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  1. I kinda have some comparisons bout the villains if u hadn't noticed them.

    Ladja/Saya: Murdered their enemies' fathers while they were still young boys. Have animal monster servants (Kon the Knight and Slon the Rook/Dokumezu and Dokugozu). Command minions in their masters' stead (DQ 5 introduced monsters like Slime Knights, Hammerhoods, Brownies, Cross Eyes, Metal Dragons, Balhibs, Paralakeets, Warhogs, Hulagans, and many others like Bomboulders and Great Sabrecats. Ouma Far East minions: Blue/Orange/Red Kamaitachis Aku/Gou Tengus Katanas/Akatanas Byakuya/X Version). Killed at the final place where their masters r (Mt. Zugzwang/Centipex)

    Nimzo/Byaku Shin: Originally there for something good (Nimzo being the wisest person in Lofty Peak til he discovered the almost obsolete Secret of Evolution and was banished, while Byaku Shin was the prototype for Kyuju Kyu/99 until the real thing was destroyed and she followed her own evolutionary path). Command minions from afar and do evil in their home bases (Nimzo having mental power to rule the DQ 5 dimension even without the introduced DQ 5 monsters. Byaku Shin commanding her endless limbs, One Eights, One Fives, One Twos, Five Fives, Eight Eights, and Two Twos and unleashing the Dimension Fusion Charges to play the Song of Rifts for Ouma's dream to make a brand new world of chaos). Lastly, also having powerful strategies (Nimzo using Kasap and hard hitting spells Kaboom and Kafrizzle while Byaku Shin has Hellbolt and Song of Ragnarok, both of which utilize the gold chains in OP attacks).

  2. Seems to me there hasn't been much going on with that game other than rotating the stuff that has been out since launch. I would be curious what their daily average user number is currently. I know quite a few people on the Den here who were playing but have given up lately.

    Wasn't there supposed to be a new Halloween event that has Halloween versions of pre existing DQ monsters as well as the Pumpkid from Dragon Quest X, starting with Ver 2.1? 

  3. I think there are another 2 more dragon areas after this if I am not mistaken. So two more point releases.

    I think there's supposed to be a wind area and then maybe the Big Bad of all of Dragon Quest X Version 3 would be revealed. Just a hunch.

  4. So now I went to the Cathedral of Light, Crystal Palace's modern name and got the Ultimate Key and saw a Juggular, Cerabus (Modern name incoming, by the way) and a green Ulcer monster in cells, witnessed "Numen the Almighty's" speech and coughed up the blood ruby and next thing I know, all the worlds are resealed, this time Estard on the blacklist, which is the work of Orgodemir, the Demon King in disguise. And now I see more modern names for his minions.

    Panther --> Winged Sabrecat

    Mage Imp --> Very Devil

    White Fuga --> Monarchacopteryx (The wikia was right) 

    Hellbane --> Dragster (U made the right prediction, Frostare)

    Anyway, I'm to find  the 4 Great Spirits. *Skyfall whisper to Eve Moneypenny* I'll keep u posted. 

  5. So I've been a tough trooper discovering the various monsters throughout all of DQ 7, and I found a lot of interesting names for monsters. (Be warned, some, if not most of these r spoilers especially since I beat Orgodemir the Demon King the first time before "Numen the Almighty" is revived)

    Evil Mantis --> Slaying Mantis

    Weird Guy --> The Stranger 

    Wolf Devil Boss --> Fighting Batboon Boss stationed in Grondul to prevent the growth of Yggdrasil

    Maki Maki --> Side Winder

    Time Sage --> The Time Being

    Sea Grudge --> Sunken Spirit

    Borunga --> Moostapha

    Dark Draco --> Sulkk

    Hell Vine --> Malign Vine

    Zoe Mage --> Envoy

    Hell Genie --> Vaipur

    Botok --> Gasputin (Like Rasputin, a shady Russian priest)

    Gadimus --> Mossferatu

    BeliMawr --> Togrus Maximus

    Sky Frog --> Floating Bloater

    Column Man --> Prancing Pillar

    Bugbear --> Cheeky Devil

    Armorgon --> Fryling

    Shade Knight --> Fly-By-Knight

    Thunderrat --> Natural Born Quiller

    Broadaxer --> Boorbarian

    Red Sting --> Scarlet Scorpion

    Junk Mech --> Scrapper

    Devilite --> Scargoyle

    Pigady --> Galumph

    Grow --> Pustule

    Poucher --> Healium Balloon

    Butchoman --> Axecutioner

    Woody Eye --> Direlog

    Thuggler (U guys were right about the initial choice for the modern name of this monster)

    Moosedon --> Enormoose

    Evil Viper --> Diethon (Not the Mortamor minion, of course)

    Flame Toad --> Blistering Bloater

    The real Proto Mech --> Stainless Scrapper

    Evil Clown --> Wrecktor (Square Enix never seems to get tired of this monster showing up in their games with different designs in their main series appearances)

    Fire Cloud --> Fire Fry (Lol, like Firefly)

    Sheep Duck --> Horn Moa

    Magic Post --> Cavorting Column

    Baby Cloud --> Sky Fry

    Mad Book --> Hexicon

    Death Crab --> Claws celebre

    Pirahan --> Strangler Fish (Not a Dangler Fish monster, the brown Barracuda)

    Confupeng --> Pogoin' Penguin

    Parasnail --> Disastropod

    Multi Eyes --> Eyesaur (Kudos to Frostare for making a slightly right prediction)

    Evil Anchor --> Briny Mine

    There was also a Mandrake Mercerny boss known as Srcaw or something, by the way.

    And that's all I have for now, and I'll update u guys when I see more monsters.

  6. I just finished watching the finale of the Fairy Tale Quest stuff and what got me was what Marine looked like before she became a follower of Nelgel and (indirectly) Madesagora. I know we've already heard and/or seen the first two, but the hat that's been guiding the two turns out to be evil, brings a monster back to life, they fight it, emerge victorious, but the hat survives and turns Marine into what we saw when DQX first came out 4 years ago. So in a way, I feel like it's a bittersweet dark path to a story of a good and noble character, ala Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars, Bucky/Winter Soldier from the Marvel Universe, Ayame from the Sakura Wars series and the PXZ games, among others. I hope that DQX will reveal more stuff around the corner such as the foreshadowed water region of the Dragon continent and many more...

  7. So I went to the Game Stop in Newington today, and I waited till the guy came with the demo, and it turned out to be the full game preloaded on the third dungeon near where humans are animals and vice versa. I even have pictures of my experience.





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  8. The two videos were indeed Gamespot, and titled traveler tablet gameplay and time travel gameplay.

    Don't know why they took them off YouTube, but:






    I also saw another modern DQ7 monster name. Claw Breaker, which is Claw Beast's modern name. As I've heard once, they look Hunter Alphas from Resident Evil and the Project X Zone games.

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