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  1. Gloomy, I digitally upgraded from the trial version. There wasn't much else to it besides entering in my keys after purchasing.
  2. I just got a 2nd Gen Nexus 7 and fired it up for the first 30 mins. I think it looks and feels great on mobile. Wish it were in English
  3. Kinhok -- This is your guide to everything: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/&sandbox=0&usg=ALkJrhhq2RlVxhzl4lgmpeT_kCKUiNovwg
  4. You can pay monthly with Crysta.
  5. llJMickll


    If you are going through the "main" story quests it parallels with other Dragon Quest games. You see an event, are expected to go here and or there, defeat a boss, get an item, etc. There are five continents that are involved with the main quests. In the beginning of the game, you pick your initial race and go through those specific quests at your leisure. Once you hit a hub (where the train goes) town you may go to the other continents and do their story quests. I do not know any Japanese. This game is great in the fact that you do not really need to know much. I used an app on my phone to translate Japanese to English from camera shots at times -- worked fine. I honestly just followed this online guide: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=ja&tl=en&u=http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/&sandbox=0&usg=ALkJrhhq2RlVxhzl4lgmpeT_kCKUiNovwg And referenced this Monster DB: http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=ja&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.d-quest-10.com%2F&act=url That is all I needed. This game is great -- very Dragon Quest, lots of grinding, and it all looks great in 1920 x 1280.
  6. Just an update -- I leveled my Urn to the first cap (10) -- I have been making pretty decent money in the background of my grinding. I would buy a few three star weapons or armor, make them "+3" at the crafting area, place them for sale at the bazaar, and then go grind. Each investment (of level 1-21 equipment) netted anywhere between 1000-6000 G over time. Certain times of the day were stale (I assume this was probably the time where it was early AM in Japan). Peak times things seemed to sell about 30mins to an hour depending on the piece. It definitely is worth a bit of time, I think, Alexandrious. I don't over invest in it. Just enough time to make some extra gold in the background.
  7. Got on today seeking this fella's rare drop: http://www.d-quest-10.com/detail/a00110.html Got lucky and got it on the first steal. 20000G at the bazaar (sold in about 15-30 minutes). Tried a few more battles and could only pull the commons. I'm going to get my crafting level up one of these days. I guess right now I'm kind of stuck wanting to be at a higher level, level my sub classes, and make bank all at the same time lol
  8. The hard mode bosses, aren't they the variances of story quest bosses? Can you engage them indefinitely? Pretty sure those orbs go for around 10000-12000 G at the Bazaar. -- Just gave them a quick review on the online guide -- They'd probably one-hit kill me at this point lol Got a bit of leveling to do.
  9. Well, thanks everyone for the info. I was fiddling around yesterday with my lower level thief trying to get some rare drops (using the online Monster DB as a guide) to see what they were going for at the bazaar. No, Dormando, I haven't friended anyone in the forums yet. I would definitely like to. Gets kind of lonely running around with a band for NPC's. I was afraid of that. I know I was turning some fair profits just by dabbling in urn crafting -- buying a cheap bazaar sword and simply making it a "+1" netted about 300G pretty quick. I just do not want to invest a large amount of time into crafting -- but it seems I may have to. I am the type of player that loves to see those rare drop treasure chests fall after a battle Yeah, I have never seen a Golden Golem in one and I've been through plenty -- definitely not banking on them. I guess I'm spoiled from the previous titles (e.g. Farming Gold Slimes around Krage in DQVII). I almost died when I drew a "4" from the (Ogre) lottery yesterday. Instant satisfaction.
  10. Are there any decent methods for obtaining gold out there that do not involve crafting? Sweat and Tears seems alright when grinding...Or should I rely on the occasional Liquid Metal Slime coin for new, higher level equipment?
  11. Yeah, that was my thoughts regarding the price ... the old version is still new to me (I'm about a month in) lol
  12. Was working on quest 199 and recognized a decent little grind at the Monster Cave of Megiraza. Battles ended fairly quick (< 1min) with 3 out of 4 melee attackers. My party (all LV 39) consisted of a warrior, sage, battle master, and a person that specialized w/ bare hands. A battle with one Small Ghoul yielded 300 + exp. Three: 1000 +. (w/ genki, of course). Had a Metal Medley accompany a Small Ghoul: 6300 Beckoning Ring x 2 : called for help from Stoneman x 1 ... that was 1700 exp. Seemed pretty fast paced. http://www.d-quest-10.com/list/f_p_017/exp_1.html
  13. I spent about 30-40 minutes in that spot yesterday...no metals. Obvious lucky fluke
  14. I agree. I chose that spot to see if they'd drop some slime earrings (just for the heck of it). My next level takes about 20000 exp -- I feel like I could get that in about 30 mins in that spot (w/ double).
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