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  1. So I went to the Game Stop in Newington today, and I waited till the guy came with the demo, and it turned out to be the full game preloaded on the third dungeon near where humans are animals and vice versa. I even have pictures of my experience.
  2. winky55

    DQ 7 3DS 4

    From the album: DQ 7 3DS

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    DQ 7 3DS 3

    From the album: DQ 7 3DS

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    DQ 7 3DS 2

    From the album: DQ 7 3DS

  5. winky55

    DQ 7 3DS

    From the album: DQ 7 3DS

  6. Doing winky's job, eh? I also knew that through the English screenshots prior to the full site finally coming up, just like Shabby Cat. Also, there's Ulcer and Forky Pig. And T-t-t-that's all folks!
  7. I also saw another modern DQ7 monster name. Claw Breaker, which is Claw Beast's modern name. As I've heard once, they look Hunter Alphas from Resident Evil and the Project X Zone games.
  8. I've also heard intel about a monster named Wight Watchman. I'm sure it's the Stalker's modern name, is it?
  9. What and where are the others? The others were Type G0, Sliver Swordsman, Little Elf Sanguini, Chocolate Golem, Goregoyle, Peekabogre, and Liege Lizard. Every one of them expect Type G0 appeared in Super Light. Cause Type G0 reappeared in DQ Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below, and did it again for the sequel, but with more DQX monsters like Blackhood (The Hammerhead monster wielding the same club as Spiked Clubber), Darkspirit/Dollar Maju, Elder Tree (Reincarnated Treeface), and Red Bodkin Archer.
  10. I asked the question if they'll keep the Sweet Bag and Golden Puppet from Dragon Quest X in the English Streepass dungeons because I would love to see what Sweet Bag's official localized name is so we can recruit them, thus being the 8th DQX monster to have its localized name revealed, the 2nd reincarnated monster to be added, while the Golden Puppet would be the 9th DQX monster to have its localized name revealed.
  11. And I also heard that the Horseman is now known as the Wooden Horseman, which is a great upgrade for an already existing monster name, ala Type G0 from Dragon Quest X.
  12. And very interesting monster name intel. The Winged Tree is now known as Monolog, the WarTiger is now known as Caper Tiger (Which would explain why the Weartiger doesn't reappear in DQ7), and the ApeBat is (obviously) known as Batboon.
  13. Very interesting. The Eggplaton is now known as Woebergine, and the Tongue Rat is now known as Tongue Fu Fighter.
  14. I think I know what you're talking about. It's the Florajay from Dragon Quest Monsters, isn't it? One of the monster classes in the game.
  15. Technically, I have heard that there IS swearing in the game, despite it being rated E10+. On top of that, there's bathroom jokes and alcohol involved.
  16. The Southeast Asia version monsters, I presume? Huh, neat. Can u have the monster wiki person make sure to put the new images in by their respective places? (I.e, Slime with Slime and Drackmage with Drackmage.) Why don't you add them yourself? With how my vi you care about the bloody monsters of this series, I'm sure if you contact the right people they would give you access to working on the wiki. You know, I just might take you up on that. Could be good
  17. Huh, neat. Can u have the monster wiki person make sure to put the new images in by their respective places? (I.e, Slime with Slime and Drackmage with Drackmage.)
  18. No worries. I'm used to seeing internet swearing, even when it's censored on this site.
  19. It's the way internet slang works Yangus. Yo. I just wanted to see what the Illustration book had for DQ 4 and 5 monster art, assuming the book's contents would be viewable.
  20. A lot of the monsters, u say? Interesting. I recently just wrapped up collecting DQ 4 monster art from the Joker 3 V Jump Break World Guide, and DQ 5 monster art from the guide mentioned above as well as remnants of DQ 5 monster art from DQM2 Magic Marvelous Key first guide. I also had the honor of collecting other monsters like Plated Goretoise, Bullmustiff, and many others like Infanticore. I would love to see what u and Dwaine mean by that.
  21. Huh. Intersting. Any other new monsters besides Baramos?
  22. It has come to my attention that there is confusion on the Dragon Quest Wikia saying that Mandrake Mercenary was originally named Springer, when in reality it was originally named Dragon Man. In fact, the Orgodemir version of the Mandrake Marshall resembled the previous monster so much that when both of these monsters reappeared in Dragon Quest X, the Mercenary kept the Marshall coloration while the Marshall itself had the old colors darkened to differ it. I hope the Den members can pass it on to the DQ Wikia editors. Thank u.
  23. I don't mind. The Dragon Man's modern name is Mandrake Mercenary and another modern name for a DQ7 monster is Mastermine. So I'm totally looking forward to this game and seeing what other Orgodemir minions get modern name changes. The more the merrier!
  24. Well, the monsters that SHOULD have been out by now/later are: Orgodemir: Slemperor, Shield Ogre, Great Merman, Horseman, Moosedon, Thuggular, Metal Drake Slime, Steel Demon family etc and Nelgel/Madesagora: Night Cat, Gaia Dragon, Blueberry, Evil Tree Ent, Pumpkin Kid, Pig Hat family, Smiling Lizard family etc. Those folks at Garena should get the bug problems done and over with, maybe take a risk.
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