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  1. Sort of but not really. The recolours are still there and there's more. I mean, it's better, but not solved
  2. Well that depends. What if we get games that aren't called Heroes, but just use a open world, free attack system like it.
  3. Happy birthday. Half surprised you didn't make this a quest
  4. ooooooh-eeeeeeee! Happy Birthday. Eat lots of cake
  5. These two ain't Dragon Quest, but I would like to share them anyway and making a new topic for that would just be silly.
  6. I'm gonna sound like a broken record for this, but that's just to deal ain't it? Stress is hard to deal with. Sometimes the things you'd normally turn to just don't pick you up, or even make you feel worse. Yeah, it sucks, but the big thing is to never EVER hurt yourself or break something important to you over somebody else. As far as I'm concerned they can flip off. People come and go and you'll find that when you graduate, you won't even see any of these dinklebrains who are hassling you. Just ignore them, and keep rocking with your art. ♥ If you need to chat, it's clear we're all here for
  7. Ding-a-lings. Hate them sooooo much. Had a bad time when a group of them cast kabuff all at once early in my playthrough of 8. Also got totally wiped by Dead Ringers. And that face. GAH!
  8. jay

    20 Years

    Jeez. Den is almost as old as I am.
  9. I'm gonna guess 360 times. The Super Fighting Robot is worth it
  10. Tablet is back so now I don't gotta dance around with that annoying image hosting. Also, there's a lack of art of Exorcus, let's fix that.
  11. It's nice to meet you. I'm sure we can reach a little beyond and say you'll have a goo-reat slime
  12. Tablet's in the shop at the moment so I had to do some....frustrating work arounds to host images for these, but we should be full power again soon.
  13. I've mulled the idea of a kirby rpg for a long while. I'd like to see more progress. I will say the battlegrounds need some improving.
  14. For christmas i'm giving you a gift. It's not coming though.
  15. So how many times do we get to punch you?
  16. Be careful when you reach 9. Those randomly generated treasure map dungeons are hard to put down.
  17. I'm fully aware of those infernal rodents. Thought it would eventually turn into something like that hedgehog in stratum 1. Jokes on you squirrel. I just use Warp
  18. While I don't know about it in 4. I can confirm that in Heroes, choosing the female protagonist doesn't stop Maya from flirting with you. The dialogue is even changed just a touch.
  19. While I'd be happy to see it, seeimg as the normal 3ds version never made it, I think it's sadly safe to say it's not coming...
  20. This one turned out...ok. Not too keen on some things but can't fix them in a way I like.
  21. Been a touch busy with work and other projects but this one's done now.
  22. You came at a funny time. Pardon the mess while renovations happen
  23. I haven't played too many games from this year, but I did pick up Crash Fever a few months ago and have probably spent more time with that overall than anything else.
  24. I feel he must at this point. Perhaps, he was planning for this all along
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