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  1. Sorry, catbro. Wasn't thinking about puns at the time. It's bad enough my copy came 3 days late -_-
  2. Yeah, I just got my code, I think. Haven't tried it yet. My brother and I have been talking with the Square team in Twitter for a few days now, so everything should be good
  3. Hey. I bought the edition of lost time from the SQNX Store, and I can't find the code that gives the extra skill seeds and pep brews. Any tips?
  4. Heroes 2 for me. Not only is Razel more fun to use then the older protagonists, it has more monsters I like.
  5. Wow! Did you guys catch that Smash Bros Ultimate Direct? I hope we made a good impression.
  6. Thanks everyone. It's great to have friends like you
  7. I haven't played the PS4 version, I played it back on 360, but I did love it
  8. Oi, guv! 'appy Birfday. I picked you some flowers from that labyrinth ya like.
  9. Happy Birthday. It's time to dole out physical pain as a method of arbitrarily increasing your luck.
  10. I never really understood all this code gobbledygook, but from what I understand, we can, theoretically, create tablets with bosses that don't spawn as regular monsters? When determining the dungeon type, is it based off the boss, or the monster in slot 1?
  11. Happy birthday sir. Your information has proven useful on many occasions
  12. There are a bunch of challenges for each chapter, and completing them unlocks stuff for Terra Incognita. Maxing out your base level in Chapter 2 unlocks Wood Furniture, so maybe the workbench comes with it?
  13. We may not have won that Side Quest challenge for Audio Android, but that doesn't mean we can't have our own adventures
  14. No beast? Well that helps my party composition a bit
  15. Pear Dragon returns to Splatoon
  16. Wow, Link. You made that look kinda easy.
  17. Here's a noise making tip, when making tags, try to include the monster's japanese name as well. It seems to work for me
  18. So we meet again, Artelinde. I trust ditching that old man has taught you not to get involved in another guild's investigation.
  19. I may have to take a page from your book and break out of my typical 5 travelers party
  20. Four....Hundred? Jeez i'm not gonna begin my adventure for hours
  21. And now this guy. What was his name again? Sorry, after waiting so long to see him it slips...one's...mind
  22. jay

    Dqbuilders 01

    Work in progress of some pixel art
  23. jay


    From the album: Dqbuilders 01

  24. Happy birthday. I'd give you a goodybag but that may be redundant
  25. Boulder bowling is fun. Especially when you can use it in combat
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