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  1. Alright you two, take it outside. You want your bickering to be your first impressions!
  2. 4 is your favorite? So you too prefer to belabour monsters with monsters with incantations of whack? Then let us commence in comradery!
  3. I only really watched bits of the boss, and I must say, what I saw looked great. I love how battles are dynamic, kinda like expanding on what they did for 9. But I'm not exactly sure how Pep works. Is it like a Coup de Grace or more like tension?
  4. As of now, I have a Shepherd mix named Scooby, and a Comet Goldfish named Puthimon. My sister also has a goldfish named Frank and my dad has a box turtle named Donatello and like, 20 quail. Growing up, I had a Choc Lab named Milton, and my brother had too many reptiles to list. There were also many other fish, 2 other dogs, a few hamsters, a bunny, and a frog
  5. If Karis was blonde, I would have mistaken her for a certain intergalatic bounty hunter
  6. jay


    That is a beautiful owl! You did that in paint? Like, with a mouse? Kudos
  7. You write for Destructoid? That's pretty cool! Maybe someone like you can help get Square's attention
  8. jay

    Forum Update

    I like this theme better. But black and orange? It's not Halloween yet, is it?
  9. It's starting to warm up where I live so I took a trip down to the beach. Relaxing
  10. So many new friends! Welcome to our corner. Hope to see more of you round the blocks
  11. Welcome to our our little corner of the world. Don't worry about Iggy. He's all talk
  12. Guess I better get back into that Internet Bar and get my Grotto out to the world again
  13. Welcome to our humble home. If I may ask, what sort of rom hacking do you do?
  14. We don't expect anything less from out resident Yggdrasil Cartographer. My main problem is gonna be picking just 5 guys. Never really used more than that. But as for "plot". Like I said, i generally use the same basic guys from game to game. And that extends beyond Etrian. This'll just be another adventure for them.
  15. I don't have that same problem, as SOMEONE from the previous guild comes back, usually with a new coat of paint. Now I've got a sort of Definitive Edition party. haha
  16. That's awfully close to my birthday too. Hmm. Time to round up generations of explorers
  17. I decided to Switch things up a bit for this one. If you know what I mean •-~
  18. Aw man. I was looking forward to that 3ds version. Not gonna buy a PS4 for one game no matter how Dragon Quest it is. I'll just have to wait for the switch...
  19. 'Oy! If you blow my cover, I'll just have to remind everyone of that Farebury Bridge incident
  20. Is it too late to submit my entry? Just picked up the digital version
  21. Kabuff and something to deal with sleep. Priests learn Cock-A-Doodle that would work well, but theres a quest in...wormwood i think, that gets you an item that allows anyone who has it in their inventory to use Wave of Relief and cure any ailments. Or, if you get a character to Max Tension, i believe their immune to status effects. Maybe, don't remember. Gladiator is good for that though. Multiheal is a must, and don't underestimate the power of Sap and Oomph
  22. A while back, I drew a druddigon. And both he and my Gigadraco share a name, so my bro challenged me to fuse them. Here's what I got.
  23. Did this real quick. Maybe I'll add lighting effects later.
  24. I wonder too. Marx also tells us that it's not limited to good guys. I wouldn't be surprised if Adeleine and Magalor are in that mix.
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