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  1. what is a good antivirus program for pc windows 7

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    2. ignasia


      Updating is not the reason for a PC being slow. Tell him to research into tweaks for windows. There are often a lot of features that slow things down. Then there are basic maintenance elements people overlook, like a good defragger (windows default is...ok).


      Sometimes it's just excess registry issues.


      However if you don't keep your computer up to date, you're vulnerable 100% to exploits in the code. Though updates sometimes bring on new exploits, usually...

    3. ignasia


      ...usually, and by usually I mean 90% of the time, they fix those new exploits soon, and it's only the larger patches that trigger new exploits...like Service Packs. Most are small fixes for those new exploits.


      Anyway, no PC guru worth his/her salt, no avid white-hat hacker doesn't keep their computer up-to-date with OS patches and updates.

    4. ignasia


      By excess registry issues I mean the registry often needs cleaning. Old, unused software entries, older OS entries for elements that were either removed or moved to different folders with new Service Packs. Reinstalls...old drivers on top of existing and current drivers. This clutters the registry and causes a lot of excess processing and seeking.


      Then there are special features that just EAT up your computer's resources, like shadow-copying and indexing.

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