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  1. i found the two last dragon quest games for the ds but holy cow are they expensive 4 is 97$ and 5 is 157$ so yea

    1. DrippySlimeStar


      I'm so glad I got them all years before everyone wanted to play them.

  2. So who else got death stranding on launch day?

  3. My colection is growing my copy of dq6 arrived today now i just need to get dq 4 and 5 on the ds and then i have all games for the ds and 3ds

    1. Slimeknight


      You should get DQ4 on IOS/Android because the USA DS version does not have party chat.

    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      That doesn’t mean the DS version is bad.

    3. solo


      i can get it on android but i dont like to play games on my phone and i also like getting them physicaly 

  4. you can get the dlc with out cfw i got a copy a few weeks ago and then i used this method and i got all the dlc https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/937281-dragon-quest-ix-sentinels-of-the-starry-skies/77723677
  5. i got my copy of dq ix today and its nice to go down memory lane

  6. I finaly ordered a copy of dragon quest ix that will arrive next week

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit
    2. solo
    3. Slimeknight


      I am temped to try the extensive post game years after beating the main game years ago.

  7. thanks i am gonna start with the remake of the first one Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl luckely its one of the cheeper ones
  8. A few months back i got myself a 2ds xl and now i am trying to decide what Etrian Odyssey game to start with witch one do you guys suggest to start with
  9. a few weeks back i got my hands on both monster joker games 

    1. Democrobot


      There are 3. More if you count the pro versions

    2. solo


      i know but they are japan only from what i know so i cant get em

  10. i got my hands on 4 final fantsy game they are 13,13-2 lightning returns and 15 and i like em all

  11. let me start off with i have never played builders 1 but i think builders 2 is much better than builders 1 from what i have seen and i think builders 2 defenetly are worth the money
  12. i got dragon quest builders 2 yesterday and i love it 

  13. sylvando is the worst party memeber n dq xi what makes me dislike him is that he says darling honey and fabulues all the time he just irritates me 

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Hating Sylvando should be punishable by law. Perhaps making you hang from the dungeon wall’s by your thumbs, darling. 😘

    2. solo


      liking him should be punished by law

    3. YangustheLegendaryBandit
  14. well as it looks they have no idea but my credit card is blocked on my 2ds


  16. I am gonna make a new character in dark souls and this time i am gonna make a pankraz build wish me good luck

  17. I FINALY HAVE DQ 8 i can finally experiance it oh and i also got dq 7

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    2. solo


      On witch one dq 8 or 7

    3. Brother Jaybird

      Brother Jaybird

      Both, really, though I think I'd put 7 forth as the one with more twists.

    4. ignasia


      Yeah, DQ8 definitely telegraphs almost everything that is to come.  The twists are very much expected.  It is a more character driven narrative though, while 7 is more of a plot driven.  So definitely very different animals, and both well made.  8 has a ton more polish though.

      8 3DS is definitely the defacto definitive version of the game.  For all the beauty of the PS2, and the amount of foliage and trees ripped out for the original 3DS hardware (I really wish they made it for the New 3DS), the on-screen enemies are fantastic.  It makes the game so much more enjoyable.  7's onscreen spawning system is not quite as good, but has some superior aspects (camera rotation in 8 is exploitable and fun, but can also be annoying as a sudden spawn right next to the party can trigger a battle you don't want...7 fixes spawns and camera position has little input, and 8's spawns last forever until you turn the camera, while 7's last about 1~2 minutes then disappear, unless you're close by).

      Proximity range in 7 is also much shorter than in 8, but then 8's dungeons are MUCH larger, as is the overworld, though 7's 3DS overworld is huge (needs more hills and trees, but that's a story for another day...and it should have been patched for the New 3DS, with improvements, and the camera button, and L2 and R2!).  Sigh, coulda-shoulda-woulda stuff, sorry man, lol.

  18. so agenst my better judgment i have decided to get dq 7 on the 3ds i know there is like an 99.9% chanse i am still not gonna like it but i am gonna give it another chance since i can get the game for 15$ if they still have it at gamestop when i got there tommorow

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      What are you if you like both versions equally but dislike the fact the 3DS version lost the symphonic music? I’ll tell you what: a Yangus! (Cues sunglasses and CSI Miami opening credits)

    3. ignasia


      @YangustheLegendaryBandit  Hmm...no, needs more Cigar and this:


    4. solo


      So i can finally play The game without haveing to use a guide just to make progress thats a big step in The ight direction

  19. I have now bought my 2ds and the first game i bought with it was monster hunter generations

    1. ignasia


      Which 2DS did you get?  The basic or the New 2DS XL?

      Oh, if you haven't yet, get a screen protector, and if you have the clamshell, I highly recommend, especially for the N2DS XL, a shock resistant case.

    2. solo


      I got The new 2ds xl 

  20. i will soon buy a new 2ds are there any suggestion for games besides dq 8 (no i wont get dq 7 i hate dq 7) i will also try and get my hands on dq9 

    1. YangustheLegendaryBandit


      Get Dragon Quest 7. Support the series, man!

    2. solo


      i hate dq 7 i rather buy dq8  8 times than buy dq 7 

      its the only game in the seriers i find boring and i aint to peticular fond of the cast eaither

    3. ignasia



      1) Etrian Odyssey 4 / 5 / Nexus (Nexus = 6)

      2) Etrian Odyssey Untold 1 / 2

      3) Fantasy Life (If you like DQ9 and if you've ever played and liked both Dark Cloud 2...much less so DC1, AND Harvest Moon or Rune Factory...more Rune Factory than HM, this game is a treasure)

      4) Xenoblade Chronicles (If you like ARPG's and you like how WoW functions if you've ever played that MMO or WoW clone, and you like a complex and detailed combo system and character development system in terms of equipment and specialty options like skill tree paths and linked paths...and a really really deep combat system with layers well beyond what MMO's offer, with Aura systems and knock-down systems called Topple+Daze, and other elements...and a REALLY rich world with a lot of vibrancy, lots to see and do, a rich story with a lot of good twists, good characters that are each very unique in their play style mechanics, and a sidequest system that seems very tedious at first, but it's part of a larger world building element where everyone who has done 80+% of the quests goes through a strange change of mind where the sense of overwhelming fetch quests becomes a sense of interlocked and detailed world building and uncovering...it becomes thoroughly enjoyable, but there are a lot...oh and there are a TON of challenge battles all over the place that are really fun as each one requires some thought in your approach and preparations, and they get intense).

      5) Stella Glow (one of the best ARPG's, and one of the most underappreciated and unknown, with a lot of depth, and a nice mixture of mechanics from Tactics Ogre/Final Fantasy Tactics with Vandal Hearts with Front Mission with Hoshigami/Brigandine/Saiyuki: Journey West, oh and I guess also elements of Disgaea without the insane "level cap of 99,999,999.")

      6) The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds (REALLY good Zelda game that combines elements from Minnish Cap and A Link to the Past, with ALttP's graphical style as the core base, and fully 3D realized variant of it, with a LOT of other cool features and it takes place just after Link's Awakening I think, or it's in between LA and ALttP, anyway this is one of the best Zelda's with a ton of side stuff to do...I mean it makes Wind Waker seem overly simplified and lacking in content by comparison, and that takes effort, nevermind the number of goodies you have to play with and the system involved for tools is pretty cool, and hilarious...your poor house)

      7) Bravely Default and Bravely Second (I haven't played, but watched enough vids thanks to Yangus' insistence I get them both, and while I'm not as into the play style they do look enjoyable with some very solid story lines...Yangus can for sure fill you in on more details if you ask him).

      😎 I wouldn't really know after this as 1~5 + DQ's 7 and 8 are my library and I love them all.

      However a few games that seem to be pretty solid from what I've read:

      • Monster Hunter Generations
      • Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
      • Monster Hunter Stories (not sure how good it is, but seems to be recommended a few times here and there...think MH with Chibi Anime and focus on character narrative)
      • Mario and Luigi Dreamteam
      • New Super Mario Bros 2
      • Super Mario 3D Land
      • Kid Icarus: Uprising
      • Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon (the first was a pretty good puzzle/mystery game with some semi-action elements)
      • If you like Fire Emblem quite a few people seem to like both entries, seems Awakening is the most often recommended and favourite.  There's also a remake of an earlier title.
      • Mario Kart 7 (I actually own this game but haven't played it yet...I miss jumping, but it's Mario Kart, thus good)
      • Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D and Ocarina of Time 3D (OoT is based on the Master Quest edition, which had altered dungeons, and better challenge, and both are apparently really good)
      • Super Smash Bros.  (though honestly the Switch version would be the penultimate series release, this was pretty cool way back then, though I never played it, I've never met a Smash Bros. game I didn't like)
      • Pokemon releases...clearly.  If you're into Pokemon there are quite a few entries on the 3DS.
      • Shin Megami Tensei 4 and SMT4 Armageddon (HEAVY storylines, really cryptic stuff with great systems, great dynamics, but heavy on the RPS like all Megaten games are...and Fire Emblem, though probably a little more depth in terms of general battle flow than Persona games, as Persona are a spinoff series)
      • Persona Q and Q2 (Etrian Odyssey meets Persona...this is high on my list, as with SMT4)
      • Metroid: Samus Returns (Metroid Prime meets Super Metroid from what I've been able to gleam...seems good, but not a priority for me personally)
      • Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D (If you ever liked DKC on the SNES, this is a game to get, as it's literally VERY much a follow through of the same formula and style of play)
      • Professor Layton games (never played them, but they always get recommended to me...often by Yangus)
      • Shovel Knight (apparently the highest scores for all Shovel Knight versions and the defacto favourite of the fanbase for those who have a 3DS)
      • Corpse Party (survival horror, if you're into that, with chibi anime)
      • Ever Oasis (I played the Demo...I liked it, I suggest doing the same...it's like Secret of Mana only simplified in many respects, with a solid battle system, wonky camera, and strange town development system and super chibi characters with big ass weapons)
      • Dragonball Fusions (DB RPG if you're into those...apparently it's pretty good, though I have no idea)
      • Final Fantasy Explorers (Monster Hunter oversimplified with Final Fantasy in the name...it's not terrible but not great, and some people adore it)
      • Yokai-Watch 1 and 2 (Pokemon with group battling and more emphasis on minor substories)
      • The Legend of Legacy (dumb name, but pretty decent if challenging and punishing game...think FF2 NES meets Etrian Odyssey)
      • The Denpa Men (quirky RPG, though not as clever as Earthbound, definitely something to play)
      • Citizens of Earth (Earthbound-like RPG, I suggest asking Yangus, but when he was playing this, you could sense the salivation and adoration)
      • Crimson Shroud (looks interesting...like a cross between Western and Eastern styles)
      • 7th Dragon III Code VFD (Etrian Odyssey mixed with Sega's stylings and character designs, a whole lot of yes in this one for me anyway)
      • Tales of the Abyss (best version between this and the PS2, and it's a solid Tales game with a really good story and one of the better Tales battle systems)
      • Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology (fantastic time travel story, extra content and revised elements from the original release, and a really cool grid-based battle system, this game is gold)
  21. I now have the entier God eater seriers and i love it

  22. i got monster hunter world the other day and i am loveing it so far

  23. i would like to see rangnar and borya becuse then we have the entier dq4 cast and on a side note have psaro be a playable character in story mode but other characters i like to see are amon from dq 6 i would also like to see the main heroes from earlier games to show up maybe as a cameo or someking of trainer for the main hero of dqh3
  24. the story is why i didnt like dq 7 and since imo the game is like 75% text and 45% gameplay
  25. i just got dragon quest heroes 1 from a fellow i know and i got the normal edition the dlc jut adds the slime weapons right and two new maps i can still fight zoma and all the others without the dlc?

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