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  1. hey everyone just got my copy of DQX today and I just got to where it switches to online. I was just wondering which server should I play on. like is there one that everyone plays on or does it not matter?
  2. like so many others my first DQ was dragon warrior, but I was way to young when I first played it like 3-4, but the name stuck forever in my head. then when VII came out if sparked a long forgotten memory and I bought it as soon as it came out. then 3 for GBC. but it wasn't until the DS remakes came out that I decided to go back and play all the ones I had missed. it has just been such a magical series for me bringing a joy to my life that only dragon quest can create
  3. hey everyone. im new figured id start here with a hello to everyone. Been a life long fan of dragon quest. I just cracked and decided to order a copy of dragon quest x for the pc. im so excited, can't wait for it to arrive. this seemed like a good place to find other people who are playing. sooo yyeah I look forward to meetin some cool people who love dragon quest as much as me
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