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  1. i got monster hunter world the other day and i am loveing it so far

  2. i would like to see rangnar and borya becuse then we have the entier dq4 cast and on a side note have psaro be a playable character in story mode but other characters i like to see are amon from dq 6 i would also like to see the main heroes from earlier games to show up maybe as a cameo or someking of trainer for the main hero of dqh3
  3. the story is why i didnt like dq 7 and since imo the game is like 75% text and 45% gameplay
  4. i just got dragon quest heroes 1 from a fellow i know and i got the normal edition the dlc jut adds the slime weapons right and two new maps i can still fight zoma and all the others without the dlc?

  5. can someone tell have they removed the dlc for dragon quest heroes 2 from the psn store becuse i cant seams to find it?

  6. i just got Dragon quest heroes 2

    1. Reddragon18


      Tell me how it is. I’ve seen gameplay and I’m interested in buying it.

    2. solo


      So far its kinda awsome but i am only roughly 1 hour in 

    3. JaybirdC


      Focus. Always.

  7. I cant understand why people dislike ff13 lightning returns its amazing

  8. I hope they just straight out port em and i do really hope they port dq 9 to pc
  9. time for the early replay of dq5 best game in the seriers

    1. Democrobot


      Debora as wife or we lynch innocent slimes

    2. solo


      i will go with bianca as i usually do i wnet with debora once

  10. Yesterday i got myself a copy of Middle-Earth shadow of mordor and it is awsome

  11. I dont like Sylvando due to a certain parts of the game but i really do enjoy the rest of the characters in the game it is nice to learn more about them
  12. I have a easier time remeber the ds names then i do the original names
  13. How many episode of Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel anime were dubbed and where can i find them

    1. Dwaine


      13! It's a pretty good dub, too. Especially for its time. You should be Abel to find them on YouTube.

    2. solo


      Thank you

  14. Does it cost any thing to play the offline mode? or anything to get it in general becuse i have wanted to play this for years
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