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  1. Just actually died to a whack spell. I'm surprised.

    1. Democrobot


      I find it seems to hit at the worse times. I'll be the last one left, the enemy will be really weak then Bam! Hit by whack and dead. So many times that happened to me

    2. 123321


      Of course it does. Why wouldn't it hit then?

    3. 123321


      Do you prefer whack, or having to flee from the same enemy 5 times?

  2. Say what you want about Action Replay, but it's nice to be able to 100% DQ9.

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. ignasia


      Or use Liamland's service, for which he has a thread in the DQ9 forum.

    3. 123321


      Sleeping now but i'll look into both of them tomorrow.


      Sad how SE designed the quests this way; some of the quest legacies are among the funner ones.

    4. 123321


      So, just to be clear; inn upgrading via AR is 100% safe? Or?

  3. Fought a team called "UNBEATABLE" with a monster called "TROLLER" in scout, funny. 5 tension, heart breaker, then the finisher next turn. Silly enemy.

    1. 123321


      Attacked, psyche up, attacked, heart breaker, attack, inaction, megaheal, psyche up, attacked, heart breaker, attack. Win.

  4. I'm willing to fight now, it'll be fun to see if you can win.
  5. Whenever you're ready. I warn you, it's a level 99 mostly stat capped Slime Tank.
  6. I AR'd a Slime Tank, but that's fine because I was supposed to rightfully get one but my wifi DC'd. So, who wants to fight what my original Slime Tank was supposed to be?
  7. Partly with my Slime Tank being lost..
  8. So, anyone interested in fighting a Schlemian Tank tomorrow?
  9. FC: 0433-0991-4822 I'll be changing my team often. Tonight i'd like to test out 2 Rank S's and a Rank C, tomorrow i'd like to see how good slime tank is in a.. fight.
  10. I'd like to fight somebody today or tomorrow. Today with my testing team, tomorrow with the Slime Tank.
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