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  1. Don't worry. I preordered the DQXI PS4 SE-Mook Guide off of Amazon Japan with Amazon points, and it's come for me and my organization in two weeks. And the 3DS guide will be all ours, just to pick up a better Darth Voodoo image, Tiger Jackal, and the Side Winder's new look.
  2. I would like some monsters that deserve justice like the Wild Chappy, Ursa Mega, Emissions Alchemist, Ice Dracky, Shabby Cat, Caper Tiger (Gets a different coloration just like the Side Winder), Cheeky Devil, Mad Smith, Quetzalcoatlus, Emerald Demon, among others.
  3. http://www.d-quest-10.comwould be a great place to start. It's also how I get updates on monsters that reappear/debut every time there's a new update.
  4. Because they already brought back a lot of them for Dragon Quest X, and maybe they just wanted some more diversity, hence why you see a lot of Zoma minions and a couple of forgotten monsters like Smog, Miasma, Wight Prince, and the Nimzo Wight King. Oh hey, Winky! I didn't know you changed your name. I can also tell that's a different user taking a page out of my book, not to put anything indelicately.
  5. I know I already said this, but I would say that Ladja is kinda like Saya from the Namco X series, as both were involved in the deaths of their enemies' fathers, have two animal servants, command monsters in their masters' steeds, and were killed at the final lairs of where their masters are. I think it might be a coincidence that the PS2 remake of DQV was released a year before Namco X Capom in Japan. Just throwing this out there.
  6. I have seen various gameplay footage and it looks like Homer, one of the two generals pursing XI's Hero, uses devious underhanded tactics to defeat him, like tying up Camus before the 1st fight with him, and summoning a Tentacular (Even though we haven't seen it in X yet) to wreck the getaway ship. Plus he uses Zam spells, and that, along with the stuff I've mentioned, kinda foreshadows that he's the underhanded of the two Declore generals and XI's demon lord underling or the demon lord himself, just human and kinda like Kefka, in the fact that both try to hunt down the main protagonists, and
  7. Madesagora/Naldga reincarnated minions Most Likely to Reappear: Ice Dracky, Bodkin Bloodbow, Multicolour Mannequin, Mama Snail Slime, Metal Healslime, Moon Chimera, Black Schlit, Mad Smith, Green Rockbomb, Thorn Cudgel, Type G0, White Rose Knight, Baby Snowball, Emissions Alchemist, and Three Pink Sisters.
  8. And our new friend Naldga had those shadowy hands to transform, as well as rallying Madesagora's army after their master's death with some more classics, and a couple of new monsters (Kaiser Dragon, Nessicure, Kubina family, and Abblauncher and Megaton Champ to name just a few Also, I'm pretty sure Ann-Luicina's cat will have something to do with Version 4, the final chapter of X and one more crisis is waiting to happen for Asotilla.
  9. Not to worry, Woodus. I already sent a picture of support to remind SE and Nintendo. https://twitter.com/wilyg9/media
  10. Right on the money. I was expecting this kind of thing to happen, and various DQX monsters, along with an Orgodemir minion mistake (Bone Fish/Dread Herring, which is supposed to be a name for JUST a Mortamor minion.) deserve some justice.
  11. I saw in the one of the screenshots that the Smog, from Dragon Quest II: Luminaries of the Legendary Line is reappearing in XI. I think its color is based on the low quality screenshot from this site:http://draque2.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-96.html
  12. I was surprised by the return of the Thieving Bunny and the Zoma Prestidigitator, I didn't expect these two. But I do have a Google Translate link that foreshadows classic monsters that could reappear. https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&u=http://dq11.org/dq11_monster.html&prev=search
  13. I've seen it. It's so awesome. Many DQ Heroes and Villains, along with each villain's introduced minions from the 10 main series games (I.e King Slime from DQIV and Bodkin Bloodbow from DQX). I'd love to play it someday when it's localized.
  14. If a DQ9 remake is in the works, then perhaps there would be improved graphics, voice acting, and add in some monsters that didn't make the cut for the original version, like the true Mandrake Marauder, and fix the other one, which is an entirely different monster. Maybe even a similar backstory for King Godwyn, before he murdered Godfrey and began the Gittish Empire, the major villainous antagonist army for the DQIX introduced monsters, like Teeny Sanguinis and Cruelcumbers and unintentionally gain a leader for them and those aforementioned monsters from fallen grace and tortuous experiments,
  15. Nice. I saw the Bee Rider's full appearance. The mount is an elite Ocobolt with a spear. Also, the Pearlmobile's kinda cool, cause I saw a Killing Machine color version, a Fireball Mecha-Mynah colored version and some sort of bronzed yellow version.
  16. I've been keeping up with X, and since 3.5, they've addressed Djinn Genie, Overkilling Machine, Great Dragon, Umbra, Platinum King Jewel, and by the middle update, Metal Dragon Slime. However, there are other monsters that should be in the game by the end of Version 4. Hargon and Malroth- Berserker Baramos and Zoma- Wyrtle, Lump Mage, and Tentacular Psaro and Estark- Terracotta Warrior Ladja and Nimzo- Thwarthog, Mandrake Marauder, Hyperpyrexion, and Hyperanemon Murdaw and Mortamor- High Djinks, Tyrantosaurus, Mottle She Slime and Mottle Mendslime Orgodemir- Mandrake Monarch Dhoulmagus,
  17. I've played Dragon Quest Heroes II for three days, killed (Spoiler) Fractos, and found 5 Madesagora minions and beat them. Red Bodkin Archer --> Bodkin Bloodbow (The name is pretty badass and this monster outclasses even the Bowyers.) Blackhood --> Dark Brownie (They may not have their distinctive tree club, but are still lethal nonetheless.) Elder Tree --> Antiquitree (Makes sense since it's a pun on Antiquity) Dollar Maju --> Zamtasm (One of the first monsters in Act 2 of Dragon Quest X when finding Madesagora and ending his perfect world.) Mad Rainbow Mannequin --> Mult
  18. I already downloaded the demo, and it was pretty fun. I even killed the sleeping Low Djinks despite the developer's odds saying not to do so. And I've seen Acordia is in the middle of this world, and one of the monster realms' kingdom names is Al-Kazam or something like that. And the High King of Acordia, the guy Desdemona was talking about, he's one of the Twin Palpatines that's going to be smack dab in the middle of the DQH2 world.
  19. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B0BaKji6m4g&index=4&list=PLFhuCWVaetS-CGRliDMPc0cYjq8N0a4Mx They look awesome as hell, and Terry even retained his English voice actor!
  20. So, settle a debate for me and my boys. We just saw two new monsters, one of which was already seen in the game's first major trailer from last year, and we want to know. Which of these two monsters shown in this week's V-Jump scan is the Mandra? It would be greatly appreciated, because this is like Foo Yung and Chow Mein's debate of the chicken and the egg.
  21. Mokokkii is the monster in the NHK gameplay of XI last year with one getting easily defeated while the other fled, and now it's fully seen.
  22. I can see Black Dragon reappearing this game after X through 3.3.
  23. Pretty sure Version 4 is The Really Final Chapter, cause I have a Google Translate bookmark that has a 3.5 later version, as well 3.6 and its later version, and then Version 4 would be the True Ending to the game, since Wii support is being dropped.
  24. Joker 3 Pro has Scaraburrower, Killer Wave, Loss Leader, Pudgedevil, Stump Grump, Phantaseyes, Dreadstaff, among others. Thank you Square, u made our minion collecting lives easier. Now we just have to wait for u to release the full guide for this game so we don't get the V jump guide, which has most, but excluding the rest.

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