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  1. I checked. They blend in with the other items far too easily; but you where right, it was in the big chest. Gonna build it now! Thank you so much!
  2. I'll look again tomorrow, but I don't remember seeing it in there either. I'll post again what happens. Thanks for the help thus far.
  3. I heard that kind of answer elsewhere, but how do you make it into an item? I don't understand. The bearded guy took the papers, deciphered them, and then I have the blueprints. (But not as an item. Only place I'm seeing it is in the menu listing the different blueprints. Where do you press square, exactly??? In what part of the menu do you press square? I press it when I'm on the blueprint, cursor on the name, -- nothing happens
  4. I apparently forgot how to bring up blue prints and to overlay on the town so I can build them. I touch the touch pad -- nothing happens. I need to build the stone stockade. I have the materials, enough space on the edge of town I believe. All I can do is open the menu, go into buildings, and look at the stupid thing and a 3d model. Pressing square, or the touch pad while on it do nothing. What am I doing wrong???
  5. Thank you! Why can't the manual even mention that? No one on yahoo answers would answer either. It was driving me batty. Again, thank you for your quick reply.
  6. In dragon quest heroes, how do you use Yggdrasil leaves? Can't figure out how? How do you revive allies? This is driving me nuts! Not the manual, not the internet -- no one has come up to this question?? Someone please answer it! I've obviously only reached through early missions, when reviving isn't needed, because I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO REVIVE CHARACTERS? Not one single person online has encountered this problem????
  7. I know its a long-shot, but Nintendo has opened themselves up to possible ideas for new characters in DLC for Super Smash Brothers. I voted for, and suggest others do the same, for the Dragon Quest Hero. I wrote in that they could have the first main hero of DQ, as Sword/Shield fighter -- and also include alternate skins for DQ Heroes 2 - 8 (like they did with the Koopa Kids) I know it likely won't happen -- but it's something intriguing enough that I think, if other people also voted for this, it might be considered. I mean, Dragon Quest is a legacy series for both America and
  8. I have been walking in endless circles, trying to enter the gate to Hamlin. Arther is no where to be seen, and the guards say I can't enter without a companion. No guide on the internet seems to be helpful either (even on this site!!! It just says, suddenly, the guards will let me through. HOW?!) Please tell me. I'm at level 9, and not getting to Hamlin any quicker. edit: never mind. Found him. It should be pointed out -- you HAVE to talk to the King of Midnal (your character's father) to hear that Auther has left Midnal, and then find him in Leftwayne.
  9. I am very excited about Dragon Quest 3 on the iphone -- but I need to know, are the rotating panels (seen near the end of the game, and especially in the final castle) still there? The controls on the IOS work well enough - but not under that amount of pressure, wether left is right, up is down, ect, ect. They made a few things easier (the farie flute in DQ1 is lit up like a chistmas tress) -- those rotating panels just seem like something they might consider taking out, given the new control scheme. So are they still there? Are they just as horrible, as when using a D-Pad?
  10. http://www.siliconera.com/2013/05/31/square-enix-invites-fans-to-ask-questions-for-their-upcoming-e3-event/ Square-Enix is apparently going to have a Japanese Fan Questions segment for E3. While english question likely won't get asked, the article notes, I thought it would be a good idea to suggest we tweet in questions (or comments -- NICE comments, not angry) asking about US releases for Dragon Quest games, like DQ Monsters Terry's Wonderland, DQ7 3DS, and DQX for Wii U. Just tweet with this hashtag #北瀬ã•ã‚“ While its a longshot they would reply (it is Final Fantasy-c
  11. http://www.siliconera.com/2013/01/02/dragon-quest-vii-brings-its-streetpass-stone-trading-feature-online/ They announced that Dragon Quest VII is going to feature street pass - but also an online option, for trading Stones. That sounds to me like a change added specifically to make the system work better for a non-Japanese audience, don't you think? I sure hope they announce US releases for the various Dragon Quest games. Dragon Quest Terry's Wonderland would definitely be first, right? At least this news about the Stones sounds promising. (at least on the N3DS front)
  12. I thought, if they re-did Dragon Quest VII, it would be similar to the previous games (taking the PSOne graphics, and putting it on a handheld). They seem to be going much farther than I would have hoped for.
  13. Can someone tell me what was said about DQX in Japanese Nintendo Direct (gametrailers wasted an half hour of my life, because they mis-identified the english version as having the same info)
  14. Having an ending sounds good - but having it continue on afterwords is also good (replaying DQ9, you find a lot of fun just leveling up; becomes a good pick-up and play game) My question, though, is which race is best to start with? I keep thinking the little Pupo-whatevers would be cool to try out (they are cute, after all)
  15. Has anyone seen this article? It says there's a hint in a Nintendo Press release that Dragon Quest X might be brought over to the US. That sounds promising, right? And if they are going to the trouble of bringing over DQX, then DQM:Terry's Wonderland and DQ VII seem like an easy "Yes". http://www.dualshock...ossibly-hinted/ It's a rumor, though. Fingers cross, though. EDIT: Sorry, see it - this was already brought up by Sir Gooey. Still - lets have some more optimism about it!
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