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  1. I'm starting to get bothered by how some objects don't load the hi-res version of its texture even when I'm already close to it -- I always have to look at it in first-person to force it to load. Some objects load it but it takes a few seconds though before it looks detailed after looking really blurred. If I'm not mistaken, there's a particular line in an .ini file that lets you make UE4 load up the HD version of textures at certain distances. I'm hoping someone could paste the codes needed to achieve it.
  2. I find the overworld theme to be grating so I muted the BGM -- the ambiance -- wind, flowing water, nature in general -- sound a whole lot better. But I really like the battle theme though now I set the BGM to 2 just so I could hum along with it. Still for me, if the visuals are HD, the music tracks should also match it. It never bothered my when I tried the 3DS version because the synthesized tracks matches the old-school visuals perfectly.
  3. I also like the Skill Panel system probably as much as you do (it's less linear/a whole lot better than VIII's/IX's/X's). It's just that I've already read comments saying that they prefer learning stuff as they level up kinda like in the old DQ titles. A mod like this should make the game more playable for them. >_< I think I'm already at the part where I can respec but I'm not gonna touch it. I'll stick with my decisions through the end no matter how my characters end up.
  4. Lol! Sorry, English isn't my first language. I've corrected my post.
  5. Even though this game is already turning out to be the best DQ game I've played yet, it'd be nice if there's a way for us to "immortalize" it by giving us more reasons to replay it. . Firstly, I've listed Quality of Life stuff that hopefully, SE devs would pick up and eventually implement it as an update/patch it in the game. An option to enable Cursor Location Memory - Previous DQ games have it. Using/Transferring stuff in this game is kinda cumbersome because the cursor doesn't remember the last item/slot/position selected. I dunno why this one doesn't. This game only remembers the previous Spell, Ability, and enemy you last chose. This is also really helpful when using the Fun-Size Forge - if I remember correctly the 3DS version remembers the last equipment forged so I could simply mash the Confirm Button until I get started forging another one. It even remembers the last Flourish I chose. I vaguely remember that DQ X also does it. Fast Forward Feature - just like in the DQ VII 3DS and FF XII - Zodiac Age - to speed up battles even more. Fast Forward Forging Results - to let us start immediately after the last item has been made by skipping the forge results part (kinda like how text almost pop up immediately when you press the Confirm Button) Tactics Swap Button - Pressing this button during a fight will swap your party Tactics to "Follow Orders" or to the last ones you chose if it's already been set to Follow Orders. No more manual changing of each party member's Tactics. Hide Battle HUD - Especially when using the Free-Form Combat camera mode. It'd be nice to take screen shots after moving the party around. We should also be able to push enemies around as well (just like in DQ X) but just for the sake of creating our own fighting arrangements and taking pictures of it. There should be specific options under Post-Processing Quality or better yet, extensive Graphic Options - breaking down Bloom, etc. I'm not sure if it's intended but there are places where I can't look at the sky and even surfaces of some objects.... An option that lets us use a Special Armor/Accessory Sets's look without actually equipping it - just like in DQ X. Of course, you must have those equipment in your equipment bag first. Please share what extra options/features/setting the game should have for QoL purposes! (I think new game mechanics -- such as random encounters of example -- would be more of a mod than an improvement) The following are major and minor tweaks that I'm wishing modders would be able to do something about (which I doubt would happen). >_< Switch Party Leaders - just like in DQ VIII. An option to make Active Party Members Always Visible - just like in the 3DS version. Maybe even those who aren't in your main roster so we could finally see them all walking/running alongside the hero. The story so far seems to emphasize not only the hero but even the entire band of adventurers tagging along with him. It'd be nice if the game finally portrays it that way while playing, not just during cutscenes. First Person View When Selecting Enemy Targets - just like in the 3DS version. I love the first couple of seconds when each battle starts - watching the fluid animations and admiring their details. It'd be nice if we could see it in all its glory. Lol! Focus on Healing 2 - party members now also use restorative items from their inventory when needed. Round-based Combat - just like in the 3DS version/classic DQ. Although the existing FFX-ish like combat (thankfully without the turn order list) is fun, I still find the 3DS version's classic round-based combat far more enjoyable. The reason I prefer the classic DQ round-based combat is because it makes me always stay on my toes, especially during boss battles. I find that thinking of the best set of actions to issue my party with *without a guide* is much more fun than having hints on what I should do next. A Spell/Consumable Item that let's us See The Upcoming Turns - Having a permanent list like in FF X would lessen the thrill/dread because we no longer have to make extra effort in thinking about what to do next. No Enemy Health Indicator - to add a tiny bit of difficulty. Previous games don't have it. We'll once again just have to remember which monsters have been hit far more than the others. Maybe even add a Spell or a Passive Skill that lets us see the enemy name color indicator. A higher form of such Spell/Skill would actually show the exact HP values (FF's Scan). Random Encounters - If there's already a code for it for sea exploration.... Maybe just leave the toughest/Shiny Monsters visible, similar to DQ VIII (PS2). Orchestrated Music - Or at least a way for us to use custom tracks. Right now, the ambiance (flowing water, wind, leaves rustling, are starting to sound much better to listen to than most of the tracks) Skill Panel System Removed - for those who don't like it. Skills are automatically unlocked at certain well-spaced levels. An option to add a Confirm Button on Loading Screens - I'd like to be able to read those stuff. The game thankfully loads the game really fast but those trivia and tips are almost useless. The Traveller's Tips seem to provide similar info but the loading screen also seems to show story-related stuff. It'd be nice if the game would ask us to confirm/exit the loading screen once it's fully loaded. An option to move the Party HP/MP Indicators across the the top of the screen (just like in the old games) instead of it being on the bottom-right side (DQ X style). Ultra Instinct look for the Hero when Pepped Up. DQ VIII (PS2)'s Hero had a Dragon Ball Z easter egg pink/purple Super Saiyan look when tension is maxed out. Why not add a Dragon Ball Super easter egg? Change the Zoom Animation to that of Evac's casting animation - they decided to stick to the old flying animation but didn't make so it'd appear that a portal appears above them (just so it wouldn't look weird because they simply phase through ceilings. Oddly enough, you still bump your head in the 3DS version. The devs probably didn't have enough time to code ceiling collision stuff in this massive world). 2D Mode - just like in the 3DS version - wishful thinking. Unlock-able Dragon Quest III - just like in the Japanese version. Turn-Based Fishing Mini Game - just like in DQ X.
  6. You mean like this? :-) *The DQ Builder menus for me is a perfect blend of the clean, classic DQ menus and the English DQ VIII parchment paper theme. Now that I've seen this again, I wondered why they didn't adapt this for DQ XI but then I remembered how they didn't have enough time to touch up everything so I guess that's why they stuck to DQ X-style category icons.
  7. I used New Times Roman for this one. I'll try to look up the exact ones used in DQ Heroes. Also.... Though it might be interesting, I'm hoping that they won't copy FF XV's full-screen, entire-party-in-a-room style for the Command Menu (Items, Equipment, etc.) even if they manage to get the PS4 Pro to instantly load it -- I remember two occasions in FF XV where I had to wait more than 3 minutes for the party and menu selections to load up; all I had was that stupid room and menu background music playing, thinking whether to terminate and relaunch the game or just wait it out. I actually like how the Japanese version kinda adapted the parchment paper theme from DQ VIII and started using it since DQ IX but still retained the black text boxes for some stuff. The rounded Roman characters DQ X uses actually doesn't look bad. I've been Googling if someone was able to rip the DQ X fonts to no avail so I had to settle with "Heisei Maru" but the fonts are too wide compared to the offical DQ Roman fonts. I'll try to create more mock-up images for other menus that use the black text boxes. Would you mind sharing your reason why? (I'm guessing it's because of the load times or maybe the top one (medieval style) doesn't look as nice as the ones in DQ VIII ) :-) EDIT: I was actually trying to mimic the clean look of the rounded Roman characters of the official Japanese font set but I didn't bother to tweak the color, size and character/line spacing some more. Also, I just remembered how Builders basically kept the same look as the Japanese version's: Though the fonts used in Builders are on the Comic Sans side, the overall clean look definitely has a unique charm to it. I prefer this over the more fancy, medieval style theme -- which I badly failed to mimic for my mock-up image.
  8. *These rounded fonts I used isn't the actual ones the series uses but this is the closest one (I think) I could find and sadly, it doesn't do justice to the official Roman fonts of the Japanese version -- the one I used is wider than the official fonts the games use. For some reason, the fonts look really rough around the edges -- I don't know why Adobe Illustrator doesn't apply anti-aliasing to the fonts when exported to PNG. The rounded fonts looks really good prior to exporting. Also, DQ X's rounded Roman fonts looks a lot nicer to look at than the New Times Roman-ish fonts DQ VIII (English version) used. Personally, I'd rather have them stick to the ones the Japanese version uses (and have them just focus on the translation instead. If they do insist on using fancy menus, I hope they won't remove the existing ones. Instead, it would be better if they keep it and give us the option to choose it as a "theme" -- since this series is almost like a throw-back to those classic JRPGs where we could choose different styles for the menu backgrounds (wood, marble, leaves, etc.) and even change the shading/colors on some games.
  9. Hmmm... It doesn't seem to sound as "clean" as the London Philharmonic takes on the previous games' symphonic suites but nevertheless, each track doesn't become grating no matter how many times I listen to it repeatedly. Those flute sounds (or whatever wind instrument it is) for the Battle Theme "Unlucky Courage" doesn't stand out that much but I really love the oomph of the trumpets and resounding drums bring. I get the feeling this isn't the actual Symphonic Suite recording but it's from the concert held for the 31st Anniversary so maybe that's why only some of the instruments sound prominent. Anyway, I really wish that SE NA could get Sugiyama to use the orchestrated tracks for the PS4 version because the HD visuals really need to have a matching HD background music to enhance the atmosphere. The computer-generated orchestra the games currently use only sounds okay on the 3DS version but on the PS4 version, the detailed graphics make the synthesized tracks easily become grating, especially the Overworld Theme "The Brave Conquest". I don't mind not having VA (though it'd be a nice addition) but I really feel like the PS4 version is begging to have matching quality in the music department.
  10. I just logged in earlier and found out that I now have 5 character slots (only 3 previously). 2017/18 is starting to appear like the best time to be a Dragon Quest fan!
  11. It's not about whether you can do self imposed challenges on your own, but the fact that it's a developer addition guarantees that it's going to be 100% feasible to play the whole game like that, whereas to decide a challenge for me in any other game I must first be familiar with the game then decide whether this or that is gonna be possible. Yeah, I don't know why those people thought about it as pointless. I don't want to try something only to realize too late that my self-imposed challenge made the game impossible to finish or something like that.
  12. .(Updated my wish list) No wonder I sometimes have this vague feeling that I wasn't supposed to have pages to scroll through whenever I open the Items menu during battles! I haven't fully played the DS remakes to remember how the inventory works in those games. I suppose the NES titles had the 8 per character limit?
  13. . I've heard a lot from players (both Japanese and importers alike) that the devs had the series' new-comers in mind when we talk about difficulty which is nice. They say that unlike the past main DQ titles, most of the challenge can be found in the post game, while the main game can mostly be managed with an AI party (assuming that you don't run away from battles that often). It's possible that the difficulty some players are experiencing while playing battles manually are caused by poor judgement/decision, not knowing that a good combination of AI presets can handle stuff much better. So in a way, it's kinda like giving new-comers a somewhat false sense of difficulty compared to playing previous titles where even the AI can never handle those nail-biting situations. With these in mind, purist shouldn't expect much challenge from it unless they play post game stuff (which I heard, is really good compared to past DQ post games!). The main things that I think put this game on the easy side are: - Abundant free healing locations; Camping. In previous games, you pretty much need to be wise with how you go about travelling to your next destination because you don't get to rest for free in between such travels. - Character inventories have a maximum of 24 slots while the previous games only have 12 per character (just 8 in much earlier titles). You need to think about how to spend items very wisely during battles and what items to always have in your inventory. - Gold becomes much more easier to come by a lot earlier compared to past DQ games and some players even say that it's pretty easy to become over-leveled (or at least feel like they're over-leveled). Now, I am really hoping that they would add more "Restricted Play" options. Some say that the Restricted Play feature is pointless because you can simply try not to equip armor, not to run away from battles or try not to talk to NPCs. But since the devs still added it anyway, why not add more?; - Camping: Main purpose is to let you choose the time of day you want to travel but resting doesn't restore HP and MP.It's also there to let you use the Mystery Forge, and spend time bonding with the cast and buy stuff from the camp merchants (whose appearance, I think, should be random). - Goddess statues in the overworld (including the ones in campsites) only let you save but not heal HP/MP and status ailments. - Character inventory limit reduced to either 12 or just 8 slots just like in past DQ games. - EXP and Gold cut by 20 - 25% - Invisible Enemies/Random Encounters - Banned from Casinos - Can't use Mystery Forge These challenges would make Restricted Play much more fun to use and might offer more replay value for some! I'd still be really grateful though if it reaches the Western shores still in Vanilla form! :-)
  14. Well put. . His hair didn't bother me that much but now that I know I'm gonna play the game some time next year, I wish Toriyama had stuck with the hero's concept artwork hairstyle (just the hairstyle). I won't mind if people would've repeatedly called him "Yamcha" or "Kid Gohan" because I'm pretty sure that people can easily get over with the similarities. It's just that him getting called Trunks/Android 17 easily gets tiring and hard to avoid. He actually looks like a kinder, mute version of Luceus from DQH1 than those latter two guys I mentioned. Also, I saw a stream with a short-haired Senya (in her default costume), I wonder if there's something similar for the hero. He should tie it at least, just like how Geralt does his hair.
  15. http://www.siliconera.com/2017/07/19/dragon-quest-xi-footage-demonstrates-cooperative-skills-horse-riding-plenty-battles/ In the latest PS4 battle gameplay footage above (31:30), it feels like they didn't mean to show yet how players can manually issue commands to other party members because instead of having Camus attack, they changed everyone's Tactics to an AI preset. Probably they were playing around with it and forgot to set it back before the stream started. But during the boss battle near the end of the video, they finally decided to set Camus' and Senya's Tactics to "Follow Orders". They were also using the Free Movement Battle mode but they didn't make them run around though -- apparently, you can move the characters around during their turn if you want to create an interesting battle scene, kinda like arranging action figures around.
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