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  1. What Level should I be to beat the final boss in Dragon Warrior 2 Nes? The Hero's Lv. 30, Prince is I think Lv. 29, Princess is Lv. 23. Can't beat Atlas.

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    2. Neofrodo


      I find it faster to just fight more Green Dragons in the Cave to Rhone.


      Less overall EXP but they are easier to deal with and hey sometimes you could fight a Metal Babble.

    3. hawkeye77o4


      Yes, you can use the items if they are equipped. And I agree with Telsa, fighting Green Dragons for some easier higher experience in the first floor of Hargon's Castle (Tower section) or last floor of cave to Rhone.

    4. Shadow Kunoichi

      Shadow Kunoichi

      I'll try that, so fae though I've managed to get to Lv. 36 on the Hero, 33 on the Prince, and 28 on the Princess.

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