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  1. I don't think they did, but some people made a point on Jessica specifically. Honestly I personally tink that the characters that return, aren't the same as they were in Heroes 1. A different Terry,a different Jessica, ect.
  2. Now that the eclipse is over and done, my light returns!

  3. I'm just trying to figure out if you guys are commenting on my like of dq 9 or my avatar...
  4. I dunno. 9 is one of my favorites. It may not be an amazingly epic story like some others, but I do have a lot of fun memories playing it along with my brother.
  5. The story is very simple, very basic, but works amazingly for the game builders wants to be. It's a sandbox game, and most of the fun comes from just playing around with what you can. I think that's where the appeal of Minecraft comes from, and it translates to builders well. I can talk more about it, but it's more gameplay stuff then story.
  6. No Democ, don't lick the murky lurker. You dunno where it's been! Let him get settled in first. Tru saying "hello"
  7. Glow eyes activate!

  8. Well, a few monsters debuted in Monsters games before coming to the main series. Darkonium Slime and Drakularge immediately come to mind, and 9 did have Earth based attacks
  9. Something I noticed that sort of fits into your argument is how the stats of enemies increase in 7 as you level up your befriended monsters, which is to say, not enough. While Hp and defense took a huge spike, the way damage is calculated means that if the boss monster uses a special skill, like Kaswoosh for example, it won't do much more damage if the boss is level 99 or 1. If they couldn't change that, I wish they at least could give them stronger moves
  10. This was on my anticipated games list, but now that I got a lot on my plate, Im waiting a bit. I'll probably grab the demo now that it's out to whet my appetite
  11. Ooh. This sounds goo-reat! My mind is already oozing with ideas
  12. I have a small handful of go-to characters that change little from game to game if customization allows it. Of course, one of them is my main persona, Jay, (hmm), who by pure coincidence shares resemblance with Heroes 2's Lazurel, or however that bloke's name is spelled.
  13. Jeez, do you have to put it like that? It sounds weird. 'specially since I have siblings
  14. Oooh. If you figure out a potion brewing system, please let me know. I would love to do something similar.
  15. To be completely honest... I feel Undertale was a fad. It was super popular when it came out, and I did enjoy it, but I feel it's come and gone. It's by no means a bad game, but aside from the music, I fail to take anything away from it. Platty, the biggest draw to Undertale is that you can get through 99% of battles through non violent means, not unlike Shin Megami Tensei. But I honestly can't bring myself to recommend it. It's a linear, 6 hour romp through forced jokes, one off monsters and great music.
  16. Wot? Da new Etrian Oddity is comin' out? COR BLIMEY! I better get in line. I'm gettin' that game even if I gotta pinch it off some bloke
  17. Actually, something interesting,you can see these guys without hacking. Certain moves when used by certain characters turn the camera around, like Pearly Gates with Melvin or Call of the Wild with Gabo. Kazapple also works.
  18. You can't buy humanity with gold, ya know.
  19. If I may bring us back to Ashlynn. I often times forget she's from six. I never cared for her. Probably because Milly and Carver are with you from the word go, Nevan is a better 4th slot when you get him, and Terry is Terry. I never felt anyreason to even think about Ashlynn, ESPECIALLY since I played 8 before 6. She just seemed like a discount Jessica.
  20. Ha-yuk.Loto wants me to get to level 20. So I better start practicing.
  21. Yeah, but that seems like a short term solution. At high levels, you'll still only see those same, numbers per level. I mean, i'm sure in practice it's not as bad as it seems. It homogenizes what players experience
  22. For a while, i was hoping that that stuff would be included on cartridge when the game released. The free stuff at least. But i can see that ain't the case, sadly
  23. While I'm fine with the damage formula being set, i am a little bothered by the set level up increases. Are we sure there's no way to at least set it to a curve?
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