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  1. I know the Mario series has done a better job of making games...for some reason, I just like Sonic's style more. I mean, Mario is a fat plumber...Sonic's a blue hedgehog with a cool design who can run REALLY fast. And his 2 best games(my childhood games) had Chao Gardens in them- such a fun side-game xD
  2. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. I really like them both, it's just that Sonic has more of a nostalgic feel to it for me with the exception of Mario Sunshine(which is tied for my best Gamecube game with Sonic Adventure 2.)
  3. It's very hard to pick for me, but if I HAD to, I'd say I prefer Sonic due to the Adventure series being some of my best childhood game-related memories, music and all. I like Sonic's fast action, and the feel of the games. Unfortunately, Sonic's most recent games haven't been so great with the exception of Generations(kind-of).
  4. I like it, and I got excited when I saw how Decoy is the first ability you can unlock but then realized that it was nerfed like crazy The idea of "Prestige" finally makes me think that the developers are catching on to the popularity of online multiplayer, since the word "prestige" was DEFINITELY taken from Call of Duty. I don't think the characters are as cool as the ones in Brotherhood, but we can always get used to things. I think they made the stunning alert too easy to catch. In Brotherhood, I could catch my target hiding in a crowd, and I could hide in his crowd, stand across from him, and wait for a focus and hidden bonus and rack up a ton of points for a single kill. In this game, they make a big "B" show up at almost the same distance that a kill can be performed, and I don't think that's very fair. Still incredibly good though, because the matchmaking system's loading times were greatly improved. Any other thoughts?
  5. When I was little, I cried when Emerl exploded at the end of Sonic Battle and I was really embarrassed afterwards so I used the fact that my brother had recently lightly hit me in the face as an excuse...
  6. Wow...I'm surprised someone else noticed that! When I did the Computer Virus fight the first thing I noticed was the dragon and it's position/name and I thought of Dragon Quest...
  7. How does Bubble(beam) hurt the opponent? I can understand water jets at rocket speed hurting, but bubbles? Just wanna see what people think...
  8. What is the picture on that Dog Fasion Disco supposed to mean? Just curious.
  9. Of course you can- I have one. Wildcard + Orochi + Marquis De Leon + Don Mole It's not really worth it though, to be honest. It feels really nice to have a Leonyx though, makes you feel cool. In Japanese though. How are you going to manage that?
  10. I saved a gif and uploaded it- it appeared in the corner with no animation whatsoever. Send me the picture and I'll see what I can do. Is that Fei Long? What a boss...alright I will. Wait a minute- Lol, wish I knew how to send you the picture.
  11. I saved a gif and uploaded it- it appeared in the corner with no animation whatsoever.
  12. No problem, and not at all... I just frequently change my picture because I easily get bored of the last. Don't know why I'm like that...
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