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  1. I recommend Nawaria. Her channel is dedicated entirely to DQX, but here's the kicker: she's fluent in Japanese, and translates the cutscenes. That's how I was able to post X's base-game plot on dragon-quest.org.
  2. I'm thinking of making a Let's Play for DQ1 on Android, since no one really has yet. Although, all I got to record with is YouTube's gaming app. You think I should go for it?

  3. You won't believe what I got last month: a Nintendo Switch! Now, I'll be able to play DQXI, whenever Squeenix finishes that particular port.

    1. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Good on ya! That was always a treat, to suddenly get an entire new system to play with.

  4. How long has it been, since I started my latest romp through DQ3 with my party.........and Gord. Was it really worth becoming so detached from these foru-DAMMIT GORD, QUIT DYING ALREADY!!!!

  5. Old news to me, actually. Dolphin's devs talked about how they got it to work in their blog some time back.
  6. Looks like I'm almost done with Pokemon Blue. Just gotta catch a boatload of trade fodder, and fill up the Pokedex by trading with Green and get my Diploma. Then, I'll be able to start on Yellow.

  7. The last time I played DQ1, I beat it in about a week, drowning in walkthroughs. Playing it again a few years later without such a handicap really adds a weird, fresh feeling to the whole experience. I thought I would only wander near Tantegel a bit for nostalgia, but now, with every level earned, I feel myself getting more excited and invested. No wonder this series made such an impact.

  8. Been watching The Blacklist. A good show, whether or not you're a sucker for Blindspots. Speakng of which, SEASON 3 HYPE!!!!!!!

    1. mariosmentor


      Did I seriously say Blindspots. Damn autocorrupt. I meant Blindspot.

  9. Seven Deadly Sins. Next month, Castlevania.
  10. ..............Metroid II's getting a remake. About ####ing time, Nintendo!

    1. Neofrodo


      You could be a little happier about it. : P

    2. mariosmentor


      I am happy about it, though. It's just odd they waited this long to get around to it. People were so sick of waiting, that someone tried remaking it himself.....then Nintendo canned it. Probably 'cuz of this.

  11. Hmm, it looks like Game Freak announced Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon..........This could either turn out really good, or really meh. I think I'ma get Ultra Moon.

  12. I might get it next month, now that I've got a 2DS. But I dunno. RPG Maker 2003 is such a reliable old beast, that I might just wait awhile. Maybe after I get a few games onto rpgmaker.net.
  13. Y'know, now that I've beaten FF1 on NES, the PSP remake feels streamlined, cinematic, and oddly refreshing, to the point where I really don't mind the fact that I'm playing the same game all over again.

    1. Neofrodo


      I always play the PS1 version.


      Its considerably easier without feeling TOO easy like the GBA and PSP ones.

    2. mariosmentor


      Honestly, given how hard the NES version was, I have no complaint about the GBA/PSP versions being a total cakewalk. Though I heard the GBA version has a patch that restores the spell-charge system, and the PSP version has one hell of a superboss.

  14. ..............I want to talk about something, but my inner furry wants to look for a picture of Gatomon and Meowth on a date. What am I doing with my life?

    1. jay


      I dunno? Living?

    2. slimeborgi


      Not exactly furry(more weeb) but there was an old sprite comic called Neko's House that shipped Gatomon/Meowth in a comical way.

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