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  1. Okay since this post is about me I figured I'd put my two cents in instead of watching everyone else make my argument. I hate to emulate. That is not saying I don't do it. I have a rom of DW I&II that I play until I get the money to buy the real cartridge. I just like holding the darned things and looking at them. The feel of the plastic and the grooves. :D I also have a 3DS (proud ambassador) a Wii, an Xbox, and a PS3. If you check most of the purchases on the virtual store is old titles that have been ported. But they don't compare to holding the real system they were made for and gaming all night with it. I don't really fear the battery dying because I can fix it, and if I can't my dad is pretty good with that stuff. I recently hacked my PSP to run custom firmware and put some emulators on it and couldn't live with it. I deleted the firmware and the emulators off of it. It's just how I am. I feel weird when emulating like that. 

  2. Not really sure what it is. It only happens on my Windows OS computer. My linux runs without any issues. I suppose it could've just caught something. Ran Malwarebytes but it didn't find anything. Guess I'll run it again.

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  3. I don't know where I should put this but I guess this could go in here. Just recently the Forums have been setting off my antivirus software, and has been creating countless popups when going from page to page. Is anyone else having this issue or is it just me?

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