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  1. Finished DWI on GBC emulator! Yeah!!!

    1. Mattcraft


      Grats! Now beat DWII.


  2. I've tried a bunch of DQ for a long time (DW1, DQ8...) and never gave it much attention... but after DQIV I had become a fan of the series... so I will consider my first DQ games as: DQ IV DS DQ V DS DQ VI DS DQ IX DQ V PS2 DW I GBC DQ III SNES I have also played DQMJ for a few hours and got bored with all the synth system...
  3. Playing DQIII on SNES and loving it! Hoping to see DQ colections on USA soon...

  4. Keeping my hopes high that Nintendo will keep the support to DQ so we can all see DQ Collection on US soon...

  5. Okay... i agree with you guys... this topic should be deleted... I only thought about this because of all hard to find informations you can get with resources like that... (testing all monster skills, traits, and checking monster progression...) forgot about wifi abuse... Can you delete this one Woodus?
  6. Founded on DS Scene: http://www.ds-scene.net/?s=viewtopic&nid=11152
  7. Waiting for US release of Kirby Mass Attack :D

    1. Bynine


      Kirby: Gang Bang


      I'm addicted to the final boss theme.

  8. Finally finished the main history of DQIX... throwing away, and preparing to buy DQVI instead of him...

  9. Playing DQIX, and replaying VI and V with new teams...and once and a while still trying to play DW1 for GBC!

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