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  1. I think your 25th anniversary and 2013 ones are swapped around a bit, I was still living in Japan when Fukubiki Special 2 came out, I have most of the prizes (excluding the A sword and shield and the D mini sword.) As I moved back in August 2011, I know I got them there. I do remember seeing the Heroes one when I went back to visit in 2015, though, but everywhere I went was almost out of my favorite bits. :/
  2. No, the S-E JP store is on complete lockdown, basically, you find it on a third party website, or you find a buddy/service in JP to order it for you. They won't even take foreign issued credit cards, I tried to order something a few years ago to be shipped to a friend in Hiroshima, and no go. She ordered them COD and I paid her separately. :/ Sometimes Amiami gets this stuff in. They sometimes have the cutest shirts, though, I have two I bought around 2008 or so when I was living out there. On that vein, here's Yahoo!Japan Auctions selection: http://auctions.search.yahoo.co.jp/sea
  3. Poor Maribel. That shirt looks pretty nifty, Rock DJ! Do you screenprint? These are the shirts available on the JP SE Store right now, I wanted one of them, but it was between those or the slime umbrella, and I took the umbrella. xD http://store.jp.square-enix.com/item/V_MW53054.html http://store.jp.square-enix.com/item/V_MW70005.html
  4. Platty, I sense a theme to your replies. xD Thank you for your kind words! The actual covers are rather easy, just some faux-suede, velcro, and foam, but I think you are asking about the embroidery part. I actually have several embroidery machines, I sell a handful of patches on etsy for some extra money, and use them to make some fun projects like this. I think my laziness (and the fact that C&Ds do stink, I've gotten a warning one before on etsy) keeps me from doing giant projects with them most of the time. ...which is unfortunate, as the software cost me $1500 I could totally
  5. Thank you! Part of me thinks I should sell these sometimes, but one, I'm lazy, and two, getting C&D's stinks. maybe I'll make a DQ set for a fun give away in here sometime.
  6. So it's a tradition that when I get a car, I whip up at least a few of these. Now that I've upgraded from my trusty old 1999 Buick Century to my new 2016 Buick Verano (first car loan ever yikes! I've always gotten used before,) I knew I had to make a nice set. I figured I'd represent some of my favorite fandoms, but be assured, the slime always goes with me at the front. The driver's seat in my old car still has a slime cover as well. The extra slime cover off to the left was actually the first one I made, and I accidentally used a smaller design. I'm trying to decide if I want t
  7. It's been pouring here in SoCal, just headed out of work DQ-style! :Dhttp://i.imgur.com/Ang92Mm.jpg

    1. Bururian


      That is awesome!

    2. Anrui Ukimi

      Anrui Ukimi

      Thanks! Gift from a former student of mine. :) Several people at work thought they were supposed to be cute rain drops...well, I could see that too.

  8. Well, overall, it looks pretty interesting! I'll have to wait until I've paid off a few credit cards, I just bought a new car and a new video card for my computer, plus, I'm tapped out from Christmas. Sigh.
  9. My wonderful friend got me the slime umbrella for Christmas, it's so cute :3

  10. Finished Builders story mode on Monday, but totally forgot most of the last chapter challenges. I'll have to try and redo it to get at least most of them (I screwed up the time challenge on every single chapter, I'm not the rushing type.) I'm currently playing around in Terra Incognita, it's amazing how fast time flies when you are trying to build a large building, that's for sure...
  11. Same here! Yayyy, time to recharge the 3DS
  12. Amazon says that tomorrow is the day! Helps that I live less than 10 miles from the local distribution center...

  13. Just VII for now, I was waiting on a date for VIII, but that's been delayed. Took this real quick at work
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