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    All the exp

    Was rearranging my shelves and this just sort of happened
  2. Never shared this with the den, but when I work on my art, I'd send "progress updates" to my friends. Typical stuff really. But this one started a domino effect that now has me, my brother, and two others partaking in a "Birb Contest". Haha
  3. Here's two more for you. Worth noting I've been playing a fair bit of that snazzy Megaman Legacy Collection lately. Got two more pics prepped, 1 more almost done and another that will eventually get there maybe.
  4. Funny thing about that. Said I'd get it when Puyo Tetris came out, I didn't. Said I'd get it when Odyssey came out. Nope. Doesn't look like Heroes 1+2 is coming to shores anytime soon so now we wait on Kirby. If not him, than Crash, and Bayo3 and Smash
  5. I would love for it to show, but I'm not so sure it will.
  6. There's not many entries. I should throw my hat in. Side Quest Title:James and the Giant Pear Side Quest Sequence: Step 1:In Kol's inn, go the second floor and speak to the kid by the table. He'll ask if you you're a warrior. Respond yes and he'll introduce himself as James, a upcoming Monster Master but that his only monster, a Gigadraco he calls Pear Dragon, has gone out of control. He'll ask if youll help pacify the monster. Step 2:From Kol, go around the mountains to the forest in the south east. In the top right square of the trees is a hidden cave where you can find t
  7. Cor 'blimey. I made it out of that Forest labranth. You thin Red'll want one of these moon apple thingies?
  8. Classic. I may do the ur devil. I do have the dlc, haha
  9. Ok. FINALLY beat Treasures Untold. I can spam too, Alraune. Now just the Urchild is left and get to level 99, if that doesn't happen first
  10. Cheers to your moustaches, sir red and green
  11. Couldn't finish this in time. Sorry
  12. Got beat bad by the boss of 5F. Decided to break a bit and tie up loose ends of Fafnir Knight. Only the Ur-Child and Treasures Untold rush are left, and the latter i've almost beat. Picked up the Radiant Historia demo the other day, and it just confirms that i'm not gonna be picking it up. I played it when it first came out, and liked it. The extra story line isn't enough to justify me getting it again. Especially because they didn't fix Stocke's side sprite.
  13. I really like this game. I loved the battle style
  14. I dunno about Fire emblem, but hyrule warriors runs terribly on standard systems
  15. I wouldn't. I feel Kanto is post game stuff. I mean, credits roll after you beat Lance, yes? As for me, I never finished Monkey Ball, and my sister never lets me forget it
  16. Aw man, I missed it? Sorry dood. I'll make up for it next time
  17. Sorry for the lack of updates. Been juggling way too many things lately. But here's a new pic
  18. We actually have a wonderful database right here on Dragon's Den. http://www.woodus.com/den/games/dqm5prods/synthesizing.php
  19. I know I'm a little late to the party, but I made it to the second floor today. It's weird not having my typical Protector
  20. Joker 1's post game was virtually non-existant. 2's was meatier, but really not worth the effort. J2Pro expands upon 2's even further, But is nigh impossible without a guide and the best pay off in my opinion is a survival rush. Long story short, Joker 2Pro's post game is the only one worth considering, but if I had to choose between it and starting a playthrough of Terry, I'd see you at the Starry Night Festival
  21. Well, if you already played Joker1 & 2, and have the ability to play Tw3D. Than by all means that should be the next game. Also, Welcome to the site
  22. Sort of but not really. The recolours are still there and there's more. I mean, it's better, but not solved
  23. Well that depends. What if we get games that aren't called Heroes, but just use a open world, free attack system like it.
  24. Happy birthday. Half surprised you didn't make this a quest
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