred years' worth of adventures later, you have the Ark, you storm the castle, you.......meet the spirit of the carcass you possessed. Don't worry, he/she doesn't mind, UNDER ONE CONDITION. Find the guys who killed his/her family after you're done with your own business. Sounds fair enough. One final boss later, the central continent is still sealed away. Cue 2.0.


    The Hell Lord's dead, but you still can't get home. Here, use this magic compass to slip through the barrier, and find Princess Anlucea of Gran Zedora. She'll help you out. Oh wait, she'll only see people who have 3 sacred butterflies. Groan. Three butterflies later, THAT'S NO PRINCESS, THAT'S A MONSTER! Yadda yadda real Princess found yadda yadda amnesia cured yadda yadda missing brother yadda yadda. Eventually, you find the Archfiend, the REAL Big Bad, who wants to create a perfect world by tearing apart reality and replacing it with a separate world which you happened to be travelling through this whole time. Another final boss later, missing brother dies, Princess resumes Royal duties, cue 3.0.


    That's all I know.

    I know the rest involves Anlucea getting kidnapped by someone who wants to avenge Nelgel and Madesagora and u get to go to the Dragon region, after the card guy reveals to be a dragon person who pulls a Dragonlord/Malefincet and then by the time of 3.1, you're FINALLY in the region, and have to beat a fire robot monster thing, and then in 3.2, an ice version with a double to fool u and then the dragon elder forsees what would happen in the next version (3.3 the dark part of the Dragon continent), which involves Maille and another character.



    Perfect, I have added those to my list and will try to add things as I gather more monsters :thumbsup:

    I know Zenith said that some certain monsters (eg. 296, 31, 797, 799, 776, and 665) were here, but he and others were not going to tell, and by gather, I'm sure u mean those monsters? 


    King Zenith was being sarcastic.



    Thank u for that input, and I also have something related to Psaro the Manslayer's SS form, in that case, Monster 514. 




    Added 92 - Jade Dragon, 295 - Mumboh-Jumboe, 338 - Great Gruffon, 373 - Silver Swordsman, 374 - Wight Priest, 375 - Sir Sanguinus, 616 - Terrorflyer, 617 - Wyvern, 618 - Emperor Wyvern, 674 - Goregoyle, 784 - Mechanowyrm, 822 - Balhib, and 991 - Sealion Slime.  Also filled in a bunch of ??s, but I didn't keep track of which.

    Still no sign of Horseman, Slemperor, Shield Ogre, Steel Demon, and/or Esterk right?



    Oh, those monsters are definitely here.  We're just not telling you about them ;)


    Very clever, Zenith. However, u still haven't put Taurix in its rightful listing in the DQMSL Monster list and Monster Resource Database.  ;)

  6. Added 92 - Jade Dragon, 295 - Mumboh-Jumboe, 338 - Great Gruffon, 373 - Silver Swordsman, 374 - Wight Priest, 375 - Sir Sanguinus, 616 - Terrorflyer, 617 - Wyvern, 618 - Emperor Wyvern, 674 - Goregoyle, 784 - Mechanowyrm, 822 - Balhib, and 991 - Sealion Slime.  Also filled in a bunch of ??s, but I didn't keep track of which.

    Still no sign of Horseman, Slemperor, Shield Ogre, Steel Demon, and/or Esterk right?


    And good for Ovo Road, Mini Magic Burst is still broken


    I was just about to come post that as well.  Plus they still haven't given us Region 15 back yet.  Plus I don't see any new ovalutions available (although there may be some that I just haven't noticed). 


    I'm pretty sure by ovalutions, u mean Shield Ogre as well as other monsters like the Great Merman? And also, awesome job on getting Psaro's human demon form, which is Monster 514 by my analysis.



    Lizard king is Liege Lizard, I think. He's in the rank 7 arena promotion battle.

    Amazing, is that really true, Mystical? If so, this could be the first original DQX monster to have a official localized name.
    If lizard king is #612 in super light, then yes, he is Liege Lizard in this localization.


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    Awesome. Make sure to tell Woodus to add that to the DQMSL monster list down the road.

  9. Been working on this slowly but surely.  New monsters are coming slower now, since half my Pal Provider lists are Friends whose monsters I already have.  But I'm still getting some here and there.


    The ones I added today were 21 - King Bubble Slime, 70 - Orochi, 129 - Squidzilla, 130 - Tentacular, 137 - Brimstone Bulb, 146 - Elysium Bird, 192 - Whole Hog, 200 - Abominable Showman, 279 - Bloody Blade, 280 - The Trauminator, 313 - Stout Troll, 370 - Night Rider, 383 - Night Knight, 416 - Egg-en-Ciel, 420 - Glorious Eggcelsior, 501 - Dragonlord, 709 - Lightmare, 817 - Hyperpyrexion, and 818 - Hyperanemon.


    And here's a token new Ovolution formula:

    Thornella + Wooden Egg + Foliegg + Teggy Bear + Egg Royale + Egg-en-Ciel = Ivory Flower



    RiziterHades, just for an input, what does Peekabogre ovolue into?



    Sorry, can't help you with that one.  I've got him in my Big Book, but when I check his Ovolution Info it just shows me an A-rank question mark and an S-rank question mark.

    Hmmm, interesting. Just in case, make sure to pass the change to Woodus for the DQMSL monster list. As for any new monsters coming slowly, I'm pretty sure u mean monsters like the Slemperor, Horseman, Lizard King, Steel Demon, Evil Mech, Esterk and others like the Gaia Dragon and Great Merman.

  10. To celebrate the upcoming Legend of the Ancient Dragon expansion, I thought I'd post this topic detailing everything I know about DQX's story. Beware of spoilers. So, our story takes place in the world of Astoltia, known for its 6 main areas: Ogreed, Eltona, Dwachakka, Puku Land, the Wena Islands, and Rendashia. We start off as a random Human (we'll call him/her X) living in Etene, a small village in Rendashia. One day, the village is attacked by a strange guy with a scythe who calls himself Hades Nelgel. Wanting to get rid of a prophecied "heaven-sent child," the jerk burns down the village, kills everyone (including X), and seals Rendashia in a dark barrier. However, thanks to the power of a magic flower X had at the time, (s)he is brought back to life in the body of a random corpse that just recently died. (The Ogre froze to death. The Weddie was killed in a sword fight that was supposed to be a friendly spar. The Elf.....misfired a death spell? Someone correct that for me. The Puklipo......woke up in his/her coffin in a carriage. I'm pretty sure the dialogue did some explaining, but I can't read Japanese. The Dwarf........I don't know. I can't find the intro scene for Dwarves anywhere.) After some adventuring, X meets a sage who claims that he can help, but only after X gathers 6 sacred emblems. X does so, but is constantly tortured by visions of Hades Nelgel taunting him/her from afar. When the sage fails to break through the barrier, he tries to find help from a gal named Furukka, but she's a failure in whatever she does. Desperate, the sage pulls X from his/her body, which results in him/her meeting the corpse's original owner. X learns that the only thing that can penetrate Hades Nelgel's barrier is the Ark of the Heavens, a sacred vessel that was last seen 500 years ago. X travels back in time, witnesses some political problems between the Ogres and Humans, and despite defeating a demon named Razban, is unable to foil his ultimate plan (bringing Hades Nelgel to life). X finally makes it past the barrier, and climbs to Hades Nelgel's throne room, but doesn't account for the final trick up his sleeve. However, the trap fails, and the two finally battle square off, mano a mano. X wins and manages to escape, but Hades Nelgel's barrier remains intact. Using a magic compass, X makes it through the barrier into Rendashia, where (s)he has to find a "sleeping hero" who should, in theory, be able to ultimately destroy the barrier. On the way, X meets an (amnesiac?) girl who is trying to head to the kingdom of Gran Zedora. However, the road is blocked off to anyone who doesn't have 3 sacred butterflies, compliments of Princess Anlucea. X rounds up the butterflies, and meets the princess, who is actually an imposter, with the girl from earlier being the real Anlucea. The rest is mostly my guessing, but..........Anlucea turns out to be the "sleeping hero," and helps you defeat Hades Nelgel's boss, Great Satan Madesagora. If you have stuff to add here, don't be shy to post.

    I know it's just a theory of mine, but I'm pretty sure that the villain in the Version 3 saga who kidnaps Anlucea might be someone who wants to avenge Nelgel and Madesagora for their defeats. 

  11. For anyone on this forum, I hate to be the bearer of the real truth, but the Automaton is NOT the ProtoMech, it's the ClockMech. The reason I'm saying this is because the ClockMech is encountered in Falrod continent and usually fights alongside Healslimes, and also the fact that the ProtoMech is not encountered until Orgodemir's first lair. I hope that u will take the truth into consideration. 

  12. So when I first started this game, I really wanted a list of what skills each monster had.  I was getting a flood of them, and it would've been nice to know which ones to watch out for.  Now that I've progressed a little, I realize that which monsters you get mostly comes down to luck, so looking at a monster skill list is kind of a tease.  But there's plenty of monsters you can get through ovolution, and knowing which skills they have can help you figure out which ones to work towards.  Besides, I think it's nice to have references like that.


    Anyway, I couldn't find such a list, so I decided to start one myself!  Now I'm mostly going off my Big Book of Beasts, which has a lot of holes (I started playing about two weeks ago).  I've been able to add a few from Pal Provider lists, though, and between the two sources I've got about 200 monsters listed here.  So it's a start!


    Each entry starts with the monster's Big Book # and name.  Then the first skill is listed, along with what level it's learned at.  Then the same info for the second skill.  If I haven't listed a learn level, it's because I got the info from a Pal Provider list, which doesn't tell you the level learned.


    Here's the list!  I'm hiding it in a spoiler tag to save room.



    1 - Slime: (None)

    2 - She-Slime: Frizz (Lv 2)

    3 - Bubble Slime: Poisonous Touch (Lv 2)

    4 - Healslime: Heal (Lv 2)

    5 - Wild Slime: Nature Nerfer (Lv 2)

    6 - Shell Slime: Snooze (Lv 6), Crack (Lv 3)

    7 - Snail Slime: Meditation (Lv 16), Squelch (Lv 2)

    8 - Slime Knight: Heal (Lv 2), Thunder Slash (Lv 10)

    9 - Angel Slime: Heal (Lv 2), Acceleratle (Lv 11)

    10 - Metal Slime: Frizz (Lv 1)

    11 - Metal Slime Knight: Frost Slash (Lv 7), Hallowed Slash (Lv 2)

    12 - King Slime: Multiheal (Lv 28), Zing (Lv 13)

    13 - Cureslime: Midheal (Lv 16), Heal (Lv 2)

    14 - Liquid Metal Slime: Sizz (Lv 1)

    15 - Dark Slime Knight: Sizzle (Lv 11), Gale Slash (Lv 17)

    16 - King Cureslime: Multiheal (Lv 13), Kazing (Lv 38)

    17 - Metal King Slime: (None)

    18 - Box Slime: Frizz (Lv 2)

    24 - Slime Stack: Sleepy Touch (Lv 2), Bang (Lv 10)

    25 - Sublime Slime: Woosh (Lv 2)

    27 - Dark King Slime: Burning Breath, Zammle

    28 - Dark Slime: Shade Slash, Black Breath

    51 - Crested Viper: Sap (Lv 3)

    52 - Nardragon: Helm Splitter (Lv 7)

    53 - Drag Racer: Cool Breath (Lv 3)

    54 - Green Dragon: Fire Breath (Lv 3)

    55 - Seasaur: Chilly Breath (Lv 18), Cool Breath (Lv 3)

    56 - Quayhorse: Sweet Breath (Lv 13), Heal (Lv 2)

    57 - Pteranodon: Sizzle (Lv 11)

    58 - Wyrtle: Sweet Breath (Lv 5), Parry and Block (Lv 26)

    59 - Hacksaurus: Fire Breath (Lv 3)

    60 - Armoured Wartoise: Bounce (Lv 10)

    61 - Sea Dragon: Zapple (Lv 7)

    62 - Stabosaur: Hatchet Man (Lv 13), Frenzy (Lv 5)

    63 - Mandrake Marshal: Kasap (Lv 16), Dazzle (Lv 3)

    64 - Great Argon Lizard: Fire Breath (Lv 3)

    65 - Abyss Diver: Crackle (Lv 9), Flame Breath (Lv 13)

    66 - Tortoceratops: Accelerate (Lv 11), Buff (Lv 3)

    67 - Rashaverak: Flame Breath (Lv 18), Venom Breath (Lv 9)

    68 - Riptide: Multifists (Lv 21), Thunder Slash (Lv 2)

    69 - Chillanodon: Chilly Breath (Lv 18), Cool Breath (Lv 3)

    73 - Stalagosaur: Oomph, Parry and Block

    75 - Terrornodon: Whack (Lv 8), Venomous Volley (Lv 16)

    78 - Great Dragon: Frost Slash (Lv 2), Chilly Breath (Lv 11)

    79 - Black Dragon: Bounce, Freezing Blizzard

    83 - Sand Viper: Poisonous Touch (Lv 3)

    88 - Komodo: War Cry (Lv 3), Acceleratle (Lv 10)

    89 - Eoraptor: Paralysing Touch (Lv 6), Flame Breath (Lv 12)

    95 - Claws: Weakening Wallop, Thin Air

    101 - Killerpillar: Buff (Lv 3)

    102 - Army Ant: Sleepy Touch (Lv 3)

    103 - Bagworm: Decelerate (Lv 2)

    104 - Bantamweight: Sleepy Touch (Lv 3)

    105 - Bullfinch: Sweet Breath (Lv 13)

    106 - Snowbird: Chilly Breath (Lv 18), Whack (Lv 8)

    107 - Mad Mollusk: Sweet Breath (Lv 5), Frost Slash (Lv 7)

    108 - Cyclown: Woosh (Lv 4)

    109 - Batterfly: Dazzle (Lv 3), Poisonous Touch (Lv 7)

    110 - Scissor Beatle: Snooze (Lv 2), Nature Nerfer (Lv 7)

    112 - Beanie Meanie: Oomph (Lv 16), Acceleratle (Lv 4)

    114 - Garuda: Sizzle (Lv 11), Zapple (Lv 16)

    115 - Flame Flower: Frizz (Lv 2), Fire Breath (Lv 8)

    116 - Ornery Onion: Blinding Blow (Lv 5), Accelerate (Lv 2)

    117 - Firebird: Fire Breath (Lv 3)

    118 - Beetleboy: Kabuff (Lv 17), Buff (Lv 5)

    119 - Carnivine: Sleepy Touch (Lv 3), Kasnooze (Lv 16)

    121 - Gripevine: Oomph, Zammle

    122 - Beetlebully: Parry and Block, Metal Slash

    123 - Armoured Scorpion: Acceleratle (Lv 4), Kabuff (Lv 17)

    124 - Chimaera: Fire Breath (Lv 2), Squelch (Lv 6)

    125 - Hocus Chimaera: Snooze (Lv 6), Heal (Lv 2)

    126 - Thunderbird: Thunder Slash (Lv 2), Lightning (Lv 31)

    134 - Iron Ant: (None)

    138 - Spinchilla: Nature Nerfer (Lv 2), Crackle (Lv 15)

    139 - Whirly Girly: Swoosh (Lv 5), Gale Slash (Lv 11)

    140 - Bedbug: Kasnooze (Lv 3), Demon Demeaner (Lv 15)

    142 - Venus Guytrap: Demon Demeaner (Lv 7), Kafizzle (Lv 14)

    144 - Cocoon Goon: Paralysing Touch (Lv 6), Buff (Lv 9)

    148 - Ivory Flower: Multiheal, Oomphle

    151 - Platypunk: (None)

    152 - Mischievous Mole: (None)

    153 - Hammerhood: Hatchet Man (Lv 5)

    154 - Powie Yowie: Crack (Lv 3)

    155 - Mad Mole: Demon Demeaner (Lv 2)

    156 - Great Sabrecub: War Cry (Lv 5)

    157 - Cross Eye: Cool Breath (Lv 8), Heal (Lv 2)

    158 - Brownie: Material Whirl (Lv 2), Slime Dunk (Lv 7)

    159 - Damned Ram: Kasnooze (Lv 7)

    160 - Tuskateer: Hatchet Man (Lv 5)

    161 - Great Sabrecat: Woosh (Lv 4)

    163 - Rhinoceraxe: Sap (Lv 8), Kabuff (Lv 17)

    164 - Octagoon: Frost Slash (Lv 2)

    165 - Half Hog: Helm Splitter (Lv 21), Blinding Blow (Lv 5)

    166 - Notso Macho: Frenzy (Lv 5), Oomph (Lv 16)

    168 - Maniacal Mole: Baffling Bonk (Lv 11), Nature Nerfer (Lv 8)

    169 - Gorerilla: Slime Dunk, Dragon Slash

    170 - Ginormoose: Frizzle (Lv 6), Zapple (Lv 16)

    172 - Mohawker: Multiheal (Lv 28), Helm Splitter (Lv 7)

    173 - Alphyn: Bounce (Lv 23), Boom (Lv 20)

    174 - Tigergram: Beast Bopper (Lv 7), War Cry (Lv 13)

    175 - Ursa Major: War Cry (Lv 5)

    176 - Orc: Acceleratle (Lv 4), Sap (Lv 8)

    177 - Weartiger: War Cry (Lv 5)

    178 - Whackanape: (None)

    179 - Rampage: Deceleratle (Lv 4), Zap (Lv 9)

    181 - Balzack: Freezing Blizzard, Crackle

    183 - Cheater Cheetah: Multifists (Lv 9), Demon Demeaner (Lv 5)

    185 - Mucho Macho: Frost Slash, Sword Dance

    188 - Orc Chieftain: Heal (Lv 2), Blinding Blow (Lv 13)

    196 - Splatypunk: Sap (Lv 4)

    203 - Marquis de Leon: Sizzle, Freezing Blizzard

    206 - Bunicorn: Material Whirl (Lv 4), Zap (Lv 12)

    207 - Silencing Ram: Fizzle (Lv 5)

    251 - Wax Murderer: Frizz (Lv 2)

    252 - Bag o' Laughs: Fuddle (Lv 5)

    253 - Frostburn: Cool Breath (Lv 3)

    254 - Dancing Flame: Flame Slash (Lv 7), Fire Breath (Lv 3)

    255 - Goodybag: Kasap (Lv 16), Fuddle (Lv 5)

    256 - Cannibox: Sweet Breath (Lv 5)

    257 - Gold Golem: (None)

    258 - Cumaulus: Dragon Slash (Lv 1), Chilly Breath (Lv 13)

    259 - Grimoire: Bang (Lv 4), Whack (Lv 13)

    260 - Cumulus Rex: Zapple (Lv 7), Bounce (Lv 11)

    261 - Hunter Mech: Metal Slash (Lv 7), Acceleratle (Lv 11)

    262 - Golem: Meditation (Lv 16)

    263 - Erazor Blade: Hatchet Man (Lv 13), Demon Demeaner (Lv 2)

    264 - Mimic: Thwack (Lv 26), Frizzle (Lv 6)

    266 - Archfiend's Grimoire: Thwack (Lv 12), Zammle (Lv 16)

    267 - Killing Machine: Demon Demeaner (Lv 2), Undead Undoer (Lv 7)

    268 - Urnexpected: Whack (Lv 8)

    275 - Wickerman: Frizz (Lv 4), Flame Slash (Lv 7)

    277 - Killing Machine Lite: Frost Slash (Lv 2), Thunder Slash (Lv 12)

    293 - Jum: Kabuff (Lv 2), Inferno Slash (Lv 7)

    294 - Boe: Acceleratle, Gale Slash

    301 - Dracky: Zam (Lv 3)

    302 - Drackyma: Snooze (Lv 2), Bang (Lv 11)

    303 - Winky: War Cry (Lv 5)

    304 - Imp: Frizzle (Lv 14), Frizz (Lv 2)

    305 - Gremlin: Heal (Lv 2), Sizz (Lv 8)

    306 - Gruffon: Deceleratle (Lv 4), Dazzle (Lv 8)

    307 - Dessert Demon: Kabuff (Lv 7), Zing (Lv 13)

    308 - Flying Flayer: Frizzle (Lv 14), Buff (Lv 3)

    309 - Quadrahead: Dazzle (Lv 3), Whack (Lv 8)

    310 - Grim Keeper: Frizzle (Lv 6), Zammle (Lv 16)

    311 - Archdemon: Boom (Lv 9), Flame Slash (Lv 7)

    312 - Ogre: Metal Slash (Lv 2), Frenzy (Lv 13)

    314 - Belial: Boom, Flame Breath

    315 - Juggular: Zam (Lv 3), Boom (Lv 20)

    316 - Peeper: Bang (Lv 4), Kasnooze (Lv 16)

    317 - Troll: (None)

    318 - Boss Troll: Frenzy (Lv 13), Helm Splitter (Lv 7)

    327 - Gigantes: Hatchet Man

    329 - Barbatos: Inferno (Lv 9), Boom (Lv 14)

    332 - Prince of Darkness: Sizzle (Lv 6), Whack (Lv 16)

    334 - Swingre: Material Whirl, Hatchet Man

    335 - Wimp: Heal (Lv 3)

    347 - Grimlin: Fizzle (Lv 13), Sizzle (Lv 18)

    351 - Skeleton: (None)

    352 - Mild Headache: Sword Dance (Lv 10), Oomph (Lv 16)

    354 - Mean Spirit: Zam (Lv 3), Undead Undoer (Lv 7)

    355 - Phantom Swordsman: Gale Slash (Lv 11), Baffling Bonk (Lv 4)

    357 - Soulspawn: Sweet Breath (Lv 5), Venomous Volley (Lv 16)

    359 - Skeleton Swordsman: Kasap (Lv 7), Sword Dance (Lv 23)

    361 - Dullahan: Oomph (Lv 7)

    362 - Wight King: Swoosh, Chilly Breath

    363 - Lick-o'-Flame: Flame Breath (Lv 8), Poison Breath (Lv 11)

    365 - Wisp-o'-Smoke: Sizzle (Lv 11)

    371 - Grim Rider: Kasap (Lv 6), Midheal (Lv 15)

    376 - Armful: Burning Breath, Inferno Slash

    379 - Ghoul: Bemusing Breath (Lv 11), Burning Breath (Lv 23)

    401 - Egg Soldier: (None)

    402 - Wooden Egg: (None)

    403 - Megganoid: (None)

    404 - Speggtre: (None)

    405 - Eggsolotl: (None)

    406 - Fangtastegg: (None)

    407 - Rotten Egg: (None)

    408 - Mega Egger: (None)

    409 - Foliegg: (None)

    410 - Hard-Boiled Egg: (None)

    411 - Devilled Egg: (None)

    412 - Dreggon: (None)

    413 - Teggy Bear: (None)

    414 - Skullywegg: (None)

    415 - Egg Royale: (None)

    418 - Eggcelsior: (None)

    502 - Psaro the Manslayer: Disruptive Pulse, Inferno

    505 - Hargon: Boom (Lv 21), Spooky Aura (Lv 28)

    517 - Nimzo: Kafrizz, Black Blight

    551 - Ultrus: Starfall (Lv 24)

    601 - Fizzard: Frizz (Lv 4), Fire Breath (Lv 8)

    602 - Sizzard: Frost Slash, Chilly Breath

    669 - Jamirus: Feather Duster, Scorch

    670 - Dorsal Fiend: Multifists, Oomphle

    703 - Taurtarus: Infernorb (Lv 21), Slashban (Lv 29)

    775 - Peekabogre: Hatchet Man (Lv 15), Selflessness (Lv 21)

    783 - Metal Dragon: Squish, Stomp

    801 - Berserker: Double-Edged Slash (Lv 14), Assassin's Stab (Lv 21)

    993 - Muay Thai Golem: Meditation, Khao Strong



    I've also posted this info on a Google Sheets spreadsheet, which is here:


    It's a lot prettier there, even if the sheet is really barebones.


    So, that's it.  Woodus, feel free to put these on your monster list if you want!  I'll update this topic and the spreadsheet as I find more monsters.  Everyone feel free to contribute to this list - it'll be a long time before I have the really rare monsters like Gem Slimes, SS Bosses and such.  Thanks!


    P.S.: Woodus, I've also got a few ovolution formulas for you:

    Frostburn + Megganoid = Dancing Flame

    Grim Keeper + Speggtre + Deviled Egg + Rotten Egg + Egg Royale = Prince of Darkness

    Pteranodon + Eggsolotl + Dreggon + Wooden Egg = Chillanodon

    Chillanodon + Eggsolotl + Dreggon + Wooden Egg + Egg Royale = Terrornodon

    Interesting. The Shield Devil's official localized name is Peekabogre. I would love to see that added to the monster list, if given the chance. Just saying.

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