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  1. Back after a half year break.

  2. Just found out that Monstser Joker 2 is coming out in october here...

    1. Griffen78


      be strong or import it from america...it's not region locked...

    2. Hawk


      Be happy it's coming, man! Because it's not very likely America's gettin' DQMJ2 Pro...

  3. Bjorn

    Whenever you want, but this time when you leave you're Restless armor behind, I'll challenge him. I couldn't do that last time because that other dude came from nowhere and beat me in 3 rounds. Bah

  4. Sup? Why did you want to be my freaind?

  5. Bjorn

    Continue writing so I can make my entry, please :)

  6. Bjorn

    Oh god, you all have already started? How do I make my entrance? Oh oh, I know. You meet me, and I challenge you all to a fierce battle, and if you all win, I'm in you're command. You're move.

  7. Bjorn

    OH S**T, I forgot about the freaking thread, I'll join in an moment

  8. Yes! I got starkers and Rebjörn in my party now, I'm so happy. That only means one thing, my second playtrough of the game will happen soon!

    1. Hawk


      They look a lot like Conjurers, don't they?

  9. Bjorn

    Oh, and the thread you made looks cool, I'll write in it later!

  10. Bjorn

    I don't understand, I have beaten the game, and I recently went back to the jar. And nothing happens! Help! I want my Bjorn!

  11. I did it! I beat the crap out of Estark and won! WHoooo!

  12. Bjorn

    Is the name Rebjorn already official? I demand source of this info!

  13. Bjorn

    Hey, what we're those "suggestions" you we're talking about?

  14. Bjorn

    No, seems to boring to do, but if it the contest we're to at least August 31th or something like that, I would have entered

  15. Want to go home so he can Replay Dragon Quest V for the second time with Debora!!!

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    2. Bjorn


      Only in japan would that happen...

    3. Hawk


      Yeah... -turns around and starts playing-

    4. Hawk


      Actually, I'm stuck on Ladja at Talon Tower...

  16. Bjorn

    Hmmm... sounds interesting (Incoming Bjorn)

  17. Bjorn

    What contest? :D

  18. Why is it so hard to grind on IV!? I want to beat Amoan...

    1. Hawk


      MKS are near Stairway to Zenithia

      LMS are easily found in Royal Tomb

    2. Bjorn


      Thank you...!

  19. Bjorn

    Yes, of course I did! And I also posted a Smexy Finisher he does in the game in the thread.

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