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  1. The registration for the next DQMJ2 Tourney has been opened and is free to anyone (yes also non-americans). Make sure to check it out!

  2. Just fought some awesome battles with our current DQMJ2 Champ. Of course my monsters and thus the fight were also epic =)

    1. Kaizzereich


      Epic indeed! I can't believe you survived that Waltz haha

    2. Warez


      By a hair! But you made up for that with the crit in the third fight :P

    3. Kaizzereich


      Use him well! He's a devastating force, for sure.

  3. Even the lamest DQMJ2 strategy can't keep up in terms of lameness with the Meditation and Hustle Dance Giants of pro versions wifi...

    1. 123321


      My inviciblity strategy if it works?

    2. Warez


      Ha! Yeah I forgot that one. Might come close but would not be possible in AI battles.

    3. Ace_of_Spades


      wats the strategy?

  4. Playing Kirby Mass attack and it is one heck fo a fun (surprisingly). Love the shooting space kirby minigame!

  5. Somehow my Team of Dimension Dragon and Diamond Slime really sucks... Switched back to Dragovian and Diamond/Tantamount for Wifi battles >.>

    1. kalethe quest mister

      kalethe quest mister

      say how do you get it so i can scout some one eles monster on dqj2 from wifi


    2. Ace_of_Spades


      i think thats only in chance encounter, but i could be wrong, seeing as i dont hav the second dqmj game...

  6. Got my Castle. Only one left now is the Fluffy (Watabo) that is so useless in this game. Also finished my new Pro team of Dimension Dragon and Diamond Slime. Hope it is strong on wifi.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Warez


      Yeah I know I love that Barbarus. He together with a Healer or a tanking MKS works great.

    3. 123321


      I'm using a burst/oomph MKS. Multifists + Burst is good i'd say. Considering this Barbarus has 1025 speed..


    4. SlimeJosh


      how do you make such amazing teams i must know XD

  7. When random battling with Joker 2 I often meet a team of Nokturnus, Cluboon, OVK. I don't know if it cheap or insanely strong. Against normal teams they double up against giants Nokturnus stalls and gets revived while Cluboon psyches for one-hit-kill. It seems unbeatable...

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. 123321


      Burst may double, not sure, but it still caps at 750something. Once you add thrust however..

    3. Griffen78


      disruptive wave anyone?

    4. 123321


      Most cluboon's do not psyche.

  8. Got Numen, got Barbarus and now Schleiman Tank. Time to go for the Castle!

  9. Finally have an Idea for a great Orders On Team on DQMJ2. Now I still have to wait the week since my Komodo musn't level...

  10. Man i hate random battles and the loflife strategies there. Buffing a MKS who takes all attacks and then last round magic burst of all monsters... so lame... sooo lame...

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. 123321


      Oh, and finally, my team was named "GoldSlim(e)", because I thought Gem Slime, who I didn't use was a cool monster. As I said, i;m sorry if you fought my tea, which can be regarded as cheap by all means.

    3. Warez


      Not it can't. Cheap is something else.

    4. 123321


      I guess you're right. xD

  11. Damn I can effectively not play DQMJ2. My Rookie Team (a komodo) is perfect as it is and he is level 1. If I do anything he will level up and everythin is spoiled. Must hold on till end of the week >.>

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Warez


      Now that will cut it! No wait it won't!!!

    3. Cesar Hernandez-Meraz
    4. Kaizzereich


      I know the feeling, haha. Rookie can be pretty troublesome to stay in.

  12. Love Fallout New Vegas but can't play anymore till tomorrow and feel the urge to spoiler me anything *taping his fingers on the wand*

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Kaizzereich


      Over all, I'd say yes, all together they about double the original content, not to mention the level cap increases to 50 if you have all four. Without getting AT LEAST Lonesome Road, you'll never get the whole game story anyway though. I consider Lonesome Road to be the "true" ending.

    3. Mattcraft


      Old World Blues and Lonesome Road is the best. Both are areas you CAN GO BACK TO.


      Out of Dead Money and Honest Hearts, HH is better, as it "adds" to the Legion storyline.


      Gunrunner's Arsenal just is a buncha expensive guns, worth it.

    4. Kaizzereich


      My opinion exactly, Old World Blues being my personal favourite. I LOVE Lonesome Road, and it's likely the "better" expansion statistically speaking, but Old World Blues is stuffed with the classic Fallout 1 & 2 style humor, especially if you have the Wild Wasteland trait.

  13. I got Fallout Vegas today and though I will like the game first I had to patch away the harsh censorship and then deal with shitty Steam. Nowadays you get punished for buying a game legally it seems...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Warez


      The German version is per se heavyily censored. One has to apply a bloodpatch to enjoy flying heads and stuff

    3. Mattcraft


      Ah, I'm sorry. :/

    4. Warez
  14. I need something to play until Skyrim. Is Fallout New Vergas any good? And is it standalone or Fallout III needed (which i have)?

    1. PrimeSlime26


      Vegas is good, and stand alone. If you loved III, you owe it to yourself to try Vegas

  15. Actually I would give him Fire Fighter or Uber Knight. The best way to play him is to make him a single-target hitter which he would do with Fire Fighter (he also has the bonus of attack roulette there). Possible would also be Iceplosion Slashes etc. though he might do Multifists there. Also make sure that the one-slot can Oomph him to make him even more deadly.
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