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  1. Pokemon Black 2 & White 2 are awesome! Just beat the 3rd Gym yesterday! :D

    1. Stepchan


      I've read up on it abit myself. Now waiting for the US release.

    2. Democrobot


      Cn't wait for the NA release. Any tips for us that won't spoil it?

  2. it's good to be back! i'm looking forward to entering tourneys this time!

    1. Lord_Rigor_Mortex


      good luck and welcome back!

  3. Been playing Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. In fact, maybe a bit too much! :(

    1. ryangroovy


      You can never have too much...


  4. Decided to restart DQMJ2 and raise a new team legitimate for DD tourneys. :D

  5. Decided to restart DQMJ2 and raise a new team legitimate for DD tourneys. :D

  6. i just beat Pokemon Rumble Blast yesterday, and it was one heck of a final battle! Dark Rust was a wimp! xD

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    2. 123321


      It was easy for me too. Dragonite with Dragon Claw = IT DIES.

    3. kalethe quest mister
    4. SlimeJosh


      it was a first to me that a final boss of a pokemon game wasn;t a pokemon, and that doesn't include the actual PEOPLE yoou battle as final bosses in regular pokemon games.

  7. yesterday was a great day, but today will be even better... BIRTHDAY PARTY! I always have my BDay parties on Saturday!

    1. Destructor526


      Better be cake at that party :).

  8. i don't care what anyone says, i will join the tourney! i will not be backed down by losers!

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    2. Havoccultist


      How do you plan on entering the tournament? I'd love to see you try and punch someone here in the face. You whine like a 4 year old, you probably fight like one too, maybe you ARE one?

    3. 123321


      Tell me this, why do you think you get a prize when all you did was use a save editor when some of us actually WORKED to get our monsters. Tell me why you think you should get actual things and not just recognition on an internet forum when you pressed a few buttons. Tell me a reason. I thought you were kidding about superfan and your reactions, I guess not. :)

    4. PrimeSlime26


      Your age says 25, your attitude says different


    1. kalethe quest mister

      kalethe quest mister

      you have that right and choice i support your choice

    2. 123321


      Fine, if you want to use save edited monsters, i'm fine. I'm not in the tournament anyway. :)

    3. Havoccultist


      How will you go about this? You weren't invited so you pretty much can't. Move on already...

  10. anyone wanna battle my really awesome team on Joker 2 Wi-Fi? i really wanna try friend battles so much.

    1. Havoccultist


      Oh you mean the cheated Nokturnus you got through cheats? But oh yeah, it's totally fair because you used synthesis.

    2. 123321


      I will. You're gonna murder my level 30 Slime Stack, but I just want to try FC wifi aswell.

    3. 123321


      After that when I get another AR tomorrow I want to fight again.

  11. i may not have won the Superfan contest, but at least i'll be the first to have a Uber-powerful Schleiman Tank, transfered from flashcard! *evil laugh*

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    2. 123321


      You can get that in the non-pro version? :D:D

    3. Warez


      Yeah but the Schwartzman Tank is Pro exclusive

    4. 123321


      Yeah and I have one too now.

  12. WHAT? i didn't win? I WON'T EXCEPT THIS! YOU WILL ALL PAY FOR THIS! *explodes like a RockBomb*

    1. Warez


      You won't except this? xD That's a good one!

    2. Mattcraft


      I didn't win either, mate. :P

  13. today's the day! whoever had won, congrats to you... i just hope it's me, though... *crosses fingers*

  14. tomorrow's the big day... i pray to the goddess that she will see will lead me to victory in the superfan contest! i really wanna win badly! >_

    1. Hawk


      Everyone does, comrade. But at least you entered. By the time mine was finished, it was a day after the deadline because I couldn't get on the Den. :(

  15. i really hope i win! at least the 2nd place prize, at least! O' great goddess, guide me to victory!

  16. i so wanna win the Superfan contest so bad! i never won in any contest before, so i hope i win! *crosses fingers*

  17. i hope i have at least a Liquid Slime's chance of winning the Superfan Contest! *crosses fingers*

  18. I've been preparing lots of monsters in Joker 2 on my flashcard to transfer to the official DS game. I can't wait to bet the game with already-trained monsters at my disposal! *evil laugh*

    1. Warez


      That was my plan too but now i really don't feel like playing the story again so I will buy the game to let it be lol

  19. I have been thinking of my perfect team in Joker 2, and so far i only thought of one! That's what happens when you focus on one member and not on the others. xD

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    2. Warez


      He can be very strong but only has one attack mostly


    3. Warez


      He can be very strong but only has one attack mostly


    4. Warez


      He can be very strong but only has one attack mostly


  20. well, even without the program, people are still gonna hack using Action Replay, so you can't stop every hacker from playing wi-fi. and besides, i actually checked and Joker 2 DOES have a hacker check, giving a message saying the team your using is unauthorized and to switch monsters, so i guess it's still safe for wi-fi players about 90% of the time. so those who hate hackers should just cool your jets, cause wi-fi will still be safe to play on. now we can finally end this darned argument, cause it's useless to continue arguing, especially you Griffen78! thank you for reading. may everyone have a nice day.
  21. the progran language is japanese only anyway, so not many people will understand it. i'm actually hoping for a english translated version of the program. and to the haters out there, i don't care what you say, i like hacking. same as with Pokemon and Pokesav, i would make legit monsters with legal stats and such. i'm sure its ok to use the program as long as the stats of the hacked monsters are all legit, just like with Pokesav for the Pokemon games.
  22. I'm looking forward to Joker 2! Look out world, cause a new Scout Master will be born... ME!

  23. i haven't been on much lately, so i haven't been up to speed with the translation patch... when will the latest patch be available? and if so, can you please pm me the link?
  24. here are two more codes for everyone's pleasure Teach Slib Blazemore: 0101EACA - this code makes it so Slib starts off with Blazemore, which will become Blazemost when leveled up enough. Max Exp (Slib): 01FF0ECB + 01FF0FCB - with this code, Slib (and any monster that was bred with Slib) will have max experience. (edit): when using the Enemy slot modifiers, the following monsters will auto-join you: CA - Dracolord (*) CC - Hargon (*) CE - Sidoh (*) D0 - Baramos (*) D2 - Zoma (*) D4 - Pizzaro (*) D6 - Esterk (*) DA - Mudou (*) DC - DeathMore1 (*) DE - Darkdrium (*) DF - Watabou (*)
  25. i have an idea for a few breed combinations for unobtainable monsters. here's my idea: (Slime + She Slime) + (Heal Slime + Drake Slime) & (Behemoth Slime + Beshemoth Slime) + (Angel Slime + Rubble Slime) = Slime Gang (Metal King Slime + Gem Slime) & (Metal Kaiser Slime + Diamond Slime) = Liquid Metal King Slime Gemon + Dragonlord = Xiphos Zoma's Devil + Zoma's Devil = Zoma (Grandpa Slime + Slime Gang) & (Liquid Metal King Slime + Metal King Slime) = Schleiman Tank (Golem + Gold Golem) & (Liquid Metal King Slime + Metal King Slime) = Schwarzman Tank let me know what you think.
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