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  1. well, even without the program, people are still gonna hack using Action Replay, so you can't stop every hacker from playing wi-fi.

    and besides, i actually checked and Joker 2 DOES have a hacker check, giving a message saying the team your using is unauthorized and to switch monsters, so i guess it's still safe for wi-fi players about 90% of the time. so those who hate hackers should just cool your jets, cause wi-fi will still be safe to play on. now we can finally end this darned argument, cause it's useless to continue arguing, especially you Griffen78!


    thank you for reading. may everyone have a nice day.

  2. the progran language is japanese only anyway, so not many people will understand it.

    i'm actually hoping for a english translated version of the program.

    and to the haters out there, i don't care what you say, i like hacking. same as with Pokemon and Pokesav, i would make legit monsters with legal stats and such. i'm sure its ok to use the program as long as the stats of the hacked monsters are all legit, just like with Pokesav for the Pokemon games.

  3. here are two more codes for everyone's pleasure :)


    Teach Slib Blazemore: 0101EACA


    - this code makes it so Slib starts off with Blazemore, which will become Blazemost when leveled up enough.


    Max Exp (Slib): 01FF0ECB + 01FF0FCB


    - with this code, Slib (and any monster that was bred with Slib) will have max experience.


    (edit): when using the Enemy slot modifiers, the following monsters will auto-join you:


    CA - Dracolord (*)

    CC - Hargon (*)

    CE - Sidoh (*)

    D0 - Baramos (*)

    D2 - Zoma (*)

    D4 - Pizzaro (*)

    D6 - Esterk (*)

    DA - Mudou (*)

    DC - DeathMore1 (*)

    DE - Darkdrium (*)

    DF - Watabou (*)

  4. i have an idea for a few breed combinations for unobtainable monsters. here's my idea:


    (Slime + She Slime) + (Heal Slime + Drake Slime) & (Behemoth Slime + Beshemoth Slime) + (Angel Slime + Rubble Slime) = Slime Gang


    (Metal King Slime + Gem Slime) & (Metal Kaiser Slime + Diamond Slime) = Liquid Metal King Slime


    Gemon + Dragonlord = Xiphos


    Zoma's Devil + Zoma's Devil = Zoma


    (Grandpa Slime + Slime Gang) & (Liquid Metal King Slime + Metal King Slime) = Schleiman Tank


    (Golem + Gold Golem) & (Liquid Metal King Slime + Metal King Slime) = Schwarzman Tank


    let me know what you think.

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