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  1. I already commented on the trailer on Youtube and apparently Keith Wickham is back, and he will likely do his voice for the backstory that explains Dhoulmagus' time with Master Ryolus before becoming the most powerful human/monster servant in Rhapthorne's inner circle.(Through the Godbird Scepter) Unless of course, Jahagarosu has anything to say about it, assuming the English VA can do a solid job when the game comes out.
  2. Dhuran: Total bada** because he knows Terry, actually heals the Prince of Somina and his crew before the fight with him and even reappears in DQH2 getting voiced for the first time in a video game.
  3. I kinda have some comparisons bout the villains if u hadn't noticed them. Ladja/Saya: Murdered their enemies' fathers while they were still young boys. Have animal monster servants (Kon the Knight and Slon the Rook/Dokumezu and Dokugozu). Command minions in their masters' stead (DQ 5 introduced monsters like Slime Knights, Hammerhoods, Brownies, Cross Eyes, Metal Dragons, Balhibs, Paralakeets, Warhogs, Hulagans, and many others like Bomboulders and Great Sabrecats. Ouma Far East minions: Blue/Orange/Red Kamaitachis Aku/Gou Tengus Katanas/Akatanas Byakuya/X Version). Killed at the final place
  4. I already emailed Garena a few days ago about the other Halloween event for Super Light, so they're either not responding or just trying to process the email.
  5. Wasn't there supposed to be a new Halloween event that has Halloween versions of pre existing DQ monsters as well as the Pumpkid from Dragon Quest X, starting with Ver 2.1?
  6. I also know there's a tablet with a Monolog having a Christmas tree on its head and there's also the Sweet Bag/ Bag o' Sweets in it. Def going to be for Christmas, though.
  7. Just another quick question. If the Takometto block statue was made with the DLC eye blocks, will the English name for that monster be revealed?
  8. A little tip just in case. Make sure to have the monster list for that game ready, please.
  9. K. Also, is it possible that the Takometto statue will be released as DLC?
  10. I think there's supposed to be a wind area and then maybe the Big Bad of all of Dragon Quest X Version 3 would be revealed. Just a hunch.
  11. I also noticed in the video that free build shows off the Takometto from Dragon Quest X, as a statue. (The more serious Khalamari/Squid Kid monster. My two cents prediction is that its English name will be (probably) revealed when this game comes out.
  12. And now there's more Bone Rider --> Skeleton Squire Cosmo Bog --> Delusionist Wing Draco --> Blazing Wingwyrm
  13. So now I went to the Cathedral of Light, Crystal Palace's modern name and got the Ultimate Key and saw a Juggular, Cerabus (Modern name incoming, by the way) and a green Ulcer monster in cells, witnessed "Numen the Almighty's" speech and coughed up the blood ruby and next thing I know, all the worlds are resealed, this time Estard on the blacklist, which is the work of Orgodemir, the Demon King in disguise. And now I see more modern names for his minions. Panther --> Winged Sabrecat Mage Imp --> Very Devil White Fuga --> Monarchacopteryx (The wikia was right) Hellbane --> Drag
  14. Here's a few more names I discovered Bolt Worm --> Blightcrawler Pigeon --> Oinkubus Hell Guard --> Wight Prowler Plesiodon --> Wingwyrm
  15. So I've been a tough trooper discovering the various monsters throughout all of DQ 7, and I found a lot of interesting names for monsters. (Be warned, some, if not most of these r spoilers especially since I beat Orgodemir the Demon King the first time before "Numen the Almighty" is revived) Evil Mantis --> Slaying Mantis Weird Guy --> The Stranger Wolf Devil Boss --> Fighting Batboon Boss stationed in Grondul to prevent the growth of Yggdrasil Maki Maki --> Side Winder Time Sage --> The Time Being Sea Grudge --> Sunken Spirit Borunga --> Moostapha Dark Draco --&g
  16. They sure did. U can look up the fairy tale library quest stuff on YouTube and see what it was about.
  17. I just finished watching the finale of the Fairy Tale Quest stuff and what got me was what Marine looked like before she became a follower of Nelgel and (indirectly) Madesagora. I know we've already heard and/or seen the first two, but the hat that's been guiding the two turns out to be evil, brings a monster back to life, they fight it, emerge victorious, but the hat survives and turns Marine into what we saw when DQX first came out 4 years ago. So in a way, I feel like it's a bittersweet dark path to a story of a good and noble character, ala Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker from Star Wars, Buck
  18. winky55

    Some English Name

    From the album: DQ 7 3DS

    Saw this name somewhere and wanted full results
  19. I saw in the Nintendo UK commercial that the prison guard on the left is known as the Goon, while the boss of these two guards is some name I can't decipher.
  20. There are a handful of names from DQM Lite. https://www.bing.com/search?q=escudo+shield&FORM=AWRE K. When I looked in the bing link, it just showed me the shield itself, and I was wondering if I could see any real evidence to back up your claim.
  21. I've heard somewhere that the Shield ogre is now known as escudrge. Where did that name come from?
  22. Oh yeah, and the rep let me look at the back of the box art and I saw the Sky Devil's modern name is Dingbat.
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