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  1. I have just gotten my DQX 4.0-4.1 guide, and they didn't have any artwork of the monsters that we needed. It's as if the Paradise Papers forced Akira Toriyama to not make any more monster art for these guides (Maybe, but that's my guess.) It's mostly just full of models.IMG_1289.thumb.JPG.8b068b3f84b4e94a0797d1950f9d3683.JPGIMG_1288.thumb.JPG.5f2a598130377a14e7fcd8ab435aee1b.JPGIMG_1287.thumb.JPG.d19d1b7bd14caf9a83c1ab3314d7e66b.JPGIMG_1286.thumb.JPG.d77f150f15491e71f0483ae6c9cc4b05.JPGIMG_1290.thumb.JPG.76427fbe80e84cf33906403cb0464bdf.JPG

  2. Joker 3 Pro has Scaraburrower, Killer Wave, Loss Leader, Pudgedevil, Stump Grump, Phantaseyes, Dreadstaff, among others. Thank you Square, u made our minion collecting lives easier. Now we just have to wait for u to release the full guide for this game so we don't get the V jump guide, which has most, but excluding the rest.

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  3. When is Dragon Quest 3 coming out on iOS and Android? Maybe during Thanksgiving or early December?

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