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  1. Thank you for your help. Already registrated in the wikia and wrote my email adress in the beta testers page. I will try to play it in both japanese and partially translated english. Also I'll try to translate as much as I can as soon as possible although some of the translations may be a little rough since I'm not japanese I just know some, and translating stuff like movies,games or books it's not an easy job, specially languages with a writting system~so different from ours... Just can't wait until school ends so I have time to do what the hell I want!! Be good
  2. Greetings everyone!! I am a big fan of dragon quest series and I 've come across this topic during some research about this game's future releases. I know little about programming but I know some basic Japanese and I think I could help at the transation project. Currently I am playing the game in japanese and so far so well but It would be much confortable to play in English although I quite enjoy the challenge of improving my japanese skills. Already checked the wiki and It's looking great I just think I could help adding some extra information...how can I do that?? Thank you for your work
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