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  1. Yeah, I sent him one a couple days ago and I haven't gotten a response either.
  2. I haven't been around this site in literal years and I seem to recall there being a website that had a bunch of translations for the dragon quest TCG from way back when, Does anyone know whatever happened to that website? I was hoping to find it again and print off the cards finally, and was bummed to find out the site's url wasn't in use anymore.
  3. I thought Whim of an Angel was Close Scrapper? Well, okay though. No, whim of an angel is Comback Kid Yeah, that was sort of already answered... But yeah, all the King Slimes look pretty good, I'm liking Metal King, and King Cure actually has good wisdom this time around, yay. Metal Kaiser is pretty much better than Metal King in almost every aspect this time around. That agility with Early Bird pretty much guarantees he will always go first. yes, but he is size 2. of course he is better. You can't use a size 3 with him.
  4. Since you couldn't see the stats, here ya go: クインガルãƒãƒ¼ãƒˆ/Queen gulheart/Hawkhart ace Size 1/Rank SS/??? Family Skillset: Queen/Hawkhart III Traits: スタンダードボディ/Standard Body AI 1~2回行動/Tactical Trooper (monster will act 1-2 times) ãã˜ã‘ã¬å¿ƒ/Close Scraper (can survive a killing blow and leave it with 1HP) ã“ã†ã©ã† ã¯ã‚„ã„/Early Bird (always attacks first unless another Early Bird monster attacks or Mercurial Thrust triggers) (+25) ギラ系ã®ã‚³ãƒ„/Sizzmeister (Sizz-type effects increase by 15%; MP consumption of Sizz-type effects is reduced by half) (+50) HP: 1160 MP: 590 ATK: 500 DEF: 800 AGI: 930 WIS: 860 Feel free to comment. muuuuuch better. fast healing with no foot dragger <3
  5. In Professional, Gemon got buffed significantly. He gained Tactical Trooper, and upon ranking up, he would have the Bouncer trait. In this game, ALL his stats (except Attack, which went down by 67) have been increased, he gets Red mist suddenly as his +25 trait, and Bouncer as his +50 trait. damn...what about lump wizard? xy?
  6. who would use gemon anyway? or did it get super enhanced? I would like lump wizards XY stats and traits please.
  7. ヒヒュドラード / Hihyudorado Family: ??? Rank: SS Skillset: Hihyudorado HP: 1545 MP: 555 Atk: 550 Def: 720 Agi: 780 Wis: 1200 (highest in the game) TRAITS ギガボディ / Gigabodi / Grand Slammer (This monster's standard attack/physical skills hit all enemies. All damage this monster inflicts is increased 1.5x) AI2~3回行動 / Action times 3 AI2~ / N/A (This monster will always act 2-3 times, even if a direct order is given) 星ã®ã„ã‹ã‚Š / Star anchor / N/A (At the start of each round, there is a chance this monster and its allies will gain four stacks of tension) れんãžã[2回] / Continuous [2 times] / Hit Squad (This monster's standard attack/physical skills hit twice. Damage per hit is divided by two) ã¤ã­ã«ãƒžãƒ›ã‚«ãƒ³ã‚¿ / Always Mahokanta / Bouncer (Bounce is always active for this monster and cannot be removed) 呪文会心出やã™ã„ / Easy to spell out satisfaction / N/A (This monster's chance of landing a critical hit with a spell is doubled) ドルマブレイク / Break dolma / Crafty Zammer (+25) (Enemy resistance to this monster's Zam-type skills is reduced two stages. There is no change to enemies immune to Zam) 自動MP回復 / Auto MP Recovery / Magic Regenerator (+50) (This monster regains 10% of its max MP each round after it finishes acting. MP regeneration is capped at 50) op traits balanced with moderatly shitty stats...hm....
  8. No, they had the same skillset. they are far better than in Pro, where it was beaten by nearly every other Giants. they lost Spell Splurger(MP Consumpton x2) forreally good traits. they still are very frail, but maybe a good Size 3 Mage. And with this Agi, they may have the time to damage a lot of teams before receiving any hit. By the way, do we already know the stats, traits and skillset of "Girl Slider"(the scooter Ultra Slime Girl) ? They are rank A, yes? Doesn't that mean they get an XY form?
  9. yeah.....a pitty. Well with me working and my friends...doing...idk what....the pokemon fan generation is getting unintentionally delayed.
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