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  1. I got cards / booster packs / decks through a friend and some on ebay and yahoojp. They were extremely hard to find and very expensive. the cheapest I got some cards were around 20 dollars, because I had to bid on the cards which had other people bidding aswell. I am very sorry I haven't had the time to respond to your post but I will try to do it this week.
  2. I'm so sorry I've been busy with summer school that I had zero time to check emails... I am not too sure what the amount of the shipping would be to Spain, but I require that the shipment has a tracking number just so there is not problems with it getting lost.
  3. I am free this whole month if anyone wants to buy something let me know. I'll be adding a few more things to the list soon.
  4. its seperate. Let me see the names are on the back theres 15 songs ill take a picture on saturday for you ill record it for you too Lol
  5. i never got even half of those. The ones I gave my friends were all indentical except for the non shinies.
  6. Alright no problem Kalmana! I've been tight on money aswell, bills and such ugh. And thanks for clearing it up Robotnik! I was quite confused myself.
  7. each deck comes with Bianca, Maribel dq7 hero the guy on the wolf no dq5 heroes but there is a quest card for dq5 thats about all the dq5 / 7 stuff in there. The monsters are about doubles of each and the 4 shinys are the same. doubles of each equip cards and some of the quest cards have doubles except for one. Its pretty random. but the type of monsters and heroes / party members should all have one of each I believe in each box
  8. Its going to take awhile, is there anything in paticular you are looking for? I really dont want to change cards from box to box. Wouldn't be that fair to others. but all of the hereos and party members should have atleast 1 -2 duplicate of each in the box. Theres Is a Shiny Sage, Bianca, Ragnar, Terry, Maribel, and a couple more DQ7 party members. The other 3 shines are the same the dragon, a red and black night and a guy with a ball and chain. I really dont want to take them all out of the plastic package, they are all in mint condition.
  9. I didn't like mix the cards up the cards inside are random lol but there is a set amount of commons of each. And each deck has about about the same type of monsters for each common. just in a random number some more than others.
  10. Well I bought a couple for my friends. While they opened them they had about the same cards. With only one or two of the shinys were different. The rest were commons and the commons have many duplicates. Thats why I wouldn't buy more than one.
  11. I have a couple of opened, starter boxes. They are randomly assorted, but found out that each starter box comes with a set type of cards that are duplicated. So, I would advise you to just take one, as each box has about the same type of cards. Each box comes with 66 common cards 3-4 Foil cards, and a rulebook. 15USD each Also selling two figures Male Hero from Dragon quest 4, and the Clown from Dragon quest 3. Condition: Brand new comes with box. 7USD for clown 14USD for Male hero And lastly I am selling an old Japanese piano sheet music book for Dragon quest 4. Published by Doremi music. Condition: Edges are pretty bad, but the book is still in tact. Very old book pages are yellow brown from aging, but no writing on pages. 14USD I accept paypal only. I am also open to offers You can message me here, or contact me on: Skype: Specialblob
  12. Sooooooo, I tried ordering this on the website. Problem was they don't have services to ship something this big to Hawaii. /cry No where else to look. ;-;
  13. Lools, I like his dragon lord card, but Dimensaur is hotter in my opinion. :3
  14. Well, if anything they would continue in the Japanese market, maybe. Trading card games aren't as popular over here as they are in Japan, not to mention that DQ in general isn't all that popular in the states. Thats true... I wouldn't mind if the cards continued in the japanese market. We got awesome translators and a beautiful website to help us anyway.
  15. Maybe, we could make a petition. Asking Square enix to continue remaking these cards! and include DQ 8 - 10 dqjm 1 / 2 monsters / heroes!
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