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  1. i fully agree with your wish that they would make all the work you've done this summer worthless by releasing pro officialy. however, i dont see that happening.. maybe by next summer? that would be awesome, but i wont hold my breath =) if it helps any though, you could probably go light on the conversation translating and just focus on the important things like skills, names, items, menu names, weapons and descriptions. stuff like that concidering how stupid the storylne is, we wouldnt be missing much =) even more so because it just doesnt matter.. maybe only doing the conversations i
  2. sorry, i didnt see the post till just now. the most recent patch he released was a few months ago, and it had some changes to it that sort of messed things up by replacing most skills/wifi menu's with placeholder tags. so it got a bit confusing. if you use the one thats on the wiki, that one should be completely playable. we all (myself included) will just have to be paitent while he works on fixing things =) trust me, it will be worth the wait
  3. i already have my store copy still in the box next to me =) the gamestop near me got them in early, and i've been friends with the manager for so long he didnt mind selling me an early copy. i just dont have a reason to take it out of the box lol
  4. i just talked with him about this earlier. dont expect daily updates =) he is working on it and doing his best and as fast as he can. there might be some more solid info next week. i would recomend playing the vanilla version while you wait. it will allow you to appriciate the pro version a lot more! plus it is still a fantastic game and worth playing through twice
  5. the game is already in stores, and being sold at some of them. plus it was leaked a month before the store date. the servers are connected to the main tourny server already. there isnt a seperate one for the english version.
  6. WMC was unfortuntly ruined from the getgo because the japanese players have had over a year's head start, so its not really a fair tourny bracket.. its more like 'the rest of the world vs the best of the japanese players'
  7. i think we are just going to have to agree to disagree here.. it seems like there are 2 pretty obvious sides here. nothing you (anybody, not finger pointing) say is going to convert people from the other side to yours.... that said, i have one last thing to say if you want to cheat in a single player game, have at. but if you are cheating by creating an online team, go $#!& yourself. even if the stats are totaly legit and its nearly impossible to tell from a 'legit' monster, it doesnt matter. you didnt take the time to train and synth your way to X monster, all you did was edit some
  8. i have faith in the community. its humanity i have no faith in. this game has online tournys. promoting a program that allows you to edit a monsters stats/traits/skills/everything else is not a good thing. sure, obviously edited teams will be removed from the leaderboards eventualy, but the damage will already be inflicted on the poor people who are unlucky enough to get paired up against them. i'd be just fine with this editor if the game had no online capability. if you want to edit a single player game, go ahead, you arnt griefing anybody.
  9. i vote that this gets deleted... its going to be abused just as badly as pokesav for letting idiots make super hacked teams
  10. after having played both games all the way to the final boss, i can see why so many people are pissed off about the english release not being the pro version. the base game just feels so barren and empty compaired to pro. the lack of varity in monsters everywhere is really dissapointing and it makes no sense at all for there to be multiple gigantes walking around in the final dungeon (in pro, it is a Pruslas, or baalzak, icant remember..). plus no fallen priests in the final dungeon seemed pretty stupid too, depsite them being in the game. just a lot of other random missing monsters/chan
  11. actually grand alchemist he is right, it was leaked a few hours ago on the main rom sites. im playing it now =) the AP is already cracked too. the initial monster selection seems to be the following, so... yea, that sort of confirms that it is not the professional version;but oh well, im glad to have this in english at all =) plus the data will help souimets work out a lot Edit;dangit. i cant get those first few pictures to work =/ its badegg, capsichum and bag o laughs
  12. "Like the original Dragon Quest Monsters Joker you cannot control your monsters. After you choose "fight" your team decides which enemy to target and attacks to use. New to Joker 2 is you have three monsters under your control." HA i love how stupid the 'reviewer' proved himself to be because of those 2 sentences
  13. you can get a wolfspade from the egg, according to a few websites i've seen. but its one of the more rare outcomes. if not the most rare. i cant confirm that because i havent seen the egg for sale yet and i've been checking every single day for the last 2 weeks or so =/ most likely though, they cheated.
  14. oh.. another thing to correct for the underground ruins. these 2 monsters are not post-boss only. they can be found before you beat leonyx. in fact, nothing in the underground ruin's monster list is post-boss only. only 1 found, in the final area guarding a blue chest down in a corner. doesnt move you already posted where to find him. he isnt post-boss. but he is awfuly annoying to find.. he seems to be more of rare/uncommon spawn (edit) gah, i hate html code.. lol i got it working now
  15. I'd like to make a minor correction when it comes to the bosses. they are NOT 1x scoutable. you can rescout them as many times as you want as long as you abide by their requirements wiggly = only at night in the cave, walk in his mouth to start the fight. you CANNOT scout the one that slides around the jungle without cheating missing lynx = night time, not raining. just approach him in his cave, fight his tail then you can scout in the next fight khalmiari = no requirements, you dont even have to beat all the tentacles, just warp tot he platform and kick his face bjorn = da
  16. those 2 look nothing alike =) i was assuming he was refering to post 100 meaning your post 'level' got upgraded and you show the alchemy pot under your profile picture now
  17. souimet, you do know thats not a flying liquid metal right? thats the alchemy pot from dragon quest 9 http://www.plasticpals.com/?p=24384 you can see a picture of it with the top open about halfway down the picture.. of course if you already knew that and were just making a joke, ignore me =)
  18. i dont think there is an easy way to find out what monsters have what traits yet. but the kletpo clobber skill is also in the captian crow skillset, and thief. and its the first skill in the bounty hunter one.. i think protomech learns that... either protomech or gigantes/atlas.
  19. to upgrade a monster to S rank, you have to fuse it with the same monster AND one of the monsters must be 50th or higher. so, fuse a proto mech with a lvl 50 proto mech and it will work
  20. thats just it bort.. we have no idea what exactly they are sending us. all we know is we are getting a game called DQMJ2. anything more than that is pure rumor and speculation. it is possible that they are going to give us the features of pro, but changed the color of wiggly and the cape back to default.. but it is also possible that they are giving us the base game and will (or will not) release the pro version in english at some much later date. we just dont know =) only 2 more months of waiting
  21. to gamers like me who spent hundreds of hours playing joker 1 and were extreamly anxious for news of part 2 to get ported over only to be rejected fro so long... yes you are all-powerful =)
  22. i'm still paitently awaiting the email from the all-powerful SOuimet
  23. it took me a second to figure that out too, you have to push the 'edit' tab at the top of the page first
  24. That's cool, but it's the wrong page (I actually check the feedback page -> beta tester) Direct link I also need an e-mail address to send the patch to (put it on the beta test page, not here). ahh, ok. i'll put the info there
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