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  1. So I've bought a few cards off ebay for battle road I wanted to ask if there was a card list I could reference
  2. 3DS for me. Would pick it up if I ever decide to get a PS4.
  3. I would choose human (hopefully available). I wanted to keep with the tradition with the hero being human(ish). One thing I always liked about DQ is that you can put your own name in as the hero's. Makes me feel more apart of the game. Silly I know.
  4. For the people that have ordered series 6 of the dragon quest crystal monster keychains from playasia get there's yet?
  5. Does anyone know or have received any of the new DQ crystal monsters series 6 keychains? There now sold out at playasia but I don't remember them ever being available.
  6. I don't if anyone is interested but I just got a dq monster mascot collection 3 clear saro. I wonder if anyone would want to trade for it? Other dragon quest merchandise preferred especially crystal monster keychains. I do have other dq items as well if that interests anyone. Let me know, thanks.
  7. Awesome collection. You wouldn't happen to have a doubles you may be willing to trade?
  8. Well I know have my full DQ IV set. Thanks to Gabo and momogirl again for the help. If anyone wants to trade for any dq stuff, here is what I have: DQ IV trading figures: Cristo, Brey, Elena DQ V trading figures: Silver adult hero, Silver young hero, Bianca FF IV trading figures: Cecil, Edge, Rosa FF Series 1 trading figures: Cloud, Penelo, Rinoa, Yuna Again if anyone has any Dragon quest weapon items or crystal monsters, I be willing to trade. Thanks.
  9. Well I wanted to say thanks to momogirl and gabo for there their help. If anyone is interested, I now have an extra: Hero (may be taken) Elena Cristo Brey If anyone out their needs any of them or wants an extra, let me know. I would like to trade for other DQ items. I'm looking to get more crystal monster figures (anyones) and any DQ weapons (again any). So if someone out there has some they be willing to trade, I'll be up to it. I do other DQ stuff as well some final fantasy items as well. Let me know everyone. Thanks.
  10. Thanks, that's really kind of you. If by some chance you do get an extra Rangar, I would be very happy to buy it from you. Thanks again.
  11. Hello all. New here and I am in a bit of a dilemma. I just bought a box of the new Dragon Quest IV trading art figures and I got everyone except a Ragnar. So instead of buying a new box or a new set to just complete my set, I wanted to ask if there was anyone out there that may have a Ragnar to trade. The duplicates I have are: 2x Cristo's 1x Mara 1x Brey I would be willing to trade any you need or all of them to anyone who may have a spare Ragnar to trade. All four duplicates are still in the plastic with the box opened. If there is anyone out there that could help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks
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