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  1. Yoooo check out my friend Hawk's RP. We just finnished the story, so check it out! It's called Prince of a Cursed Sky.

  2. Ok, its all over. This was fun! If you guys ever wanna do another, i think we should talk about it here. Allso, whatd you guys think of the final fight.
  3. Makes sence, lets go with full immuity though. Ok, I like your personallity! (wow tht sounded soooo creepy....) Well i think we're ona roll, gonna take a bit, but its gonna get done.
  4. HellHawk looked at the crumbling Heaven and screamed with delight. Loganight's anger reached its peak, his halo cracked in half, and one of his wings became a devils wing. His mighty Heroes sword glew with a new stregnth. " LoganightLegend! Immortal of Legends!" Loganight hoped on the Zenith Dragon, which appeared mysteriously appeared out of nowhere. Loganight slashed and Zenith Dragon clawed and bit and breathed its green malevolent fire. The Heavens cried under their fighting, Hawk summoned the power of Emperea and flew into combat as well. Lily called out with her perfect voice to all the surviving creatures of the sea, and sommuned a huge wave to ride apon. The elemants destroyed eachother, and the heros fought off the darkness. The Gothan Prince drove his Metal King Sword into HellHawk's shield, creating a small hole, The Warrior of Somnia took his bow, and shot into HellHawk's arm, The finest of Estard threw his knife, and caught HellHawk in the leg, right under the owwy spot, The gaurdian of Trodian took his Hero Spear, and broke HellHawks shield in two. Lily cast a magic burst, which closed HellHawk in a four walled cage, Hawk cast frizzle, surrounding HellHawk in balls of sparking fire, before swooping in on Emperea to slask with Falcon slash. Loganight pointed his sword to the sky and summoned the power of his ancient ancesstors. A strange, powerful beam of lightning struck his sword, and he charged at HellHawk, Loganight slashed through him, and the magic burst exploded, sending them into the abyss. At the last moment, Loganight held up the Elfin Charm up, and restored the world, but he was too late to save himself. He looked up as he floated into the abyss, and saw Hawk and Lily staring at him, smiling. And that is the Final fight of Loganight. Afterwords, Lily became the Protector of spirits, and protected the balance, so that it would never get out of hand again. Hawk flew off on Emperea, and was only seen when trouble was about, for he was the sworn protector of the mortals. As for Zenithia, It was reborn, and prospered. And Loganight, was born again, in a diffrent body, in a diffrent place, but with the same name, and still a hero.
  5. HellHawk stepped in to the abyss, screaming like a mad man. " Embrace me, O sweet darkness!" A HUGE beam of Black Light shot out of the chaos, And HellHawk was born.
  6. Ok guys, Lets do this. Ill start with my version of the battle, and you guys can do the same. Lily, I kinda( soiler here, but its a good one) was gonna make you turn into some great sage who watches over the elemants/spirits so they dont get outta hand again. Hawk, I was gonna make you( spoiler again) Fly off on emperia (i think its spelled?) and become a wandering hero, protecting the land. As for me? Well, was plannin on somethin not so happy.
  7. Nice guys! Im talking to a bunch of animators on youtube, and we could possibly have cut sences if one talks back to me!

    Gif Wars!

    Hawk you gonna take tht harsh beating? You better gett outta the cornner and fight back!
  9. Ok, ive been workin on some epic diolouge for when i transforminto LoganightLegend, and this is my best so far, " With the powers of my lord Satan in Hell, and My lord Christ in Heaven, I will destroy all in their way, And protect all those who are not!" What do yall think?
  10. Ok, this has been fun, but all things must end. Post any events youd like to add, like a memory for your character or something. It didnt have to happen already, and when ready, post your version of the final fight. It DOES NOT have to be like the video game ones i do..
  11. And as the rest of the legend goes, Loganight and friends stared out across the tortured skies, and watched in agony and despair as everything they cared about was destroyed below. Loganight's wings grew, Hawk's body lit up in flames, and Lily's body became one with the elemants of magic. The final battle would come at a grave cost, btu the three were ready to murder everything that stood in their way. Suddenly, Shining rays of light, similar to the Legacies', shot up into the Heavens. The heroes of the mortal land prepared to fight the final fight. The DoppleGanger laughed malisously. " Great! Full house! Perfect attendance! Well this is it, prepare to die! All of you! The powers of Hell have been invested in me for this final fight, and now the world will return to the chaos and darkness it once was. So beware, the blackness temps! I am HellHawk! Demon commander of Hell! You are nothing compared to me you filthy Holy scum, Begone this instant!" (Ok, this is how its gonna end, We can each post our version of the battle, and then its over, and ill post the end. If there are any events tht we skipped, post em now.)
  12. Still nothin, could you just give me the name? Also, since all the areas youve been mostly into so far are in the ios, here are the rest and their themes, Old Edo shrine- you know silly Magna Tower- Floating crumbling tower, fire based Agwa Cove- Under water sunken ship, ice and sea floor based Ereth Mountain- Huge mountain with ruins on it, earth and plant based Maze of The Keepers- Grass hedge maze with 3 clearings, each for a keeper, and some ruins with a huge door at the end that leads into a cathedral with the swor of cor.
  13. Oh, and the Magna tower is a trial of the isles of the swords, its boss is the notorious Ferosious Fairy, or Faye. This is where she appears in fire form, so its like a huge crumbling tower stuck together by an unssen force, but it has a fire theme.
  14. Oh yea, like i said everyone is diffrent, depending on who the character is, so ill just send you some scetches of diffrent character's emotions, and could you send me the name of tht video or a link, my computer doesnt let me watch videos on DD for some reason.
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