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  1. This is magnificent! Not only is every card preserved, but it is essentially a guide too!
  2. As nice as it would be, I'm not sure how many people would commit to a PC only version.
  3. It sucks man. That was.my most played switch gamr. Hahaha. I just hope all that card art gets preserved somewhere.
  4. Today, it was announced that, like Stars, Dragon Quest Rivals will be shutting down later this year. Specifically July 5th. There will be one last card update later this month, and players will get 1200G (enough for 5 packs) every day from now until then. As you know. I've been playing Rivals almost daily for a little over 2 years, so I'm personally upset by the news...
  5. That's great, really like the style
  6. Nah, whenever a new card pack comes out, they make a big deal about it and produce a fancy trailer.
  7. Same. And with how they're pushing their mobile games lately, I wouldn't surprised if they do eventually.
  8. A new card pack focused on Dragon Quest Monsters 2 has been shown off for Rivals, with a release date of February 25th. Check out the trailer below.
  9. I was playing, and one of my partners had a Liege Lizard whistle. I tried looking into where to find it, but instead found some other items tied to events we haven't had yet, like the Joker 3 hero's outfit. Can anybody shed some light on this stuff?
  10. The time has come for a new card pack in Dragon Quest Rivals. This one will be slightly focusing on DQ3. Also, the game is currently celebrating its 3rd Anniversary and is giving out a bunch of goodies, including an expansion to the Story Mode.
  11. Dragon Quest Tact is done... data's being reset, and I'm sad...

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