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  1. Square announced a new smartphone game. A tactical rpg this time. We got a website but it's currently just in Japanese. No word on a English release yet. Here's the website https://www.dragonquest.jp/tact/
  2. Don't see anyone here talking about Rivals much, so I guess I'll drop this here.
  3. Happy birthday. Give those slots what for!
  4. Restless Armours have been referred to as the ghosts of knights who haven't moved on. As for slime knights, Rocket Slime says the rider is just a toy.
  5. The assorted townsfolk talk tripe lines are hilarious, but these shots are definitely more me.
  6. I would have submitted sooner but I've been busy playing it!
  7. Even aside from the beta, there's supposedly a worldwide release in 2020
  8. Combine two pairs of Dancing Flame and Frostburn, then synth those offspring together.
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