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    The camping feature looks really cool .


    We'll be able to talk with out party members,saving and doing recipes with the alchemy pot aparently.


    I wonder if party chat is replaced by this.

    I hope not. Party Chat should be just like it was in the previous games that has it -- anytime, anywhere (as long as you have someone in your party, of course).


    Camping is likely an "Inn" in the wilderness, where you need to look for camp sites to set it up. Or hopefully, camping is a consumable resource (Tent item?) that you have to be prudent with so that we still have those situations where you badly need to run to the nearest Inn to heal up. I love those "oh dear, this is bad" moments.



    I could even see it being some fancy "first strike" type of system instead. After he hits the enemy the triangle button appeared on the bottom left of the screen, and it said sakusen next to it "which apperantly means battle plan".

    There are people who are starting to question again if the game is turn-based or not because of that very short "first strike" system.... 


    It really reminds me a lot of EarthBound where you can also see enemies roaming around. When you touch a weak enemy that can be

    one-hit killed, instead of transitioning into the battle screen, the enemy just dies on the spot and you simply get a text box showing how much experience and money you earned.


    It's still obviously turn-based if they observe that part carefully.

    It was just like you said, a preemptive strike on what seems to be a non-aggro monster.

    If you watch carefully, the other monster suddenly ran toward next to the spot where his buddy originally stood right before being thrown away by the critical hit.

    It looked a lot like it was supposed to line up next to it just like how the enemies stand next to each other in the battle screenshots.

    But when its turn came, instead of attacking the Hero, it ran away instead. 


    You can also see the text box afterwards, probably saying the classic "The monsters were defeated!" text.


    After all the hack-and-slash games I've played this year, this is gonna be a breath of fresh air for me! 


    And that monster shown was a new one or a classic, right?

  2. The following does have some spoilers from the Christmas event, but I will show you this one! 




    I wish I was the gift box....


    Even our villains get presents though and that makes her.... HAPPY!


    I'll be home for Christmas~~~~!




    Evil Ann-Luica having a present is one of the most heartwarming moments in gaming that can prove even Madesagora's second most known underling doesn't have to be on Santa's naughty list for coal  :)

  3. I've also seen the Great Sabrecub make an appearance in a main series game that is not a remake for the first time since its debut.(V) Also, the Big Hat is throwing its hat into the ring. (Pun intended since it's a DQX monster/minion of Nelgel, Evil Ann-Lucinia and Madesagora)

  4. Since Dragon Quest VIII (on the Nintendo 3DS) is set to be released exactly one month from now, I thought of conducting a poll.  


    If you want, you can explain your reasoning on why you voted "Yes", "No", or "I'm not sure".

    Heck yeah! I pre purchased it at GameStop and I'm looking forward to the new content in English, such as the Morrimp, Jahagoros(English name pending) and his dungeon, and Dhoulmagus's Past. 

  5. Holy crap, that trailer was awesome. I like the party! And the villains look cool too, it's giving me a weird sort of vibe that reminds me of the Kaiser in Bravely Second. This is looking awesome!

    Interesting. The first original Dq Villains for a main series game since Nelgel, Evil Ann-Lucia and Madesagora. Looking forward to seeing what evil they can do in the final game.

  6. Just logged in for the first time in over a month and found a news post from Nov. 24th saying the game is closing down on Dec. 26th.  Merry Christmas, eh?    :P   I think we all knew it was coming soon, but it'll still be a sad day.


    In the meantime, they're giving us some freebies:


    - All quests cost 0 Stamina, even Ovalutionary Road.

    - Many monster hunting quests are open, such as Besting Balzack, Leon Down the Law, etc.

    - Pal Point gacha includes some S and A rank monsters.

    - Regular gacha has 3 free plays a day and has an extra 10% chance to get S ranks.


    I'm not sure why they didn't just give us unlimited gacha plays.  You can't even buy gems anymore, so why not?  And it's pretty sad that the last area of the storyline never reopened.  Still, they gave us some decent stuff.  I know I'll be going through Ovalutionary Road a few times just for the challenge, along with hitting up the Arena one last time.


    Rest in peace, DQMSL.  How will you spend your last days?

    Remembering the DQ 7 monsters that got modern English names before the modern version of the game itself was released, the DQ 6 Battering Ram getting changed to Damned Ram, DQ4 Green Dragon getting changed to Jade Dragon, and 4 DQ10 monsters getting official English names, one of which was an original monster made for the game. Also, some Monsters series original monsters getting modern/official English names like Beanie Meanie and Tariux, though u guys never added the latter in Monster Wiki or any Dragon Quest Wikis.


    Sounds legit. I'm getting a PS4 for Christmas along with the first one, and some to most of time, leaks turn out to be true. When it does come out, the DQX monsters that appeared in this game, (Blackhood, Mad Rainbow Mannequin, Red Bodkin Archer, Darkspirit, Elder Tree, and even the White Sabercat of the Monster tamer girl) would get localized names along with Killer Crimson from Monster Parade.


    Wasn't Killer Crimson in X, too?


    Yes, but it was introduced in Monster Parade, so it's one of the only two monsters of that game to appear in X, the other being Dark Candle (The Wax Murderer monster).

  8. I started up Dragon Quest VII, and got the usual three Traveller's Tablets per Thursday, and the most astonishing thing happened. A tablet called Pile of Presents was available, and after I did the other two (And used the Youth of a Hero Tablet for quick healing) when I put the tablet in the plinth, the Sweet Bag was in, and the name prediction this monster wiki database, as well as the DQ Wikia itself, was right. The name Bag o' Sweets was in front of the DQ English community the whole time. And by the VA's count, that's 6 DQX introduced monsters that have official English names. I even have proof of it. https://miiverse.nintendo.net/posts/AYMHAAADAAB2V0fY7YRCjw

  9. Sounds legit. I'm getting a PS4 for Christmas along with the first one, and some to most of time, leaks turn out to be true. When it does come out, the DQX monsters that appeared in this game, (Blackhood, Mad Rainbow Mannequin, Red Bodkin Archer, Darkspirit, Elder Tree, and even the White Sabercat of the Monster tamer girl) would get localized names along with Killer Crimson from Monster Parade.

  10. I've been scouring the web for a few more monsters and two of them, (Sinisculpture and DQ IV Strangler Fish) r images of official art I see, but in low quality. I managed to get Ghastropod a while ago, but never got good quality of the former two. I was wondering if anyone had good quality scans of those cards, if any. Here's the link just in case:


  11. What is a "Takometto"? The thing in which you make colored blocks? There's one on the Terra Incognita mode, near the flag, but you can make more in a Mason’s workstation (only in free mode).

    Btw, if that Ashlynn pic you mean is this one (its in the spoiler below) it was made by myself lol




    The Dragon Quest X monster. A more serious version of Khalamari/Squid Kid. Did u discover the English name for it?

  12. Uh, I've been including the villains since I started the threads... but okay!


    For my thoughts on these guys, I'm not the most familiar with the Loto games aside from II. And II's villains were basically "evil cult guy" and "evil cult god" which isn't very much all things considered. They get their job done, but they aren't really much more.


    Malroth/Sidoh isn't the most foreshadowed evil god final boss ever either and doesn't really do much beyond show up and get beaten to a pulp.

    Yeah, you're right. I already knew the facts, I just wanted to make them sound more appealing but Malroth showing up and get beaten up to pulp, you're kinda right on the money cause I already seen it myself.

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  13. Since G Mage is doing character opinions, I thought it would be fair if I did my own villain opinions.


    Dragonlord- The first villain of the series when it started and stole the Sphere of Light to conquer Alfegard and overrun it with monsters by turning the Golem against Catlin, destroying the town of Damadra to cripple trade and even kidnap Lady Lora to demotivate King Lorik to send out his men to stop him. He even tries to get the DQ1 Hero to join him and share half of the world, either the hero saying 'No' and fighting him twice in two forms just like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty or the hero saying 'Yes' and the Dragonlord turns him into a Hoodlum monster and only gets a small part of the land thus requiring the Builder to finish the job (Although the humanoid form fight expands his abilities to having dark duplicates and even having a barrier while still retaining the spells) Def a great first villain


    Hargon- The villain that's built up as the Big Bad, showing his attack on Moonbrooke and killing all but Princessa and one injured soldier who makes it to Midenhall to report. Then, upon finding Princessa survived the attack, turned her into a dog. He even curses Princeton to be sick halfway through the game. However, it turns out that he is just the leader of the Malroth cult, an army of DQ 2 monsters along with a few remaining minions from the Dragonlord's army (I.e Slimes, Metal Slimes Drackies and Green Dragons that's all) who plan to summon Malroth the God of Descurtion to lay waste to Alfegard. By the time he is defeated, he offers himself as a sacrifice and Malroth comes in to finish the job (And fails). Also was the first underling in the entire DQ series as a whole.


    Malroth- The real villain of the game. His name is rarely mentioned, and the False Idol was just another hint of his existence. After Hargon is defeated, Malroth comes in and puts up a deadly fight, even knowing Fullheal, and becoming a deadly force in the Dragon Quest world. 


    Baramos- The second underling of the series, and chronologically the first. He threatens to take over Aliahan, causing Edrick upon turning 16, to go out with three companions, and defeat him and his DQ3 introduced minions and save the world. Upon going through many trails and tribulations, Edrick awakens Ramia and goes into Baramos's Castle and fights and defeats him, seemingly ending the game. However, upon the start of the celebrations, the Master Archfiend Zoma intervenes saying Baramos was just a follower of him and he will plunge Aliahan into darkness as he did with Alfegard. An intimidating villain by his quote "Thou will regret thy coming indeed, for I will feast on your innards!".


    ​Zoma- Baramos' master and the true leader of the DQ3 monsters. He conquered Alfegard and waited for Edrick to come into Charlock Castle, even having King Hydra murder Ortega in front of his son's eyes. Upon reaching Zoma, he sends King Hyrda, the Soul and Bones of Baramos to defeat his nemesis, before fighting him himself. However, he is defeated with the Sphere of Light which was given to Edrick by the Dragon Queen before she died upon giving birth to her egg. However, before disappearing, he warns Edrick of someone else who would try to take over Alfegard in the future, foreshadowing the egg the Dragon Queen gave birth to was the Dragonlord. One of the best villains in video games, and even set the trend of the true music for the final boss being set in after weakening him or her.

  14. I already commented on the trailer on Youtube and apparently Keith Wickham is back, and he will likely do his voice for the backstory that explains Dhoulmagus' time with Master Ryolus before becoming the most powerful human/monster servant in Rhapthorne's inner circle.(Through the Godbird Scepter) Unless of course, Jahagarosu has anything to say about it, assuming the English VA can do a solid job when the game comes out.

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