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  1. I feel like Joker 3 played with this idea with Fondeww, but they also misstepped elsewhere.
  2. jay

    DQ Doodles

    These are great! I'm a sucker for colors that pop and thick outlines and stuff like that, so these fall right into my style. Looking forward to whatever else you'd like to share.
  3. Happy Birthday, Loto. Wat? That's not yer name?
  4. While I'm not totally sure where to go at that point of the game, Incan confirm that changing classes retains any spells you learned
  5. Oh absolutely. I have virtually no knowledge of Japanese, and Im running purely on gameplay observations and whatever translations my tablet spits out. Any help would be hugely appreciated
  6. I've been playing too and have a general idea what's happening. I can send some things if it helps
  7. To be brutally honest, I feel Atlus kinda did the bare minimum with this game...the glaring example being the lack of an English dub. I get that the 3ds is super old at this point and supporting it whole hog for a relatively niche title may not be the best idea...but the PS4 is just as old and it doesn't seem the upcoming Catherine remake has the same issue...
  8. Loving this game so far. Not very far in yet, 3rd floor of Lush Woodlands. Got a Hero, Pugilist, Zodiac, Sovereign and Survivalist. Not really sure what I'm doing subclassing yet, but if Platty says it's super late in, I've got time.
  9. I heard it was a birthday. I'll send you wishes then disappear for another 5 months
  10. I came as soon as I heard! Ahh! Happilus Birthdalus!
  11. Absolutely. The way the multiplayer works, each player simply adds their hero to the hosts party. You're still free to fill your party with other characters however you wish.
  12. I like aspects of each. I was a little upset when the 3ds version straight out cut some parts of dungeons. It's super noticable in the second bonus dungeon too. But I love grottoes (if only they offered a touch more customization), and the new animations for monsters sleeping and such.
  13. Breeding monsters at high levels simply changes the stats of the base monster at level 1. From there on, they'll grow at their normal rate. Honestly, if getting Nokturnus is your end goal, it may be best to scramble any get him earlier, then power him up.
  14. Seeing as it's on the eshop, there's theoretically an infinite supply
  15. And done. Played around with some funky light effects. Took forever but I'm happy.
  16. I hope it's on switch, that way even if it doesn't come State side I can actually still okay it...
  17. Wooo! Happy birthday! Use this as an excuse to eat Halloween candy early. 🍬
  18. Jeez this one took long. im sure somebody here plays Disgaea. Platty prob does. I'll have something Dragon Quest-y soon. I promise.
  19. My favorite story is with the Wii version of Pikmin 2 costing 40 bucks used. Not only is it 20 on the eshop, it was 20 when it was new.
  20. Much to my frustration. I mean that's a pretty lame reason. Especially if Fortune Street did so well here
  21. Well, for the hero I suppose it's not too far fetched to say it's from his crest. As for Maribel... your guess is as good as mine
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