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  1. Put in the 3DS content, and some new blood, like Ursa Mega, Cheeky Devil, Chappy Akure, Emmissions Alchemist and other monsters that were left behind.(From their families) Maybe some new monsters, kinda like how the Switch port of Builders got the Great Sabrecub to ride or die.(Helping the Builder get around Alfegard quicker, but what I mean by the former is monsters that didn't make the cut for XI, like Skeletons, Badboons, Babygoyles, Frylings, Crones, Teeny Sanguinis, Urnexpecteds, just throwing out names/possible ideas.)
  2. Hmmm, I'm guessing King Carnelian's cruel attitude is due to a certain evil demon lord and the Dark One is the god. Loving this scene, though. Can't wait for September 4th. The 3DS version may not come to America, but the Switch could combine both PS4 and 3DS. And now those Madesagora/Nadraga minions days are numbered!
  3. I've been looking for this Mortamor minion, which reappeared in VII through Traveller's Tablet stuff and there is a seal that has artwork of this monster. If anyone you know or one of you has this, it would be nice. Please note the following image is too small, so I'll post this JPN text: ■10071 じゃしんぞう
  4. I have just gotten my DQX 4.0-4.1 guide, and they didn't have any artwork of the monsters that we needed. It's as if the Paradise Papers forced Akira Toriyama to not make any more monster art for these guides (Maybe, but that's my guess.) It's mostly just full of models.IMG_1289.thumb.JPG.8b068b3f84b4e94a0797d1950f9d3683.JPGIMG_1288.thumb.JPG.5f2a598130377a14e7fcd8ab435aee1b.JPGIMG_1287.thumb.JPG.d19d1b7bd14caf9a83c1ab3314d7e66b.JPGIMG_1286.thumb.JPG.d77f150f15491e71f0483ae6c9cc4b05.JPGIMG_1290.thumb.JPG.76427fbe80e84cf33906403cb0464bdf.JPG

  5. Eh, I'm still sure that they'll announce XI at E3 this year, cause the SE Booth is bigger than last year. And no matter KH3 says, DQ XI will not be killed.
  6. Swords is decent. It had Drackolyte and Mermaniac for the modern and returning DQ audience before the names were revealed in the mobile remakes for I and III, and had voice acting before the Heroes games and other games brought it back to the forefront.
  7. That would be the Crimson Killing Machine. Still waiting for its second main series appearance to be localized, though, because of a zone attack it can do with Durandal.
  8. Thank u. I was just showing the video as a reminder of Verison 4 monsters that need to be seen more instead of using other monsters that already reappeared/debuted in X one way or another.
  9. For 4.1, they introduced the Buddhist Circus, (A foreshadowed monster if any of u had been to the Dragon Quest Museum when it first opened 2 years ago.), a new Skeleton expansion for the first time since Seoul Viking, Spitnik (Thus, confirming our theory that Square did a pull a Satyr on us, although that Joker 3 size looks nice.), Wyrtle, a reinacreted Great Sabrecat, which is only way to get the book to recruit the Great Sabrecat itself, and a new Picksy monster in that dungeon where the Japanese masses that play the game fight Jamirus and that cat shows up. While this monster selection did
  10. You could say that. DQVII and Dragon Quest Builders' PS4 version did get released in Fall 2016. I don't know bout an announcement at this year's E3, though. But it's my thought alone and I'll just take it with a grain of salt.
  11. I can see DQXI being released during the April/May Spring of this year, or the summer. When PS4 and 3DS versions r announced, the Madesagora/Nadraga minions that reappear in this game (With a couple more added in the 3DS's DQ I-X worlds.), will be ours! #DQXmonstersfortheWest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZmbBi_eMxo (1:04) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ERP8McNwnI
  12. An error in terms of an Orgodemir minion being named the same as another monster, despite having different kanji, was the Bone Fish being renamed Dread Herring, despite the fact the name was already given to a Mortamor minion. This is the reason why my organization has an embargo against this monster until either it or the DQVI Dread Herring gets a name change. (Hence why last year's E3, I made this amazing poster and it's also on my Twitter account). https://twitter.com/wilyg9/status/870237938382241793
  13. (Holiday music plays at the Villain Army Castle, and ends with a Ringle doing a bell jingle.) Villains Ranmaru, Kamek, the recently demoted Captain Goomba, Hargon, Ganon, Ghirahim, Zant, Strider Hien, Minamoto Yoshitune, Thanatos, Blackmar, Mortamor and others like Ciseaux and Marx: On the first day of Christmas, my leader gave to me... Infinte: The Phantom Ruby to make all yield to my will. Villains: On the second day of Christmas, my leader gave to me... Bowser & Paper Bowser: Two Bowsers! Infinte: And the Phantom Ruby to make all yield to my will. Villains
  14. Can u provide a look of what it's like? I tend to recycle my Gameinformer magazines, and I need to see those localized names, monsters or otherwise.
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